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Political Geography

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Political Geography
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Political Geography

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  1. Political Geography Josh E. Breyanna C. Sapria G. Floyd J.

  2. Colony Colonization • A territory that is legally tied to a sovereign state. • Sovereign state runs military and foreign ties • Also controls internal affairs • Used by a majority of European states to control much of the world • Promote Christianity • Extract resources • Establish relative power due to the number of colonies Colonies and the Concept of Colonization

  3. Mainly located in the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea • Most populous is Puerto Rico • Citizens of U.S. • Do not participate in elections • Does not have a voting member of Congress • Pitcairn is the least populated Remaining Colonies

  4. Common State Shapes Elongated State: Has a long and narrow shape Potential Isolation Compact State: Ideally shaped like a circle Most efficient Prorupt State: Otherwise compact, with a large projecting extension Helps with access or disruption Fragmented State: Includes several discontinuous pieces of territory Hinders communication Perforated State: A state that completely surrounds another Must depend on surrounding state for imports and exports

  5. Physical boundaries • Coincide with significant features of the natural landscape • Mountains, Deserts, Water • Cultural boundaries • Follow the distribution of cultural characteristics • Geometric, Ethnic Types of Boundaries

  6. Frontiers Refers to a zone where no state exercises complete political control. -Arabian Peninsula -Australian Outback

  7. Unitary Government: • Places most power in the hands of central government • France, England, Indonesia • Federal Government: • Places power into local government within the country • Poland, U.S., Germany Differences between Unitary and Federal Governments

  8. The process of redrawing electoral districts to give a particular party an advantage • Named after Elbridge Gerry in 1812 Gerrymandering

  9. Gerrymandering in Chicago

  10. A world or regional organization that is not tied to one particular country • Often has a direct role in regulation • European Union • United Nations • International Monetary Fund Supranational Organizations

  11. Forming global organizations (such as the UN) to meet and vote on issues without resorting to war • Economic Cooperation • European Union is a prime example Political and Military Cooperation: In What Ways Do States Cooperate With Each Other?

  12. Systematic use of violence by a group in order to intimidate a population • Also used to force a government into granting its demands • French Revolution (1793-1794) • September 11th attacks Terrorism

  13. Some states in Southwest Asia (Middle East) have provided support for terrorism, at one (or more) of three levels: • Providing sanctuary for terrorists • Supplying money, weapons, and intelligence • Planning attacks State Support For Terrorism

  14. Examples of States that Support Terrorism

  15. A group of people, usually a minority ethnic group, that is considered as a nation, entitled to a state. • Kurds • Basques • Catalans Stateless Nations