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龍騰第三冊第二課 PowerPoint Presentation
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  1. 龍騰第三冊第二課

  2. Q: What was the winning entry of the contest held by Taipei city government? • A: Taipei Wonderful.

  3. Q: What may one find in Taipei at first glance? • A: Taipei seems another major city in Asia, full of tall office buildings and busy subway stations.

  4. Q: What can one do at Lungshan Temple? • A: One can pray, burn incense sticks, and have the fortune told.

  5. Q: Where can you see the finest collection of Chinese art in the world? • A: The National Palace Museum.

  6. Q: What can one do at Daan Forest Park? • A: One can fly a kite, climb a hill, ride a bike, or watch a live performance of music and dance.

  7. Q: Where is it for those who love nature? • A: Yangmingshan National Park.

  8. Q: What can you find at Xinyi District? • A: Taipei 101, movie theaters, the city’s largest bookstore, the Taipei World Trade Center, department stores and shops.

  9. Q: Where can you listen to classical music concert? • A: In the National Concert Hall.

  10. The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest man-made wonders of the world. • 中國的萬里長城是世上最偉大的人造奇景之一。

  11. There are two museums in the 228 Peace Memorial Park in Taipei: the Taipei 228 Memorial Museum and the National Taiwan Museum. • 在臺北二二八和平公園內有兩間博物館,一間是二二八紀念博物館;一間是國立臺灣博物館。

  12. The winning entry in the school photo contest was a picture of the old Taipei Train Station before it was torn down. • 學校攝影比賽的得獎作品是一張未拆除前的臺北火車站的舊照片。

  13. A quick glance at her watch told Patty that she was late for the meeting. • 瞥了一下錶,珮蒂知道她開會要遲到了。

  14. A major reason why students do not do well on exams is that they do not prepare properly. • 學生考試考不好的主要原因是他們沒有準備充分。

  15. A majority of students elected Tom as the new class president. • 多數學生選湯姆為新任班代。

  16. Even though Cindy is now president of the company, she still retains her simple, friendly manner. • 即使辛蒂現在是公司的董事長,她仍保留著樸實、友善的態度。

  17. Terry is a lively little boy who cannot stay quiet for very long. • 泰瑞是個無法安靜太久、精力充沛的小男孩。

  18. The blind old man makes his living by telling people’s fortunes. • 盲眼的老人靠算命維生。

  19. Do you believe that what happens to a person in life is only a matter of fortune? • 你相信一個人一生中發生的事情,僅跟命運有關嗎?

  20. The mountain climbers were fortunate to escape serious injury. • 那些登山客幸運地逃過嚴重的傷害。

  21. Because Jack lives in a distant suburb, it takes him a long time to get downtown. • 因為傑克住在很遠的郊區,他要花很長的時間到市中心。

  22. Helen joins a school craft club because she is interested in making kites and sewing dresses for dolls. • 海倫參加一個學校的手工藝社團,因為她對製作風箏及製作洋娃娃的衣服有興趣。

  23. When I visited the famous garden in the winter, I was surprised to see so many blooms. • 當我在冬天參觀那有名的花園時,我很訝異看到那麼多的花。

  24. Many people go into the mountain to see the flowers during the blooming season. • 很多人在花開的季節到山裡看花。

  25. Marla’s paintings will be exhibited at the art gallery. • 瑪拉的畫作將在藝廊展出。

  26. At first glance, the traffic system in Taipei seems very confusing, but it begins to make more sense when you know it better. • 乍看之下,臺北的交通系統似乎非常紊亂。但當你更了解它的運作模式後,它就顯得合理。

  27. It was Chinese New Year’s Eve, and it seemed that everyone in northern Taiwan was heading for their homes in the southern parts of the island. • 除夕夜了,北臺灣的每個人似乎都朝著南部的家前進。

  28. Nantou County is located in the heart of Taiwan. • 南投縣位於臺灣的中心點。

  29. We have week-long camps for teenagers. As for young children, we only have day-long camps. • 我們有為青少年開辦為期一週的營隊。至於小孩子,我們只有一天的營隊。

  30. The sight of the flower garden in full bloom is very beautiful. • 花園裡百花齊放的景象很美麗。

  31. If you’ve been studying hard, it’s a good idea to get out of the house for a while and get some exercise. • 如果你一直在苦讀,走出房子一會兒,做些運動會是個好主意。

  32. Sally enjoyed herself at the party.She danced and sang all night. • 莎莉在宴會上玩得很開心,她整晚又跳舞又唱歌。