het levenslied n.
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Het levenslied

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Het levenslied. Song about life. What is a “levenslied”?.

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Het levenslied

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het levenslied

Het levenslied

Song about life

what is a levenslied
What is a “levenslied”?
  • A levenslied("life song" or "song about life") is a sentimental Dutch-language sub-genre of popmusic. Levenslied-lyricscanbesweet or bitter, light andsentimental but alsoreflectiveanddark, about subjects such as love andmisery. A typicallevenslied has catchy, simplerhythmsandmelodies, withmany pop and folk tunes, and is always built up in coupletsandrefrains.
  • Music critics are oftencritical of the levenslied, judging the simpleandcatchychorussesand tunes as a lack of creativity. For thisreason, the word "smartlap" ("sorrowscrap" meaning "sentimental song") is oftenusedforthismusicstyle. Almostanysentimental song is referredto as a smartlap in Dutch.
  • Between 1950 and 1980 the ‘levenslied’ was verypopular in the Netherlands. After the eighties the ‘levenslied’ dissappearedfor a while, but later in time the ‘levenslied’ becamepopularagain, mostlybecause of young male singerswho have manyyoungfemale fans.
samen zijn
Samen zijn
  • ‘Samen zijn’ is a song performedby Willeke Alberti. The song was the theme song of a verypopular tv show in the eighties “Pompy de Robodoll”.
  • ‘Samen zijn’ means ‘beingtogether’

and the song is abouttwofriendswho

are strongerandbetterwhenthey are


singing samen zijn
Singing ‘samen zijn’

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