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Dare to be Digital 2014

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Dare to be Digital 2014. Michael Callaghan. Industry Quote. “The Dare model rewards creativity & teamwork as well as risk taking. It is the Gold standard for project based competitive team work” Richard Leinfellner Vice President-Outsourcing, EA Europe. What’s it all about?.

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Presentation Transcript
dare to be digital 2014

Dare to be Digital 2014

Michael Callaghan


Industry Quote

“The Dare model rewards creativity & teamwork

as well as risk taking.

It is the Gold standard for project based

competitive team work”

Richard Leinfellner

Vice President-Outsourcing, EA Europe

what s it all about
What’s it all about?
  • The UK & Ireland’s premier games development competition
  • Dare 2013 was hosted at the University of Abertay, Dundee. Scotland
  • Teams based in Dundee for 10 weeks (June to August)
  • Help from industry specialists; mentors, visits, talks etc
  • Prizes awarded and prototypes displayed at special awards ceremony and talent showcase
  • The three best prototypes as judged by the industry will be nominated for the BAFTA Ones To Watch Award.
why should you apply
Why should you apply?
  • Hone your skills
  • Enhance CV
  • Demo for interviews
  • Exposure to industry greats
  • Experience of working as part of a team
  • Receive £1700 project fee p/p
  • Team budget £200
  • Build contacts in industry
why should you apply continue
Why should you apply? (continue)
  • Work with friends and make new ones with similar interests
  • Chance to showcase your skills
  • Opportunity to start own business
  • Work on your own ideas
  • Free accommodation
  • Prizes to be won
  • Attend AND exhibit at Dare Protoplay
  • Be part of the UK’s Premier Games Development Competition
  • Have a chance at winning a Bafta!

A Dare student quote!

"...it gave the entire team a better chance to integrate

into the working world after we graduated: we left the

competition with a product to put on our showreels,

invaluable teamwork skills and further insight into the

industry. It also helped me get a foot in the door in

companies I normally wouldn't have had access to"


Dare 2012 documentary



High standard of competition



Loan Wolf: Pixel story


Kind of a Big Deal:Starcrossed


CLOCKinROCK: Liminal Magibrawl



How to apply – it’s easy!

Complete the online application

form at www.daretobedigital.com

FAQ’s on website


Application process

Key Dare 2014 Dates


CLOSING DATE: April 2014

April Interviews

Results announced

June to August 2014 competition


What to expect on Dare

Team breaking the ice


What to expect on Dare (continue)

  • No holidays during June – August
  • Hard work, more hard work and even more hard work
  • Not much sleep, very little sleep, no sleep!
  • Student quotes;
  • “Exhausting but worth it”
  • “Would recommend Dare in a heartbeat”
  • “9 out of 10 – too much stress for a 10 ”
  • “Very very draining, otherwise perfect”
  • “An opportunity of a life time – life changing experience”
  • “Best Experience Ever!”

What to expect on Dare (continue)

  • ‘Dare ProtoPlay’ 2014
  • Public vote
  • Showcase/Demo
  • Final Judging/Awards Ceremony
interview day
Interview Day
  • Time keeping – (arrive 10 mins prior to interview)
  • All members of the team present
  • 20 mins to present, 10 mins for Q & A
  • The name and skills of each team member
  • Every member of the team plays a part
  • Teams present to an Industry Panel

- sell yourselves (storyboards, Artwork)

- impress (handouts, slogans)

- memorabilia (goodie bags, outfits/t-shirts)

selection criteria continue
Selection Criteria (continue)
  • The Project Team
    • Is the team balanced, involving creative/technical staff and someone willing to take on the business aspects?
    • Clarity of your plan
    • Have the team determined a plan for development of their prototype over the 10 weeks?
  • Innovation/Creativity
    • Does the idea demonstrate innovation and/or creativity?
  • Ambition of the team
    • Does the team display eagerness to enter the games industry?
skills required
Skills required


Technical Skills

  • Knowledge / working use of C++ / Java
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Experience of various tools, software languages, programmes learnt at Uni / College or any self taught

Concept Art

- Working sketches, Life Drawing, Concept design, Illustration,Storyboarding

Character Artist

- 3D Character Modeller, Working sketches, Life Drawing, Illustration

Environment Artist / World Builder

- 3D Environment modeller, Illustration, Storyboarding

skills required continue
Skills required (continue)

ARTISTS (Continued)


- Animation – 2D & 3D, Lifedrawing – proportion & style

Technical Artist

- Technical & creative flair, Strong logical & problem solving skills, Ability to communicate across disciplines

specific skills
Specific Skills
  • Desire to create / work within the interactive entertainment industry
  • Passion / Gamer / interest and enjoyment
  • Able to communicate with non programming / technically minded individuals
  • Patience, work may get very frustrating / problem solving
  • Team player, pressure, deadlines
team composition examples
Team composition examples

Example 1

Team Leader* - 2 programmers - 1 Artist - 1 Audio

Example 2

Team Leader - 3 Programmers - 1 Artist

Example 3

Team Leader - 2 Programmers - 2 Artists

*Team Leaders can be either programmers/artists/audio

what the students said
What the students said!

“10 out of 10 - Dare presents a once in a lifetime opportunity”

“…you cant get this experience anywhere else”

“Without Dare, I would not have had a chance of getting the job I have”

“…you learn a lot about how you cope under pressure”

where students are working now
Where students are working now

BBC Scotland Interactive


Electronic Arts


Rockstar North

Creative Assembly


Core Design

Genuine Games


Real Time Worlds & many more

next stages
Next stages
  • Go to Dare site
  • Look at 2008/9/10/11/12/13 entries
  • Get ideas together
  • Get trained up
  • Compete
100 words to pitch your idea
100 Words to pitch your idea

Avast me hearties! You are the Captain of a miniature Pirate Galleon.

It is your goal to make yourself the only Captain of the bathtub. Your

ship is armed with one forward and eight side-facing cannons. While

searching for booty, dodging soap-bergs and bottles of shampoo,

you’ll be battling other scurvy dogs through the foamy fog.

Thar’ll be doubloons for the taking and power ups to help ye sink yer

foe, choose yer course wisely or I’ll make ye walk the plank!

good luck