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Student Leadership in Educational Planning

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Student Leadership in Educational Planning. National Symposium on IEP Facilitation October 29, 2005 Alex Berlin-Bentley Freeman Laurie Powers Portland State University. Self-Determination: Root of Student-Directed Planning. “Self-directed action to achieve personally valued goals ”

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student leadership in educational planning
Student Leadership in Educational Planning

National Symposium on IEP Facilitation

October 29, 2005

Alex Berlin-Bentley Freeman

Laurie Powers

Portland State University

self determination root of student directed planning
Self-Determination: Root of Student-Directed Planning

“Self-directed action to achieve personally valued goals”

Powers et al, 1996

“Acting as the primary causal agent in one’s life and making choices and decisions regarding one’s quality of life free from undue external influence or interference”

Wehmeyer, 1996

Principles of Self-Determination:

- Freedom - Authority

- Support - Responsibility

Center for Self-Determination (2004)

  • Having POWER over your life
  • Being able to call the shots for yourself and direct support from others
  • A prerequisite for accountability
why important
Why Important?
  • Youth with disabilities have less opportunity for self-determination than their peers without disabilities.
  • It’s where the future is heading
  • Associated with life success
  • Few adult safety nets and self-direction is expected
research findings
Research Findings
  • Young people with high levels of self-determination more likely to be employed and live independently.
  • Young people who participate in self-determination enhancement are more likely to:
    • Achieve academic and transition goals;
    • Exhibit fewer problem behaviors; and
    • Be involved in their transition planning.
  • Youth and adults who can direct their lives report higher quality of life and improved health.
critical ingredients
Critical Ingredients
  • Information for informed decision-making
  • Self-direction skills
  • Opportunities to choose, strive, succeed, fail and learn
  • Support from others
  • Self-attribution is what ultimately matters
information to acquire
Information to Acquire
  • Life options
  • Personal preferences, strengths and accommodation needs
  • Services, supports and resources available and how to use them
  • Disability laws
skills to learn
Skills to Learn
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-advocacy
  • Goal setting
  • Problem-solving
  • Planning
  • Building allies and supports
  • Self-evaluation
experiences to have
Experiences to Have
  • Gather and review information about options
  • Share goals and plan
  • Enlist support: Assume and assign responsibility
  • Try new activities
  • Achieve by having success or overcoming obstacles
  • Integrate learning for the future
support to obtain
Support to Obtain
  • Encouragement
  • Challenge
  • Reinforcement
  • Coaching and Assistance
self determination curriculum
Self-Determination Curriculum
  • TAKE CHARGE / TAKE CHARGE for the Future
  • Whose Future Is It Anyway?
  • Self-Directed IEP
  • Next Steps
  • Steps to Self-Determination
  • Self-Directed Learning Model
self determination in planning
Self-Determination in Planning
  • Student in leadership role
  • Strengths-based and goal focused
  • Increases student’s capacities
  • Relevant to the youth’s future
  • Promotes planning success
legal requirements
Legal Requirements
  • IDEA 97 and 2004
      • Goals include student preferences and interests
      • Student present
planning that promotes self determination
Planning that Promotes Self-Determination
  • A process rather than a meeting
  • Student at the center
  • Student appropriately informed and supported
  • Family and trusted others involved
  • Follow-up is emphasized
    • Everyone is accountable
supported participation
Supported Participation
  • Advance preparation
  • Bite-size pieces
  • Negotiated support plan
  • Accommodations (e.g., technology, note taker)
  • Support management training
closing thoughts
Closing Thoughts
  • Promoting youth-led planning is a systematic process
  • Needed by all youth
  • Planning is meaningless unless there is follow-through.
  • Works best when integrated within inclusive, standards-based education.

You are working with a 17 year old youth who lives in a foster home. She is getting ready to graduate but doesn’t have enough credits and doesn’t want to stay in high school. The youth will exit foster care at age 18.How would you encourage the youth to take control?Learn about optionsMake an individualized planAsk for help; use your supportPresent plan at the IEPWork with other people to carryout the planAccess services