electrostatic force n.
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Electrostatic Force

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Team U.W.O Unidentified Walking Objects. Electrostatic Force. Ethan French Dexter Lai Miguel Pangilinan. H y d e P a r k M . S . L a s V e g a s, NV 2013 Ecybermission. New to the topic? Here’s an explanation….

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Electrostatic Force

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electrostatic force

Team U.W.O

Unidentified Walking Objects

Electrostatic Force

Ethan French Dexter Lai Miguel Pangilinan

Hyde Park M.S. Las Vegas, NV

2013 Ecybermission

new to the topic here s an explanation

New to the topic? Here’s an explanation…

Electrostatic force is created with the Tribloelectric effect (rubbing plastic on wool, for example).

This force can be used to make liquids “fly” to a designated area.

So, we decided to create a model to show this.



The Key Concept is:

Different forces (in this case an electrostatic force) can be applied to matter to make it move.

A moving charged drop in the atmosphere has 5 forces acting on it. Gravity, drag, buoyancy, columbic force, and electrostatic force when the drop is charged.

However, an airplane moving in the air has four forces. Gravity, drag, lift, and thrust.



which is Force, F = mass times acceleration, F = ma

F=ma=F(drop) = Fg+Fd+Ff+Fc+Fe

F=ma=F(plane) = Fg+Fd+Fl+Ft



Created by Drew Sauter, Inventor

You can make liquids fly left, right, down, and even up using electrostatic force.

Electrostatic force is stronger than gravity, allowing liquids to fly in any direction.

You could also use this to get fluids or medicine to a person with a dangerous and contagious disease.

This can also be used to replace things such as pumps and pipes with a smaller and faster solution.



Our group decided to make a model to demonstrate how you can move fluids with electrostatic force.

The model will represent a person with a highly contagious disease, so we can’t get close to it. So, we will use electrostatic force to fly “medicine” to the model.

results and discussion

Results and discussion

We made the liquid fly to the model, essentially sending the medicine to the model without touching it. We discussed that this experiment could help our community in many areas of medicine delivery and laboratory experiments, also reducing the costs of experiments.

TEAM UWO learned in our research that you can use electrostatic electricity to control the force of gravity and transfer induction based fluids (IBF) to targets.

 This technology can transfer liquids over distances to targets. What we did with this information is that we made a model a sick person and used the experiment to send medicine to him to assist in curing his disease and prevent the spread of infectious disease by no direct contact.



Electrostatic force can be used to make liquids fly. This can be used to get medicine to contagious people via electrostatic forces. Making liquids fly to directed targets can be used for many things, like using energized drops or spray to deliver to and from targets, or using measured amounts of liquids that can be directed to any target.


Printing, Mass Spectrometry, Forensics, Defense, Medical, Drug testing, and much more.