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The Retail Revolution

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The Retail Revolution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Retail Revolution
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  1. The Retail Revolution The Role of RFID in Bricks and Clicks Convergence

  2. "We've spent the last 153 years building warehouses," said chief stores officer Peter Sachse in an interview. "We just called them stores.“ wall street journal He said that if he had to choose between an online-only store or a brick-and-mortar retailer,  "I take a physical retailer in a heartbeat.“ yahoo finance

  3. “…to eliminate the employees who stand at cash registers and get rid of traditional checkout by the end of 2013.” “…technology that dynamically updates the status of every item in every store. The goal is to better manage inventory.” Operational Excellence Shopper’s Experience

  4. Operational Excellence RFID is like GPS for Retailers +/-5º each day for a year Yearly physical inventory 2% shrink, 1% supply chain error +/-5º each day for a year w/ daily correction Weekly RFID inventory, with 2% shrink, 1% supply chain error Portland, ME Impinj Store Performance Simulator Philadelphia, PA Macy’s Peter Longo: “We’re running our business on corrupt data” Availability Optimization Seamless multi-channel Accountability Item Tagging

  5. Shopper’s Experience Clicks Bricks Impoverished! Impoverished! “At least know when I come into your store” Deb Weinswig, citigroup

  6. Shopper’s Experience Point of Sale Availability Promotions Recommendations Social/Reviews Business Intelligence Item Tagging

  7. Retail Applications StoreSecurity Store Operations SupplyChain Advanced Shopping Experience Efficiency (time/space) Situational awareness Seamless Multi-Channel Shelf Availability Video indexing Shipping Validation Employee Performance Perimeter Security Supply chain theft Internal theft POS Interlock

  8. Broad based adoption 2012 Forecast 2011 Forecast Year Source: IDTechEx

  9. About Impinj, Inc. • Privately held Seattle firm • Top market share • Leading provider of UHF RFID solutions for identifying, locating, and authenticating items • Innovative product portfolio • Tag chips • Reader chips • Readers & Reader Systems • Applications & Industries • Consumer experience • Inventory management • Brand protection • Supply chain integrity • Authentication Retail, Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics

  10. Track Record of Enabling Leaders 2012 2011 Monza Self-Serialization 2010 1stIC Serialization 2009 1stDLPA portal 2008 1st True3D, QT 2007 1stautopilot 2006 1st reader IC 2005 1stNF UHF 2004 1stDRM reader 1stGen2 IC Gen2 editor