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CIFAR Global Science for Global Challenges

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CIFAR Global Science for Global Challenges - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CIFAR Global Science for Global Challenges. Alan Bernstein, O.C. PhD FRSC President & CEO. Founded on Research Excellence. Over 40% of CIFAR Fellows are in the top 1% of their fields. 15 Nobel Laureates have been associated with CIFAR since CIFAR’s founding in 1982.

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cifar global science for global challenges

CIFAR Global Science forGlobal Challenges

Alan Bernstein, O.C. PhD FRSCPresident & CEO

founded on research excellence
Founded on Research Excellence
  • Over 40% of CIFAR Fellows are in thetop 1% of their fields.
  • 15 Nobel Laureates have been associatedwith CIFAR since CIFAR’s founding in 1982.
  • 20% of researchers receive major awardseach year.
  • Leaders working to answer big questionsin multidisciplinary networks.
connecting canada to the world
Connecting Canadato the World

Countries with CIFAR researchersCountries with CIFAR collaboratorsCountries with no CIFAR researchers

Over 40% of 400 CIFARresearchers are outside Canada.At 105 institutions in 16 countries. ~2,000 graduate and postgraduate students. Over 100 international guests from 9 countries last year.

cifar 2 0 looking outward
CIFAR 2.0Looking Outward

Complex Questionsof Importance to Canadaand the world

Impact ThroughResearch Excellencein Action

Global ReachThroughPartnerships

Answering complex, important questions that are identified in an open, consultative way and require different disciplines to come togetherto meet today’s global challenges.

Connecting Canadian researchers with the world and finding new partners to open up our networksand expand our reach.

Networking the very best minds,sharing new knowledge broadlyand engaging young scholars for increased impact in the world.

cifar 2 0 new initiatives goals
CIFAR 2.0New Initiatives & Goals
  • Global Call for Ideas
    • Address complex, important questionsfor the future of humanity
    • Broaden our global reach
  • Global Academy
    • Develop the next generation of researchleaders in Canada & abroad
  • Research into Action
    • Create greater impact throughknowledge outreach and exchange
  • Partnership & Collaborations (e.g. The Banff Centre)
    • Create a culture of partnerships to extend ourimpact on the questions that matter most
cifar 2 0 themes programs
CIFAR 2.0 Themes & Programs

ImprovingHuman Health


Sustainingthe Earth

BuildingStrong Societies

  • Nanoelectronics
  • Neural Computation & Adaptive Perception
  • Quantum Information Processing
  • Quantum Materials
  • Cosmology & Gravity
  • Earth System Evolution
  • Integrated Microbial Biodiversity
  • Institutions, Organizations & Growth
  • Social Interactions, Identity & Wellbeing
  • Successful Societies
  • Child & Brain Development
  • Genetic Networks
current funding allocation by themes
Current FundingAllocation by Themes

ImprovingHuman Health

$2 million (12%)

BuildingStrong Societies

$4 million (23%)

2012-2013BudgetUS $17 million


$6 million (35%)


$5 million (30%)

cifar program genetic networks
CIFAR ProgramGenetic Networks

Devoted to discovering how genes interact with one anotherand finding the root causes to many complex genetic diseases.

  • Founded 2005
  • Program Director, Brenda Andrews,University of Toronto
  • Number of members and advisors: 19
  • Number of institutions: 11
  • Disciplines: functional genomics, genetics,computationalbiophysics, bioinformatics,systems biology focusing on yeast, roundworm,mouseand human genes

Pooled screening results from 29 breast cancer cell lines reveal the genes implicated in four known subtypes of breast cancer.

cifar program integrated microbial biodiversity
CIFAR ProgramIntegrated Microbial Biodiversity

Explores the diverse microbial world that surroundsand permeates human life.

  • Founded 2007
  • Program Director, Patrick Keeling,University of British Columbia
  • Number of members and advisors:26
  • Number of institutions:16
  • Disciplines:bioinformatics, microbial comparativegenomics, micropaleontology, molecular evolution,protistology, virology

A light micrograph of the human intestinal parasite,Blastocystis.

cifar program successful societies
CIFAR ProgramSuccessful Societies
  • Explores the roots of social inequalities.
  • Founded 2002
  • Program Director, Peter Hall & Michelle Lamont, Harvard
  • Number of members and advisors:20
  • Number of institutions:14
  • Disciplines:cultural studies, developmental and organizational psychology, epidemiology, history, philosophy, political science,political economics, sociology, social geography

A vibrant market community in Malawi.

cifar program institutions organizations growth
CIFAR Program Institutions,Organizations & Growth

Takes an integrated approach to the question of what makessome countries rich and others poor.

  • Founded 2004
  • Program Director, Elhanan Helpman, Harvard
  • Number of members and advisors:29
  • Number of institutions:15
  • Disciplines:economics, history, political science

New York Times bestseller on the origins of power, poverty and prosperity.

cifar global academy
CIFAR GlobalAcademy
  • CIFAR Global Scholars are elite fellowships that buildresearch and leadership capacity in gifted young scholars.Only program of its kind in Canada.
  • CIFAR Global Academy includes a suite of early-career programsincluding winter and summer schools and workshops.
cifar global call for ideas
CIFAR GlobalCall for Ideas
  • In 2013, CIFAR issues its first-ever call for proposals.
  • Goal is to identify:
  • 2 to 4 new, potentially transformative questions
    • The most ambitious, new fundamental questions
    • Have potential to transform our understanding
    • of importance to Canada and the world
    • A core team that would collaborate deeply