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2010-2011 Orientation

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2010-2011 Orientation. Mission Statement. The mission of Peoria Notre Dame High School is to foster spiritual, emotional, intellectual 
and physical development . . . …by teaching the Catholic faith …by leading students to be disciples of Jesus Christ

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mission statement
Mission Statement

The mission of Peoria Notre Dame High School is to foster spiritual, emotional, intellectual 
and physical development . . .

…by teaching the Catholic faith

…by leading students to be disciples of Jesus Christ

…by teaching the arts and sciences in a climate of Catholic academic inquiry

pnd values
PND Values

— Academic Excellence 
 that inspires and prepares us for successful lives

— Catholic Faith 
that places us in God’s transforming hands

— Family 
that sustains, loves, forgives and cares

— Individual Dignity as a Gift of God 
that shows respect for self and sees the worth of others

—Personal Responsibility 
that engenders pride and builds the trust of others

—Service to Others
that brings true purpose to our lives

— Teamwork
that unites us and causes things to happen

— Tradition 
that teaches, guides and remembers

changes for 2010 2011
Changes for 2010-2011

Computer Upgrades

  • Increased number of Wireless Access Points
  • Increased the bandwith of the network

Building Upgrades

  • Added sprinklers throughout the building
  • Added more security cameras throughout the building
new faces
New Faces

Fr. Paul Carlson = School Chaplain

Fr. Patrick O’Neal = Theology Dept.

Mr. Aaron Cunningham = Computer Technician

Mr. Joe Walters = Business Instructor, Head Football

Ms. Amanda Schwartz = Art Department, Photography

Ms. Amanda connon = Band Director

other changes
Other Changes


  • Will be posted online at the PND website.
  • Will be available to read during advisory period.
  • No longer will be read over the P.A. system.
  • Only Birthdays and Messages to stop in office will be read.
other changes1
Other Changes

Technology Help Desk

-- If you are having problems with your computer, you can visit the PND website to log your questions/ problems.

-- Under the heading “Current students”, click the Technology HelpDesk link to send your questions to the technicians (Mr. Forney and Mr. Cunningham).

new schedule
New Schedule

Official PND schedule

  • Period 1 8:30-9:35
  • Period 2 9:40-10:45
  • Period 3 10:50-11:55
    • 11:55-11:59 report to advisory
  • Lunch / Advisory
    • Lunch A: 11:59-12:23
    • Lunch B: 12:23 – 12:47
    • Lunch C: 12:47 – 1:11
  • Period 4 1:15 – 2:20
  • Period 5 2:25 – 3:30
new schedule1
New Schedule

Rotating Schedule

Each day will begin with a different class period in a cycle of five days.

Each day will be given a number 1-5 to correspond with what hour you will begin the day with.


Tomorrow is Day 1 = you will begin with 1st period.

Friday is Day 2 = you will begin with 2nd period.

Monday is Day 3 = you will begin with 3rd period.

After Day 5, The Rotation will start with Day 1 again.

new schedule2
New Schedule

For Visual Learners:

new schedule3
New Schedule

To assist with the Rotating Schedule:

There are signs at the end of each hallway that will indicate what day it is.

** Remember the number corresponds with what period you will begin the day with.

lunch period advisory
Lunch Period/ Advisory

There are 3 lunch period this year.

  • Lunch / Advisory
    • Lunch A: 11:59-12:23
    • Lunch B: 12:23 – 12:47
    • Lunch C: 12:47 – 1:11

Each lunch will consist of 2 Houses eating at the same time.

Everyone will report to Advisory prior to going to lunch. (computers will be left in your advisory period) and return to Advisory directly after lunch.

lunch period advisory1
Lunch Period/ Advisory

For the 1st trimester:

Lunch A = Carondelet and Sheen House

Lunch B = Benedict and Marian House

Lunch C = Rice and Viator House

The pairing of Houses and lunch periods are subject to change for the other trimesters.

non school computers
Non-School Computers

If you are a Junior or Senior who is bringing in their own machine, you will need to stay after and meet with Ms. Perino in the Lab to get signed into the network.

dress code
Dress Code

Dress Code- (same as last year)

  • Shoes: Brown or Black
  • Shirt: Tucked in
  • No piercings (nose, lip, etc)
  • No Facial Hair
  • Hair: 3 inches for males

Dress code Fines = Start at $1, must be paid in 72 hours to Dean’s Office

food drink outside commons
Food, Drink outside commons

No water will be allowed in the hallways.

Also keep any food, soda, etc. out of your lockers/ classroom to avoid any damage to the laptops.

safety and security
Safety and Security

Cameras have been added around the school to help promote a safe and secure environment.

Please conduct yourself in a manner that is responsible in the hallways to avoid any major injuries/ damage to property.

-- Find a suitable method to safely carry your computer to class.

-- Lock your locker at all times to protect any valuable items.


New times-

Before School: 7:45- 8:15 in Dean’s Office

After School: 3:35- 4:05 in Dean’s Office

You have 48 hours to serve a detention to avoid further penalties.

*You will be notified by email about your fines and detentions. Please check regularly.

cell phones
Cell Phones

Cell phones are only allowed prior to school hours or during Lunch (not Advisory)

If you are using your cell phone during an unauthorized time, the penalty is as follows:

1st offense = given to Dean, returned at end of day.

2nd offense = must be turned in to Dean for 5 full school days.

3rd offense = held in the Dean’s office for 15 days.

Refer to handbook online for other penalties.

senior final exams
Senior Final Exams

To be eligible to waive your finals in the last Trimester, you will only be allowed to have 3 excused absences or less, plus have a B+ average.




student handbook procedures
Student Handbook Procedures
  • Since there are no planners this year, all the handbook information will be on-line through the PND website.
  • You will still be required to sign your Handbook Signature Card stating that you and your parent have read the handbook and understand the policies stated in it.
  • Please access the handbook under the “Current Students” tab on the PND website.