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FULLEE FALTOO PJ Collection. Kalidas ka ek bhai joote banata hain.Uska Naam kya hai?. Adidas. Ab thoda maths ho jaaye. According to new research , 3 +3 = 8 Kaise...............socho socho.

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  1. FULLEE FALTOO PJ Collection

  2. Kalidas ka ek bhai joote banata hain.Uska Naam kya hai? • Adidas.

  3. Ab thoda maths ho jaaye.According to new research,3 +3 = 8Kaise...............socho socho • Very simple …… ...... . .... Galti se !!!!

  4. In a pond there are 10 fish, one of them dies, andthe water level of the pond increases. How?................. • A - The other 9 fish are crying

  5. Two hairs on a bald man's head fall in love with each other and wantto get married, but cannot.Why? • Because under Indian laws, "baal vivaah" is illegal.

  6. One day a man is sitting in the jungle under a tree and a ‘sparrow' sitson his shoulder, and the man dies. Why ? • Ans. Because ‘sparrow' was the name of an elephant.

  7. 10 Ants are walking on a road. 9 are black. 1 is white. Why ? • One of them is a widow

  8. What are the three versions of JAVA software? • 1.) Mar JAVA • 2.) Mit JAVA • 3.) Kar JAVA

  9. Srinath gives a Pepsi bottle to Kumble And Kumble gives it to Sehwag.Why ? • Because Sehwag is the Opener.

  10. Hare and Tortoise appear for IIT. Hare gets 95% and Tortoise gets84%. Tortoise gets into IIT and the Hare does not. How? • Sports Quota

  11. Once an Auto rickshaw driver goes into NO ENTRY. The Police doesnot catch him. Why? • Ans. Because he was walking.

  12. What wud u call a Gal who never laughs....? • Hasi na.

  13. What wud u call a Gal who always pushes her father ....? • Push pa.

  14. Once a cockroach was singing a song TERA TERA TERA SUROOR while he was walking on theroad. But all of a sudden he died. Why? • B'coz the song he was singing is a HIT!!!

  15. Shahrukh khan ka plural? • ICICI Bank • Why? • Coz Shahrukh says - Main hoon naa! • ICICI says - Hum hain naa!

  16. What will you call a person who is departing from India? • Hindustan Lever

  17. Woh kya hai jo Dil main hain, Mann main hai par Dhadkan main nahi? • Aamir Khan

  18. Ek Sardar paani ke andar rehta hain, toh uska naam kya rahega? • Jal-andar Singh

  19. Abhi agar woh paani ke bahar aa jaaye ,toh uska naam kya hoga? • soch maat. Paani se bahar aane ke baad naam kaise change hoga!

  20. What is the Center of Gravity? • its V .............. the center of "gra V ity.

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