drug and alcohol on high school student n.
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Drug and alcohol, on high school student PowerPoint Presentation
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Drug and alcohol, on high school student

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Drug and alcohol, on high school student - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Drug and alcohol, on high school student. The effects of marijuana. What does it do??.

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what does it do
What does it do??

Marijuana is a very common drug that is being used by a lot of people especially teenagers . It is a brown or greenish flower plant consisting of the a chemical called THC tretrahydrocannabinol with moves fast through your bloodstream and cause slight hallucination and depressant to your body. If this is such a dangerous drug why do people use it


A lot of people like this girl her use marijuana on a every day basis . It give you a bad smell and make your body features less appealing. As you can see it put you in a depressive mode like this girl right here.

Do you want to be like this when you grow up??

comparison of behaviors
Comparison of behaviors

Regular student

Marijuana smoker

Short term memory lost

Always hungry

Cant functional accurately

Incapable of working

Wrong decisions making

Also in consequences

  • Fully active
  • Body is fully functional
  • Act normal and memory is very up to part
  • Decisions are more accurate and better
  • Less consequences
long term affects of marijuana
Long term affects of marijuana

Did You Also Know …..

  • That daily weed smoker might develop

More than 450 weed smokers in the state of California have all been proven to have problems with there respiratory system due to sickness and illnesses from smoking marijuana.

It has been studied and proven that a regular person that smoke a ransom of five to four joints a day is inhibiting their selves with as much compound chemical as a person that smoke a pack of cigarettes everyday

Marijuana smokes affects the respiratory tracts in your body

They are a great cause to the development to neck and head cancer and they can also cause testicular cancer