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CorrosionX. Who Is Corrosion Technologies?. Chemical research firm with roots in aerospace and military markets. Expanded into new markets including marine, sporting goods, auto and RV. Now seeking distributors for lucrative industrial markets. What is CorrosionX?.

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Who is corrosion technologies
Who Is Corrosion Technologies?

  • Chemical research firm with roots in aerospace and military markets.

  • Expanded into new markets including marine, sporting goods, auto and RV.

  • Now seeking distributors for lucrative industrial markets.

What is corrosionx
What is CorrosionX?

Unique oil-based product using breakthrough technology. Will quickly become an indispensable tool on every workbench and shop floor.

  • Outstanding, long-lasting lubricant

  • Unbeatable penetrant

  • Restores and protects electronics

  • And most importantly, stops and preventscorrosion to a degree never before achieved

Polar bonding is the key
Polar Bonding is the key!

  • CorrosionX has been specially engineered to bond directly to any metal – almost like a magnet.

  • Opposites attract: positive pole of CorrosionX molecule is attracted to negative pole on the metal surface and vice-versa.

Polar bonding is the key1
Polar Bonding is the Key…

To lubrication

Ordinary lubricants are displaced as surfaces move against each other. Without adequate lubrication, surfaces grind together creating friction.

CorrosionX stays Polar Bonded in place, and surfaces are separated by a super slick Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC), so friction is reduced tremendously.

Polar bonding is the key2
Polar Bonding is the Key…

To penetration

  • The attraction to metal is so strong that CorrosionX molecules literally “leapfrog” each other in order to contact metal.

  • CorrosionX displaces moisture, corrosion-causing electrolytes and existing rust to Polar Bond with clean metal.

  • CorrosionX penetrates faster and often frees hopelessly seized parts.

Polar bonding is the key3
Polar Bonding is the Key…

To Protecting & Restoring Electronics

  • Displaces corrosion and moisture – often restoring damaged electronics and cleaning contact points

  • CorrosionX is non-conductive with dielectric strength of more than 36,000 volts

  • But FTFC coating is so thin it won’t interfere with connections. It actually improves them

Polar bonding is the key4
Polar Bonding is the Key…

To Stopping & Preventing Corrosion

1. Displaces moisture, rust, salt crystals and other corrosion-causing electrolytes

2. Occupies all the + and - poles on metal surface rendering metal non-reactive

3. Isolates metal from environment with high-dielectric FTFC coating

Application lubricant
Application: Lubricant

“I must say that CorrosionX far exceeds the quality of other similar products. Its lubrication ability is simply outstanding.”

– Ove Munch Thomsen, Testing Department

Bang & Olufsen

Bearings: Treated with CorrosionX (left) and untreated. Exposed to saltwater spray for two weeks.

Application penetrant
Application: Penetrant

“We tried with all our might to loosen the lug nuts on the flat tire…We sprayed the lug nut with CorrosionX, waited a minute or so and …the nut let loose.”

– Bob and Peggy Schneider Schneider Lures, Inc.

“CorrosionX is the most amazing penetrating lubricant I’ve ever used.”

– Paul Post, Captain S/V Chamai Juneau, Alaska

Six Flags antique railroad crossing gate arm effortlessly freed by CorrosionX.

Note where CorrosionX dripped down the arm and removed surface rust.

Application electronics
Application: Electronics

“There was a mobile radio completely water damaged. I sprayed CorrosionX onto the logic boards and PA stage…When rf checks were performed, it worked and was on spec. We must definitely order more; it’s magic!

– Allen Sonnekus, Radio Technician

Ports of Auckland

“Now everyone in the Electrical Shop at Six Flags over Texas is using CorrosionX”

– Gary Persons, Maintenance Manager Six Flags over Texas

TV demo unit submerged in CorrosionX

Application corrosion
Application: Corrosion

“CorrosionX works miracles by even the strictest definition…routinely as it turns out.”

– Byron Stout, Fort Myers News-Press

“We generally avoid singling out one brand over another, but I would be remiss not to specifically mention the stuff called CorrosionX.”

– Frank Sargeant, Florida Sportsman

CorrosionX has proven to be the only product able to withstand the corrosive environment within the Jardine Waterworks in Chicago

Other key features
Other Key Features

  • Environmentally safe

  • Low VOCs

  • Nonflammable (when not in aerosol form)

  • Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic

  • Higher lubricity than even Teflon-fortified (PTFE) lubes

  • Not readily displaced by moisture like ordinary oils.

Sales opportunity
Sales Opportunity

  • Chance to introduce a revolutionary new product to your customers

  • Space age solution to age old problems

  • A bona fide “Problem Solver” resulting in increased customer loyalty