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GIS 2096. Introduction to Web Mapping & The WWW Google Maps & Google Mashups. The World Wide Web. Clients Servers Communication Networks. Server. Client. Clients. Applications that run on computers Rely on servers for Files Devices Processing power Examples: E-mail Web Browser

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Gis 2096
GIS 2096

Introduction to Web Mapping



Google Maps

& Google Mashups

The world wide web
The World Wide Web

  • Clients

  • Servers

  • Communication Networks




  • Applications that run on computers

  • Rely on servers for

    • Files

    • Devices

    • Processing power

  • Examples:

    • E-mail

    • Web Browser

    • FTP

    • ArcMap, QGIS

Clients are Applications


  • Computers or processes that manage network resources

    • Disk drives (file servers)

    • Printers (print servers)

    • Web content (network servers)

  • Example: Database Server

    • A computer system that processes database queries

Servers Manage Resources

Client server relationship
Client–Server Relationship

Process takes place on the server and the client

  • Servers

    • Store and protect data

    • Process requests from clients

  • Clients

    • Make requests

    • Format data on the desktop

Client-Server Computing Optimizes Computing Resources

Gis 2096

What is a Google Map? - interactive street, satellite, terrain maps and more.

Gis 2096

What is Google Maps?

An enormous amount of searchable geographic information (gazetteer)A way of organizing the worlds information geographically

Gis 2096

What is a Google Map?Google MyMaps – customize maps with user created enhancements.

Is google maps foss
Is Google Maps FOSS?


It is free of charge

What is google maps summary
What is Google Maps - summary

  • A web mapping service, free for non-commercial use that contains:

    • Detailed global basemaps: streets, satellite imagery, and terrain.

    • Useful services such as address and place locating by searching against an information rich gazetteer.

    • Ability to overlay a wide variety of map layers, (weather, traffic) from static or dynamic sources.

    • Map layer creation and light customization through functionality through MyMaps.

    • An API that allows for embedding and extensive customization.

Application programming interface api
Application Programming Interface (API)

  • API - An interface to a software program that allows users to interact and customize it.

    • Determines the vocabulary and calling conventions a programmer uses to employ the software services.

    • Usually based on an existing programming languages (C, .NET, VisualBasic, Java, javascript)

    • Many desktop and web software applications have API’s

    • Google Maps API uses javascript

Google maps api
Google Maps API

Allows embedding of a Google map into one’s own web page using javascript.

Free to use, on any website that is provided free of charge to others.

Relatively gentle learning curve.

Highly customizable and easily transferrable.

Evolving - new functionality consistently being added.

What is a mashup
What is a Mashup

A web page or application that combines data or functionality from two or more external sources to create a new service.


MyWebPage + Google Map = mashup

Even better:

MyWebPage + Google Map + Other web service(s)

Gis 2096

Google Map mashups examples: embeddable and customizable

Google maps mashups and google earth differences and similarities
Google Maps, Mashups, and Google EarthDifferences and similarities

  • Google Maps & MyMaps

    • A free web application (no software installation necessary)

    • 2 dimensional map view, with street, satellite, terrain basemaps

    • Data creation possible (points, lines, polygons), reads limited kml.

    • A selected set of map overlays and functions available.

    • Specific maps can be saved and shared easily on the web.

  • Google Maps Mashups

    • A free service allowing one to embed a Google Map into a web page.

    • 2 dimensional map view, with street, satellite, terrain basemaps.

    • Highly customizable to include everything in MyMaps and more.

    • Customization requires using javascript and HTML.

    • Requires access to a web-server to publish to the web.

  • Google Earth

    • A free desktop application (downloading and installation necessary).

    • 3 dimensional map view with satellite basemap, many map overlay layers, and a rich set of visualization tools.

    • Data creation possible (points, lines, polygons).

    • Complex kml creation is possible.

Google maps mashups and google earth which one to use
Google Maps, Mashups, and Google EarthWhich one to use?

  • Google Maps

    • Locating, measuring, or learning about the geography of a place.

    • If you want to share a map.

    • Communicate geographic information quickly.

  • Google Maps Mashups

    • Used to embed a map into a new or existing website.

    • Create interactive web maps for your users.

  • Google Earth

    • Visualizing terrain, 3d buildings, historical imagery, and access to many thematic map layers.

    • Virtual tour creation (movies)

    • Small amounts of data collection, geocoding, and image geo-referencing.

Axioms to follow for fledgling google map pers
Axioms to follow for fledgling Google mappers

If MyMaps or an existing mashup can be used to accomplish your web mapping goal, use it.

In your internet browser, use “View > Page Source” to learn what code is used to produce a specific website.

When coding, pay attention to every character.

Comment your code thoroughly.

Organize, document, and backup your maps and data.

Other web map mashup API’s exist (Yahoo!, Microsoft, OpenLayers). If Google’s API doesn’t serve your needs, explore the others.

Web mashup definitions
Web Mashup Definitions

Mashup: A web application that performs browser-side integration of content or services from multiple sources

Provider: site the provides content to the mashup


Markup languages

  • Markup languages

    • Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Extensible Markup Language (XML), Keyhole Markup Language (KML), and many more…

    • Text encoding schemes used to create and format a web document.

    • Use tags contained within brackets <> to define formatting that web browsers read.

  • Markup language code sample:



    <p><b>This a new paragraph of text that is bold</b></p>

    <p><big>This text is new paragraph of text that is big</big></p>

    <i>This text is italic</i>



Markup languages

Gis 2096


HyperText Markup Language

What you create a web page in

Consists of specific sections

Content described by tags

Html tags



<TAG> content </TAG>

Standard Elements

<html>...</html> Specifies the type of document

<head>...</head> Title, Metadata, Scripts etc.

<body>...</body> The main content of the page


<!-- A Comment -->

A basic html page

A Basic HTML Page

<html> <head> <title> favorites / bookmark title goes here </title></head><body bgcolor="white" text="blue"><h1> My first page </h1>This is my first web page and I can say anything I want in here - I do that by putting text or images in the body section - where I'm typing right now :) </body></html>

Html tags1


A Few Common HTML Tags

<title>…</title> Web page title – Head section

<p>…</p> Paragraph – basic text in Body section

<a>…</a> Anchors – hyperlinks

<script>...</script>To embed a script – e.g. javascript

<table>…</table> Creates a table

<tr>…</tr> Creates a table row

<td>…</td> Creates and populates a table cell

<div>…</div> Divide document into sections

Basics of an html page

Basics of an HTML page

The Head section:

Where you define the title of your web page

Include metadata for your page so search engines like Google and Yahoo can find your page

Style sheets (CSS) and scripts (javascript)


<title> Blah blah blah </>title


<script type=“text/javascript”> …



Basics of an html page1

Basics of an HTML page

The Body section:

Where you put most of your content


  • Javascript: Typically a “client side” programming language used primarily in web browsers

  • Used to provide dynamic content to a web page

    • Uses variables, loops, and functions to generate output on the web.

    • Allows for the development of enhanced user interfaces and dynamic websites.

  • Javascript code sample (Adds a placemark on a Google map)

    function createMarker(point,html) {

    var marker = new GMarker(point);

    GEvent.addListener(marker, "click", function() { marker.openInfoWindowHtml(html); });

    return marker; }

    var point = new GLatLng(35.65654,-106);

    var marker = createMarker(point,’Info in Window’);




Javascript language used primarily in web browsers



<script type="text/javascript">

function message()


alert("This alert box was called with the onload event");





<body onload="message()">

<p>We usually use the head section for functions (to be sure that the functions are loaded before they are called).</p>



Explanations of the basic google maps code
Explanations of the Basic Google Maps Code language used primarily in web browsers

Google map code

GoogleMaps use javascript to call the Google server and to provide specific parameters for your mashup

Google Map Code

This first javascript is a critical script element. It’s src attribute points to the location of the API on Google’s server, and your key is passed as a parameter.

Google map code1

Google Map Code provide specific parameters for your mashup

Google resources

Google Resources provide specific parameters for your mashup

Google Maps API Sign Up

Google Maps API Documentation

Google App Engine

Google Map Books

Map Builder

Mashup examples
Mashup Examples provide specific parameters for your mashup

Wii Finder


Yahoo vs. Google

Google Gadgets


Lab 6
Lab 6 provide specific parameters for your mashup

Open Firefox

Go to

Click on Google Maps tutorials