ancient african kingdoms l.
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Ancient African Kingdoms

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Ancient African Kingdoms. World History I. BENIN Government. Forest people Kings known as Obas Women – held own councils, religious ceremonies. Fact or Fiction?. Some stories say the chiefs invited Oranyan from Ife to become the leader.

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benin government
BENIN Government
  • Forest people
  • Kings known as Obas
  • Women – held own councils, religious ceremonies
fact or fiction
Fact or Fiction?
  • Some stories say the chiefs invited Oranyan from Ife to become the leader.
  • Oranyan stayed long enough to father a child and leave. This child became King Eweka.
oba ewuare
Oba Ewuare
  • 15th century leader Oba Ewuare began rule that father should be succeeded by son.
    • He set up a system of checks and balances.
growth of benin
Growth of Benin
  • Benin citizens became wealthy
  • Because they were wealthy…
ghana a sahelian kingdom
Ghana A Sahelian Kingdom
  • African people, like the Berbers, formed a new kingdom called Ghana or Akwar
twin cities
Twin Cities
  • Built capital – Kumbi Saleh -on the edge of the Sahara
    • Kings and officers
    • People living in six miles between
says who i do
Says who? I do…
  • Ruled by a hereditary king called “Ghana”
  • King in charge of military and was supreme judge – believed to be partly divine and able to talk with gods
  • King claimed to own all gold nuggets and others could only trade for gold dust
  • Tremendously strong in trade
life in ghana
Life in Ghana
  • King had 200,000 warriors
  • Kingdom never converted to Islam but allowed Muslims to stay there
  • Around 1075, Berbers (the Almorvids) declared a holy war (jihad) on Ghana
  • Berbers controlled for 10 years before Ghana took back control
in closing
In closing…
  • Ghana was never as strong
  • The Almorvids never recovered and fell apart into separate chiefdoms again; however, many believe a magician came and started the Mali Kingdom…
mali second great sahelian kingdom
MaliSecond Great Sahelian Kingdom
  • Historical founder was magician, Sundiata, who ruled from 1230-1255
    • 11 of his brothers were murdered so Mali wouldn’t threaten Ghana
the battle at kirina
The Battle at Kirina
  • Sundiata fought for a new kingdom while Sumanguru fought to keep Ghana in power
  • Battle of Sorcery Outcome
blasts from the past
Blasts from the Past
  • Most significant of Mali kings was Mansa Musa (1312-1337)
  • Established Timbuktu
  • Berbers disrupted peace in 1430 – region of Gao fell apart
  • Led to rise of Songhai kingdom


Managed thousands of cultures

Was the largest empire in African history

Gao was Songhai’s capital

Had originally competed with Mali for control

ali the terror
Ali the Terror
  • Sonny Ali was a Sunni king (1464-1492)
    • Ruthless tyrant
    • Very strong militarily
    • Ali captured Timbuktu and Jenne
    • Pushed Berbers north
askia muhammad toure
Askia Muhammad Toure
  • Succeeded Ali
    • established new dynasty
    • Expanded empire
toure de force
Toure de Force
  • Toure established an elaborate government
    • Appointed Muslim judges to run under Islamic legal principles
great zimbabwe mwenemutapa
Great Zimbabwe “Mwenemutapa”
  • Includes present-day Zimbabwe
  • Surrounded by huge, elliptical stone walls made without any mortar
  • Exports
  • Traded with China, Persia and India
  • Cities grew
truly african
Truly African
  • Considered by historians to be truly African
divine king
Divine King
  • King was considered divine
  • Kingdom weakened by internal brotherly quarrels beginning in the 1500s
box score
Box Score
  • Kush – 750 – 350 A.D.
  • Ghana – 500 – 1235 C.E.
  • Mali – 1235 – 1468
  • Benin – 1000 – 1700
  • Songhai – 1468 – 1591
  • Great Zimbabwe – 1000 – 1500