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The Health Benefits of Xylitol PowerPoint Presentation
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The Health Benefits of Xylitol

The Health Benefits of Xylitol

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The Health Benefits of Xylitol

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  1. The Health Benefits of Xylitol By John Peldyak, D.M.D.

  2. Introducing… Natural Sweetener Sugar Replacement A treasure over 100 years in the making!

  3. What fewer than 1% know • Xylitol sweetener is good for your health • Xylitol can stop tooth decay • Annoying and potentially serious health problems can be avoided • How to find the right products • How Xylitol can help control weight • You can prosper financially by recommending the products you enjoy

  4. What Is Xylitol? Xylitol is a naturally-occurring carbohydrate (polyol) that tastes like sugar (sucrose) but has remarkable dental and general health benefits.

  5. Xylitol Features • Sweet, cooling, no aftertaste • Naturally-occurring in human metabolism • Low calorie (40% less than sugar) • Low Glycemic (about 10 GI) • Low insulin usage to metabolize • Energy source (Used in IV Nutrition) • Prevents tooth decay • Prevents ear and upper respiratory infections • Slows stomach emptying – increases satiety (feelings of fullness)

  6. Glycemic Index Xylitol supplies a steady flow of energy

  7. The Miracle of Xylitol A 5-Carbon Structure Other common dietary carbohydrates are based on a 6-carbon saccharide structure

  8. Xylitol History • Discovered in 1890’s • Sugar Shortages during WW II prompted search for New Sweeteners • Used as Preferred Sweetener in Diabetic Diet (Russia, Germany) • Approved by World Health Organization and F.D.A. • Remarkable Dental Benefits were Demonstrated in Finland in the early 1970’s

  9. Turku Finland Studies Turku: Total Sugar Replacement Professor Kauko Mäkinen University of Turku, Finland University of Michigan

  10. Superiority of Xylitol “These studies are remarkably consistent, in the terms of the magnitude of the effect observed as well as the consistent demonstration of the superiority of Xylitol… in decreasing the risk of dental caries.” Hayes, Catherine D.M.D D.M.S c: The effect of Non-Cariogenic Sweeteners on the Prevention of Dental Caries: A review of the evidence Journal of Dental Education October 2001/Vol.65/No. 10pp. 1106-1109.

  11. = Control = Xylitol Decay Prevention with Xylitol Numerous clinical trials have shown xylitol to be effective in reducing dental caries (tooth decay) DMFS Increment -63% -55% -45% -61% > -100% > -100% FINLAND TURKU 1973-4 WHO HUNGARY 1981-4 MONTREAL 1985-6 YLIVIESKA FINLAND 1982-4 BELIZE 1989-93 ESTONIA 1994-97 Values represented as % reduction compared to control group.

  12. Belize Study – Xylitol is Best... For tooth decay prevention

  13. Dental Studies – The Results • Xylitol decisively changes oral microflora and reduces risk of tooth decay • Protection above and beyond recognized “state of the art” prevention programs • Long-lasting protection • Teeth that erupt during Xylitol use are especially well-protected

  14. How much? How often? • Frequency more important than amount • 4 to 12 grams (teaspoon is 4 grams) • 3 to 5 pieces of gum/day • Active Strep Mutans infection require at least 6 grams (8 or more pieces of gum) • “Strive for five” uses each day • After each meal and snack

  15. Dental Disease & Health • Studies show a correlation between poor dental health and cardiovascular disease • Many health problems averted with good dental health

  16. Mouth & Nose Where Health Begins • Xylitol reduces bacterial adhesion in the mouth & nose • Xylitol enhances natural defenses

  17. Xylitol & Ear Infection • In studies Xylitol chewing gum reduced ear infections by 42% • May decrease need for antibiotics Bacterial Adhesion Findings

  18. This is your WAKE UP call!

  19. Caries Demineralization process Low Salivary Flow Low Salivary pH Infection, Harmful Bacteria Mutans Strep Lactobacillus Treatment: Disinfection Remineralization Cavities Physical destruction of Tooth Structure (Holes) Treatment: Amputation Tooth Decay – medical model

  20. Tooth Decay – Caries Process • Germs eat sugar • Sugar is digested (Fermented) for Energy • Waste product is Acid • Waste product is “sticky” polysaccharide • Acid breaks down enamel • Germs stick to teeth causing plaque & trapping acid

  21. Risk Factors for Tooth Decay • Sweetened Medicines • Bottles and “Sippy Cups” with: • milk • sugary liquids (including fruit juice) • Braces and Dental Hardware • Dry Mouth (Xerostomia) • Exposed Root Surfaces • Frequent Snacks of Fermentable Carbohydrates (sugars/starch)

  22. Stop the Germs! • Stop the Acid Attack! • Stop Tooth Decay! WITH

  23. Xylitol Changes Plaque “Xylitol affects the ecology of dental plaque and thereby reduces the rate of dental caries.” Bradshaw DJ, March PD: Effect of sugar alcohols on the composition and metabolism of a mixed culture of oral bacteria grown in a chemo stat Caries Research 28: 1994 pp. 251-256.

  24. Using Xylitol, Plaque Becomes… • Less Acidic • Less Irritating to Soft Tissues • Less Inflammatory • Less Adhesive • Less Harmful

  25. Xylitol Plaque Reduction • Instructed to chew 1 piece of Xylitol Gum, 3x daily • No additional changes in oral care • Result: substantial plaque reduction in 1 week Before After 1 Week

  26. Xylitol Reduces Bacterial Regrowth After Oral Disinfection Hildebrandt GH, Sparks BS. Maintaining mutansstreptococci suppression with xylitol chewing gum. J Am Dent Assoc. 2000;131:909-916

  27. Mother/Child Studies Mothers Use Xylitol & Children Benefit “Parents who use Xylitol are less likely to transmit the Strep Mutans infection to their children.” Peldyak, John DMD; Makinen, Kauko K. PhD: Xylitol for Caries Prevention.Journal of Dental Hygiene Volume 67 Number IV Fall 2002, pp. 276-285.

  28. Chlorhexidine 3 Fluoride DMFS Score 2 1 Xylitol 0 0 2 4 6 1 3 5 Age (Years) Mother & Child

  29. Use Xylitol When? “The eruption of teeth are considered a risk period for infection with S. Mutans. This is a very important time to have a Xylitol program in effect not only for immediate protection but also for the long term residual effects of Xylitol” Larry W. Bybee DDS; L. R. Misner, Jr. DDS.

  30. The One – Two Punch Mother and child both use Xylitol-rich products to enhance dental benefits. Cleansing Tooth Gel Xylitol Gum, Mints Toothpaste, etc.

  31. Problem: Dry Mouth (Xerostomia) • Cause: • Age • Prescription drugs • Medical treatments • Very uncomfortable • Lack of saliva leads to caries & root caries

  32. Dry Mouth Solutions • Xylitol is excellent saliva stimulant • Stimulated saliva is less acidic • Use Xylitol products such as: • Lemon Mints with Calcium • Cleansing Gel • Spray • Mouthwash • Toothpaste

  33. Conclusion “…since the evidence suggests a strong caries protective effect, it would be unethical to deprive subjects of its potential benefits. Given that several of the criteria for causality are met, it is concluded that Xylitol can significantly decrease the incidence of dental caries.” Hayes, Catherine D.M.D., D.M.Sc: The Effect of Non-Cariogenic Sweeteners on the Prevention of Dental Caries: A review of the evidence Journal of Dental Education October 2001/Vol.65/No. 10pp. 1106-1109.