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Shopping online

Shopping online. Overview Development The typical website Advantages Disadvantages My view. E-commerce has become a fact of modern life, with millions of people now regularly shopping from the convenience of their computers. . Online Shopping. 电子商务. Overview. 肖丽娟. 普及.

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Shopping online

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  1. Shopping online • Overview • Development • The typical website • Advantages • Disadvantages • My view

  2. E-commerce has become a fact of modern life, with millions of people now regularly shopping from the convenience of their computers. Online Shopping 电子商务

  3. Overview 肖丽娟 普及 With the development of the Internet and the popularization of computer , shopping online has become a commonplace in our life . We can buy almost everything without going out. Today ,we can learn something about it. 司空见惯的事

  4. Development 1998 The first trade done on the Internet 1998 In china, the biggest commerce auction net eBay began to running 1999 The web www.dangdang.com began to running 2000 www.joyo.com (卓越)was established 2003 www.taobao.comwas founded by alibaba • sina cooperate withyahoo, set up the net www.1pai.com.cn Then, depending on the QQ users, Tencent set up the web www.paipai.com

  5. The typical website The biggest net shop is Tao Bao. The company was founded in2003, quickly occupied the domestic market, became the leader in personal location ,creating a development miracle of the Internet business in the half year. 奇迹;奇迹般的人(或物)

  6. 李维 Advantages Disadvantages

  7. Advantages • 1.convinient. Convenience includes the ease of finding a product, time spent on shopping, etc.

  8. 2. variety The large range of goods can bedazzle(使目眩) you. You can hunt anything you like by shopping on the Internet.

  9. 3.Able to compare product price and features With the online tools that enable product comparison. Consumers can compare product prices and features to make a better decision and get lower price with less effort. More details are included in solutions section.

  10. 张丹 Disadvantages 1.Enjoyment of retail shopping lost Many people enjoy shopping with others and it is often a good way to make social connections. When shopping online, the enjoyment is lost

  11. 2. Privacy and security issues • You may lose your private information during online shopping

  12. 3. Too many choices • Although having access to a very large number of products is highly desirable, consumers have limited cognitive resources and may simply be unable to process the potentially vast amounts of information about these alternatives

  13. More and more Chinese people are buying things online and the shipping(快递) companies are busy to no end. Online shopping is very convenient. All you have to do is sit at home and wait for your package to come instead of hovering (徘徊) outside in the cold wind. 袁凤娇 My view 商业机会

  14. It seems that the online business contains many commercial opportunities . Many people want to seek their fortune on it. However ,I think this kind of business now is close to saturation (饱和). There are thousands of shops online, it’s a problem how to make your shop outstanding and attractive among the “shop sea”

  15. Why this explosion? Shopping online can save time and money, and people are more willing to give out their credit card numbers as online security has improved. Let's say you are looking for a bestselling novel. You can comparison shop to find the best price, order the book, and arrange to have it shipped to you overnight. The whole transaction can be done in minutes, saving a trip to the store. Better yet, you may pay less than 50% of the cover price and no sales tax.

  16. 吕雅芹 How To Buy Online • While every site is a bit different, you will find many similarities. Most sites are like electronic catalogs. You browse for merchandise in various categories or search for specific items. Once you find something you want to buy, you add it to your electronic "shopping cart," and continue shopping. When you're done, you review the contents of your cart, deciding whether you want to purchase all of them, or just a few. Your purchases are then totaled. Now it's time to check out.

  17. To buy the items you selected, you fill out a form, providing information such as your name, e-mail address, shipping information, and credit card number.

  18. At last your goods will be delived by mail-order goods manufacturers, or through the way of door-to-door delivery company

  19. 林彩艳 Avoid Scams • Pay by credit card for the same protection you have when shopping in the real world.

  20. Avoid Scams • Don't send your credit card number by e-mail. • Be skeptical of deals that appear too good to be true. They probably are.

  21. Avoid Scams • Check the shipping costs, which could make the total purchase price more than what you would pay in a retail store. • Print a copy of your order for your records

  22. 张丹 袁凤娇 李维 肖丽娟 李维 林彩艳 吕雅芹

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