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Nonfiction Literature

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Nonfiction Literature . Patterns of Organization in a Speech. Good Afternoon A-4!. Today is Monday, December 10 th , 2012. Please take out your homework to be checked and write down tonight’s homework on the board . Sit in your literature circle groups

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nonfiction literature

Nonfiction Literature

Patterns of Organization in a Speech

good afternoon a 4
Good Afternoon A-4!
  • Today is Monday, December 10th, 2012. Please take out your homework to be checked and write down tonight’s homework on the board.
  • Sit in your literature circle groups
  • When finished copying down the homework, take out your recreational reading book and read silently for ten minutes.
  • Leave your readers’ response journals out on your desks as you read after I check your homework. We will use them in today’s lesson.
understanding an author s purpose
Understanding an author’s purpose
  • Writers of nonfiction usually have one of the following purposes for writing:
  • To explain
  • To inform
  • To teach how to do something
  • To express an opinion
  • To persuade reader’s to do or believe something
  • To entertain
  • To empower
fact and opinions
Fact and Opinions
  • What is a fact?
  • What is an opinion?
facts and opinions
Facts and Opinions
  • Write down these definitions in your journals:
  • A fact is a statement that can be proven
  • An opinion is a statement that someone thinks or believes
patterns of organization in speeches proposition and support
Patterns of Organization in Speeches- Proposition and Support
  • Proposition and Support is a pattern of organization in which a writer or speaker proposes a solution to a problem followed by a statement of need.
  • The speaker offers evidence to support the solution and addresses possible objections, or counterarguments.

Proposition and Support pattern- is text that presents an idea, or opinion. Then it provides supporting sentences to show that the proposition is true.

A Propositionstates the opinion or idea of the writer.

  • Students should be required to wear school uniforms.

Supportsare sentences that help show that the writer’s opinion or idea is true.

  • Students who do not have the latest designer clothes will not feel embarrassed. (Economic differences in students will not be apparent.)
  • Students will not be dressed inappropriately (skimpy clothing, shirts with inappropriate wording, etc.), which could cause distractions to other students.
types of support
Types of Support
  • Facts, including the results of scientific research and surveys.
  • Statistics– facts in number form.
  • Examples– specific instances that illustrate reasons or facts.
  • Anecdotes– brief stories, such as personal experiences.
  • Definitions
  • Opinions from Experts on the subject, especially with direct quotations.

Read the text below. Look for the proposition, an opinion or idea of the speaker. Is there support for the proposition? In your journals, write down the proposition and then the support under that now.

  • Technology is taking over the way we talk to one another. 2. People don’t call anymore. 3. They text each other on their cell phones, which can cause problems if the text is not read correctly. 4. People don’t talk to each other face to face anymore.
1996 democratic national convention
1996 Democratic National Convention

Christopher Reeve was the keynote speaker at the convention on August 26, 1996

what is the main idea
What is the main idea?
  • What was the main idea of Christopher Reeve’s speech?
main idea
Main Idea
  • The main idea is that as a nation the United States of America needs to make an effort to find a cure for spinal cord injury and other disabilities and stem cell research is something the USA needs to increase funding for to achieve this goal.
what makes someone a hero
What makes someone a hero
  • Empathy
  • Perseverance
  • Determination
  • Sacrifice
  • 1.if the main character in their books did not believe in themselves, as Reeve did, how would their lives be different?
  • 2.First- person point of view gives the reader a window into the thoughts and feelings of the narrator. In your groups, discuss how your book would be different if an outside observer, other family member or friend of the main character wrote it, how would it be different?
  • 3.How do you define a hero? What qualities would you say make someone heroic? Is anyone a hero in your books so far? If so, who are they and why?
  • For homework tonight, you are to read the next nightly section of your nonfiction literature book
  • For the reading, complete 3 active reading post-its
  • Complete a double-entry journal response analyzing a passage or quote and identifying characteristics that have made someone in your book so far emerge as a hero. What are the qualities that make them heroic and how does that contribute to the overall message or theme of the book? Responses should be between 5-7 sentences in length.