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  1. PHILIPPINE SWIM LEAGUE Diliman Preparatory School presents UNIVERSIADE FINALSALL-STARS NATIONAL STUDENTS AUGUST 11-12, 2012 Rizal Memorial Sports Complex

  2. The 2012 ALL-STARS NATIONAL STUDENT SWIM CHALLENGEF I N A L S • The 2012 Finals ALL-STARS National Student Swim Challenge is a two-day swim meet to be held at Rizal Memorial Swim Complex on August 11th-12th 2012. • The 2012 Finals ALL-STARS National Student Swim Challenge is an exciting swimming event providing an opportunity for developing swimmers to represent as an individual and team member in a national event. The event is open to Highschool and College. • Federation of School Sports Association of the Philippines (FESSAP), is the official university sports organization affiliated with the Federation International Sports University (FISU). • The Philippine Swim League is the National University Swimming Federation under FESSAP is once more honored to send elite swimmers to represent the Philippines in the 27th Summer Universiade to be held in Kazan, Russia. • This 2012 Finals ALL-STARS National Student Swim Challenge will serve as an avenue of participation for the forthcoming 2013 Universiade to be held at Kazan, Russia, also in ASEAN University Games and ASIAN University Games.

  3. OVERVIEW OF 2013 SUMMER UNIVERSIADE What is the universiade?The universiade is an international sporting and cultural festival which is staged every two years in a different city and which is second in importance only to the Olympic Games. Governed by the International University Sports Federation (FISU), the aim of the universiade is to promote international peace and cultural exchange among young people through sport. The word universiade comes from university and Olympiad and means Olympic Games for students. The universiade is second in importance only to the Olympic Games on a true multi-sport international scale. Numerous Olympic Games athletes have participated at universiades and the events share much in common - the communal village, a games mascot, sporting conferences and cultural festivals that take place while the games are in progress. The protocol systems for the Olympics and universiades are similar with both events also sharing an opening and closing ceremony. The summer universiade consists of 12 compulsory sports (athletics, basketball, fencing, football, gymnastics, judo, swimming, diving, water polo, table tennis, tennis and volleyball) and each host is permitted to also choose a number of optional sports for the program.

  4. History of the universiade The first universiade took place in 1923 when a few countries held the University Sports Week in Paris. Until the beginning of the Second World War the universiades were staged under the auspices of the Confederation Internationale des Etudiants (CIE). After the war, an international sports body called Union Internationale des Etudiants (UIE) emerged to rival CIE and in 1948 the Federation International du Sport Universitaire (FISU) was formed. Over the next decade the two bodies staged rival competitions however after the success of the 1958 Games in Paris when FISU and UIE athletes competed together, the first official universiade was held in Turin the following year. In 1960 the two organisations were united under the FISU flag and since then the universiades have developed in size and stature. Ever since this important period, the universiades have continued to attract more and more participants each cycle. From a total of 1,407 participants in Turin, Italy in 1959 to record figures of 9,006 participants in Bangkok, Thailand in 2007 and 174 countries in Daegu, Korea in 2003, the universiade movement has gone from strength to strength. The Summer Universiade is the world's second largest international athletic event, double the size of the Winter Olympics and bigger than the Commonwealth Games.

  5. GENERAL INFORMATION The 2012 FINALS All-Stars National Students Swim Challenge shall be conducted under the Rules of PHILIPPINE SWIM LEAGUE as prescribed in the FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE NATION (“FINA”) Handbook 2009-2013. One-Start Rule applies. Events listed below will be for both men and women: Freestyle: 50m, 100m, 200m and 400m Backstroke: 50m, 100m and 200m Breaststroke: 50m, 100m and 200m Butterfly: 50m, 100m and 200m Individual Medley: 200m and 400m Format of Competition – The Championships are run in Long-Course Meters (LCM) format and the following manner: Highschool competitor (12-16yrs. Old) College competitor (17 – 28yrs. Old) Separate Results for Highschool & College in awarding. Top two (2) fastest swimmers in College will be eligible to participate in 27th Summer Universiade at Kazan, Russia. PHILIPPINE SWIM LEAGUE reserves the right to the final decision on all matters pertaining to the Selection for Universiade.

  6. ENTRY PROCEDURES Philippine Swim League Technical must be provided with Swimmer’s Entry Sheet (with picture and NSO birth certificate) by the Head coach. Swimmer must be a bonafide student of their school. (as shown in their Registration/Certificate of Enrollment ) All events will be swum as Timed Finals Entries close at 12midnight Sunday, 5th August 2012. No late entries will be accepted. Entry fee (2 days) : P500.00 allows entry to a maximum of 4 individual events per athlete. Individual Entries must be submitted through clubs using Team Manager and/or Meet Manager and email

  7. AWARDS Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each event. (Awards separate for Highschool and College) Points for Individual events Winner of 1st and 2nd placer in College division will automatically be included in the Final Listing of participants for 27th Summer Universiade 2013, Kazan, Russia.

  8. SESSION TIMES Please note: Warm-up procedures will be listed in the Information Kit Saturday 11th August 2012 Session one Warm up: 7am Opening Ceremony: 8:45am Event Starts: 9am Session two Event Starts: 1pm End of First Day: 4pm Sunday 12th August 2012 Session one Warm up: 7am Event Starts: 8:30am Session two (approximate times shown) Event Starts: 1pm End of Second Day: 4pm AWARDING CEREMONY TO BE ANNOUNCED

  9. OPENING CEREMONY • The 2012 FINALS All-Stars National Student Swim Challenge will commence with an Opening Ceremony welcoming Officials, Guests and Teams to the event. • Team T-Shirts must be worn for the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony will take place at 8:30am., Saturday 11th August 2012. • All teams are requested to be in uniform in the pool deck area to prepare for their procession by 8:00am. • Team streamers/tarpauline are requested to be carried by the team captain/member during the procession. • Team managers will oversee each team. • Route of the parade will be directed on the first day.

  10. Program of Events FIRST DAY (March 17, 2012) 1 Women 50m Butterfly 2 Men 200m Butterfly 3 Men 200m Breastroke 4 Men 200m Backstroke 5 Men 50m Butterfly 6 Women 400m Freestyle 7 Men 100m Backstroke 8 Women 200m IM 9 Women 100m Freestyle 10 Men 50m Backstroke 11 Women 400m IM 12 Men 100m Freestyle 13 Men 100m Breastroke 14 Women 200m Breastroke 15 Women 200m Freestyle SECOND DAY ( March 18, 2012) 16Women 100m Butterfly 17Men 100m Butterfly 18 Men 400m Freestyle 19 Women 100m Backstroke 20 Men 200m IM 21 Women 50m Breastroke 22 Men 400m IM 23 Women 50m Backstroke 24 Men 50m Breastroke 25 Women 200m Butterfly 26 Men 200m Freestyle 27 Women 50m Freestyle 28 Men 50m Freestyle 29 Women 200m Backstroke 30 Women 100m Breastroke

  11. ENTRY FORM Head Coach _________________________ School/Club Name _____________________ Contact no._________________ Email address:_______________

  12. 2013 Universiade Mascot