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Poem Collections. By: Tae Gun Im. Bio Poem. Young Ho Funny, acts kind, talks a lot, and sometimes evil. Son of Ms. Choi. Lover of Sleeping, violent movies, and hitting people. Who learns from other people's mistakes, YouTube, and rumors.

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poem collections

Poem Collections


Tae Gun Im

bio poem
Bio Poem
  • Young Ho
  • Funny, acts kind, talks a lot, and sometimes evil.
  • Son of Ms. Choi.
  • Lover of Sleeping, violent movies, and hitting people.
  • Who learns from other people's mistakes, YouTube, and rumors.
  • Famous for his evil smile, the burning flesh from his hitting and clutching on to people when scared
  • Who used to dream of being an artist, be less shy, and be with friends all the time.
  • Who now dream of getting a good grade, becoming a designer, and having a personal weapon.
bio poem continued
Bio Poem (continued)
  • Who fears ghosts, creepy sounds, and nightmares.
  • Who would never hit people in front of adults, do something dangerous, and get in trouble most of the time.
  • Who needs a better computer, less curvy hair, and a punching bag.
  • Who feels bored everyday, sometimes lonely, and always happy when with friends.
  • Who wishes no pollution, no war, and peace for the world.
  • Resident of Hanoi
  • Kim
cinquain poem
Cinquain Poem
  • Insects
  • Beautiful, annoying
  • Flying, Crawling, Sneaking
  • Desperately waiting for food
  • Creature
diamante poem
Diamante Poem


Warm, Light

Scorching, Burning, Shining

Comes up then down

Orbiting, Revolving, Reflection

Dark, Cold


haiku poem
Haiku poem

Cloud clears, the sun's up!

Spider waits for prey…

The cold breeze shakes the palm trees

alphabet poem
Alphabet Poem

The Fair

  • A abandoned one of his friends
  • B Banged the ground with a hammer to see if he is the strongest
  • C clapped at the circus show
  • D dived into the water from a bull's-eye hit from S
  • E earned pocket money from his parents
  • F feared the haunted house
  • G gasped for a breath as the ride stopped
  • H hopped to the face paint shop
  • I idled after looking at the fair
  • J jogged around the rides
  • K kicked the mirror after looking at his weird face
alphabet poem continuted
Alphabet Poem (continuted)
  • L lend his friends some money
  • M memorized all the shops in the fair
  • N noticed that A and his other friends left him in the hot dog stand
  • O orbited around the fair by riding a mini train
  • P paced his jogging speed with J
  • Q quacked and acted like a duck
  • R radiated heat after a hyper day
  • S shot a bull's-eye and made D fall
  • T threw a ball into the hoop
  • U uppercased a letter on her phone
  • V vibrated with fear after going through a haunted house
  • W wielded the toy gun
alphabet poem continuted1
Alphabet Poem (continuted)
  • X X-rayed D's body after he came out of the pool
  • Y yawned after a fun night at the fair
  • Z zapped a second of horror to his friends
free poem
Free Poem

A Tree

The roots, holds the tree in place and feeds the tree.

The stem, supports the tree.

The flower, growing and excited about what it will become.

My family, just like a tree.


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