written and illustrated by destiny duhon n.
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The “Epic” of Sir Usherlot PowerPoint Presentation
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The “Epic” of Sir Usherlot

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The “Epic” of Sir Usherlot - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Written and Illustrated by Destiny Duhon. The “Epic” of Sir Usherlot. Duson Publications. January 2009. Dedicated to my 8 th grade Theatre Productions class for inspiring me in all ways… unnatural. Thanks.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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duson publications
Duson Publications
  • January 2009
Dedicated to my 8th grade Theatre Productions class for inspiring me in all ways… unnatural.
  • Thanks.
nce upon a time, there lived a lonely little princess. She was smart, she always looked cute, and she was certainly talented.
But there was one teeny, tiny problem; this princess was stuck in the highest tower of the biggest, most scariestlooking castle in all the land.


  • The castle was guarded by an evil choo-choo train, named Thomas by his sinister master. Thomas liked to scare wary travelers away from the castle.


  • The princess lived in the castle of the evil Dr. Stamp, where he made her do work until her fingers hurt. The little princess did not like this, and dreamed of someday escaping the mad doctor.
Way across the land, in a small village, there lived a strong, dashing, young prince. His name was Sir Usherlot, and he was the man all the girls wanted to marry. But Sir Usherlot only wanted the smartest, cutest, and most talented girl in all the land to be his wife.

“She lives in a gigantic castle!”

“She’s so smart! And talented too!”

  • One day, Sir Usherlot was taking a stroll through the village when he heard some village men talking about their “dream girls”.Realizing that she was also his dream girl, Sir Usherlot set out on his quest to find his perfect match.

“ I wish I had the courage to save her from Dr. Stamp.”

Walking down a lonely and foggy road, Sir Usherlot came across a wandering hunchback. “Turn back!” said the hunchback, “It is dangerous here!”. But Usherlot just kept going.

Sir Usherlot started getting very tired and out of breath, as the journey was very long and tedious. Just then, a mysterious and beautiful woman appeared before him.

“You’re so tired and I’m so lonely, why don’t you come inside my warm, cozy hut?”. Sir Usherlot considered this greatly, but decided, regrettably, not to go.
Now Dr. Stamp had heard of Sir Usherlot's quest, and he was determined to stop him from taking away his princess. “Thomas, my minion! Stop that man from reaching the castle!”
While on his way to Dr. Stamp's castle, Sir Usherlot began to hear a faint whistling sound not too far in the distance. He started walking faster, and the sound started getting closer and closer!
Suddenly, Thomas appeared right before Sir Usherlot's eyes! Usherlot became so scared, he jumped into the highest tree he could find. The tree was already inhabited by spider monkeys, who did not think Sir Usherlot worthy of sitting in their tree.
So the monkeys kicked him out of the tree, laughing as hit he every branch on the way down. Sir Usherlot was severely embarrassed, and scarred for life, but he would not let it bring him down. Now Usherlot was face to face with Thomas.
Sir Usherlot drew his sword and began to fight the evil train, but all of a sudden, his sword snapped right in half! Thomas laughed and pinned Sir Usherlot between him and the tree.
Now Sir Usherlot was scared to death. He thought that he would surely die. He looked up to pray when a face appeared in the clouds. It was God, in the form of gallant Sir Lancelot, who died a hero in battle.
“Sir Usherlot! I have seen your passion for your quest, and therefor, I have decided to help you defeat your demons!” And with that, Sir Lancelot threw a magic frisbee and chopped Thomas in two.


  • Looking out from his castle window, Dr. Stamp witnessed his minion destroyed. The princess saw this too, and became ecstatic with joy, realizing that soon she would be saved.


Sir Usherlot soon reached the castle. Dr. Stamp immediately admitted defeat, and handed over the cute, smart, and talented princess. And so, Sir Usherlot and the princess went back to town, got married, and lived happily ever after.

The End

the fall
  • Sir Usherlot is kicked out of the spider monkey tree.
the unhealable wound
  • Sir Usherlot is “scarred for life” because of his fall.
the quest
  • To find Sir Usherlot's princess.
  • On the road the hunchback was on.