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Iran Review Jeopardy Game PowerPoint Presentation
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Iran Review Jeopardy Game

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Iran Review Jeopardy Game

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Iran Review Jeopardy Game

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  1. Iran ReviewJeopardy Game By: Conor K. Connor P. Thomas S. Benjamin W.

  2. History Government Structure Leaders General Current Issues 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500

  3. History100 Question From 1501-1736 which political group controlled Iran?

  4. History100 Answer Safavids

  5. History200 Question Why did the Sunni and Shiite split?

  6. History200 Answer Issues based on succession to Caliph (Sunni believed that the next Caliph should be Muhammad's friends. Shite believed that the next Caliph should be Muhammad's family.)

  7. History300 Question What was the series of reforms launched in 1963 by the Shah Mohammad Pahlavi called?

  8. History300 Answer The White Revolution

  9. History400 Question During the early 1990s, what movement established a liberal, secular regime?

  10. History400 Answer Constitutional Revolution

  11. History500 Question When did Iran change its name from Persia?

  12. History500 Answer 1935

  13. Government Structure100 Question What is the legislature in Iran?

  14. Government Structure100 Answer Majlis

  15. Government Structure200 Question What government body reviews bills passed by the Majlis to ensure they conform with shari'a?

  16. Government Structure200 Answer The Guardian Council

  17. Government Structure300 Question What is the job of the Expediency Council?

  18. Government Structure300 Answer be the "referee" of the disputes between the Majlis and Guardian Council

  19. Government Structure400 Question  What are the 3 responsibilities of the Assembly of Religious Experts?

  20. Government Structure400 Answer Constitutional interpretation, electing the Supreme Leader's successor, and removing the Supreme Leader if necessary.

  21. Government Structure500 Question What government body is responsible for Judicial Review in Iran?

  22. Government Structure500 Answer None. Judicial Review in Iran does not exist as the Supreme Leader has final say regarding interpretation of laws.

  23. Leaders100Question What position is considered the Head of State?

  24. Leaders100 Answer The Supreme Leader (and considered the Religious Leader of Iran)

  25. Leaders200 Question Who is the current President, elected in 2005?

  26. Leaders200 Answer Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

  27. Leaders300 Question Who was Iran's first Supreme Leader?

  28. Leaders300 Answer Ruhollah Khomeini

  29. Leaders400Question What political party does the current president of Iran belong to?

  30. Leaders400 Answer Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran

  31. Leaders500 Question In 1951, who was named Prime Minister and enforced the Oil Nationalization Act?

  32. Leaders500 Answer Mohammad Mossadegh

  33. General100 Question Where is Iran located?

  34. General100 Answer The Middle East (bordering the Gulf of Oman, the Persian Gulf, and the Caspian Sea Between Iraq and Pakistan)

  35. General200 Question What Islamic group is the largest in Iran? *hint: Iran is the only Muslim nation where it holds a majority of the nation's population

  36. General200 Answer Shiite Muslims

  37. General300 Question What are the basic laws of Islam?

  38. General300 Answer Five Pillars of Islam (1. Declaration of faith; 2. Pray 5 times daily; 3. Make a pilgrimage to Mecca; 4. Give alms; 5. Fasting during month of Ramadan)

  39. General 400 Question What is Iran's Economic system?

  40. General400 Answer Rentier State

  41. General500 Question How many people live in Iran and what is their world rank for population?

  42. General500 Answer 79,853,900 people 18th- population rank

  43. Current Issues100 Question Name any two of the major political cleavages affecting Iran's government.

  44. Current Issues100 Answer Religion, Ethnicity, Social Class, or Reform/Conservatism

  45. Current Issues200 Question Who controls the media in Iran?

  46. Current Issues200 Answer the government (television+radios are all run and owned by the state and the clerics. Also the internet is censored)

  47. Current Issues300 Question What thing did Iran recently launch into outer space?

  48. Current Issues300 Answer a monkey

  49. Current Issues400 Question What is the major export from Iran (4th largest in the world) that helps much of its economy?

  50. Current Issues400 Answer Oil