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We will start shortly…. Web Seminar. You should hear my voice through your PC speaker / headset You can ask questions using the “Questions” panel on the right of your screen. We will answer: In the “Questions” Panel At the end of the presentation By email

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web seminar
Web Seminar
  • You should hear my voice through your PC speaker / headset
  • You can ask questions using the “Questions” panel on the right of your screen. We will answer:
    • In the “Questions” Panel
    • At the end of the presentation
    • By email
  • Later this week you will receive link to:
    • Presentation
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    • Relevant links to SMARTEC website

Distributed Fiber Optic Sensorsfor Dams and Levee Deformation Monitoring

Daniele Inaudiinaudi@smartec.chSMARTEC SA, Manno, Switzerlandwww.smartec.chRoctest, St. Lambert,

ditest ditemp systems
DiTeSt / DiTemp Systems
  • Distributed measurement of strain and/or temperature
  • Specialized cables for distributed sensing
  • High spatial resolution: 1m
  • Long range: up to 30km
  • Long-term stability
  • Dedicated software for data analysis on visualization
  • Cost-effective solution for large number of points
optical scattering in silica fibers

Scattered Light

Scattered Light

T, ε

T, ε



T, ε

T, ε

Optical scattering in silica fibers


distributed sensing

Temp. [°C]

Position [m]



Strain [me]

Position [m]

Distributed Sensing

Reading Unit


Distributed Sensor











ditest performances
DiTeSt: Performances
  • Range: 30 km
  • Spatial Resolution: 1 m over 1km 2 m at 30 km
  • Strain precision: 20 με
  • T precision : ± 1° C
  • Measurement time: typ. 5 min
cable design
Cable Design

SMARTape: Strain sensing

Temperature Cable

SMARTProfile: Strain and Temperature sensing

Hydro & Geo: Strain and Temperature sensing

settlements and slidings
Settlements and slidings

Distributed sensors, buried

Potential sliding area



or sliding

puts in traction

sensor parts

in concerned areas

Potential settlement area

Critical area

detected and localized

leakage of dams dikes river banks



Leakage of dams, dikes & river banks


  • Early detection and localization of movements
  • Possibility to locate dike defects or overflow
  • Possibility to check water level over long distance
gravity dam
Gravity dam

Sensing cable for monitoring the strain and temperature distribution dependent on the solar radiation, air/water temperature and water level.

Sensing cable in different layers for temperature monitoring during the concrete setting.

arch dams
Arch dams

Sensing cable for monitoring the temperature gradient dependents on the solar radiation, air/water temperature and water level.

Monitoring Joints movements

Surface, gallery or borehole installation for old dams.

Embedded solution for dams under construction.

application examples
New Orleans Levee

Netherlands Levee stability test

Latvia gravity dam

USA Sinkhole detection

Application Examples
ilevee project new orleans
iLevee Project, New Orleans

[SMARTEC, Geocomp,

New Orleans Levee District,

Shannon and Wilson]

ilevee i wall monitoring test period
iLevee I-Wall monitoring test period

Strain [µε]

[SMARTEC, Geocomp, New Orleans Levee District, Shannon and Wilson]

ijkdijk position of sensors
Ijkdijk: Position of sensors

[Source: Deltares, Tencate, Inventec]

ijkdijk failure mode
Ijkdijk: Failure mode


ijkdijk results
Ijkdijk Results

Failure zone identified by high deformations at the edges.

A weak spot in the dike was discerned during the first excavation stage,42 hours before the dike really failed.

[Source: Deltares,Tencate, GeoPhyConsult]

plavinu dam latvia
Plavinu Dam, Latvia
  • Dam Monitoring
  • Detection of concrete cracks
  • 250 m of SMARTape used
  • 250 m of T sensor used
  • Installation in a dam tunnel
  • Automatic operation and warning generation

[Source: VND3]

sinkhole monitoring kansas
Sinkhole Monitoring, Kansas

A total of 4 km of SMARTGeoTex Rope – DiTeSt were installed on a wide old-mine area

sinkhole monitoring kansas1
Sinkhole Monitoring, Kansas

Digging of the trench where the SMARTGeoTex Rope is deployed

response test
Response test

[Source: Burns & McDonnell]

Fiber Optic sensors are an innovative, but well proven technology useful for structural and geotechnical monitoring and instrumentation

Some unique features of FOS, in particular distributed sensing, open new application possibilities

Distributed sensing offers an ideal solution for the detection and localization of new conditions such as leakages, settlements, cracks, abnormal joint movements and others

Many successful application examples worldwide demonstrate the maturity of FOS technology