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Safety & Leadership 19 November 2013. Malc Staves. Best Practices Sharing. Safety Contact. ICE 01. How can you use Safety Contact?. Practices sharing – My favourite books. Agnew & Daniels. Stricoff &Groover. ISBN 978-0-9667569-2-0. ISBN-13: 978-0937100189.

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Malc staves

Safety & Leadership 19 November 2013

Malc Staves

Best Practices


Practices sharing my favourite books
Practices sharing – My favourite books

Agnew & Daniels

Stricoff &Groover

ISBN 978-0-9667569-2-0

ISBN-13: 978-0937100189

Practices sharing good barriers
Practices sharing – Good & Barriers

Lets have a look

at your posters?

Practices sharing good practices barriers
Practices sharing – Good Practices & Barriers

  • You have no lost time accident for more than 2 years: What low level signals would you look for to avoid the next accident and how would you continue to motivate your teams not to look the other way…?

  • You have made some major changes to your senior team? How do you ensure that they come up to speed with the sites/your safety requirements and programs?

  • What do you need to do as a senior manager to ensure that your line management take the lead in driving safety within their teams?’ How would you do it?

  • How can you practically demonstrate consistently that you “walk the talk” and are accountable for safety in your site?

  • How do you visibly involve your Mancom/team in driving health & safety throughout the site?

  • You find that most of your accidents are related to unscheduled small tasks and human factors for which often you have no risk assessment. What can you put in place to make sure that people think about the risks involved in their job and what precautions they must take before they start the work when you nor the management team are present.?

  • How do you influence unconscious decision making of all employees so that when faced with a risk or danger they choose the low risk option and react correctly in the case of emergency?

  • How do you balance costs savings, productivity expectations and quality yet maintain safety as a permanent visible core value….. that is believed by your teams?

  • Based on your experience what should an effective employee participation programme look like? How would you develop and implement this?

  • How do you ensure that employees respect the rules when you and your managers are not present?