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Information Retrieval Lab

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Information Retrieval Lab. DISCo – University of Milan Bicocca viale Sarca 336 U14 Head: Prof. Gabriella Pasi. IR Lab people. Gabriella Pasi Associate Professor and Head of the Laboratory Silvia Calegari Post-doc DISCO Emanuele Panzeri PhD Student DISCO Giorgio Ghisalberti

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Information Retrieval Lab

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    1. Information Retrieval Lab DISCo– Universityof Milan Bicocca viale Sarca336 U14 Head: Prof. Gabriella Pasi

    2. IR Lab people • Gabriella Pasi Associate Professor and Head of the Laboratory • Silvia Calegari Post-doc DISCO • Emanuele Panzeri PhD Student DISCO • Giorgio Ghisalberti PhD Student DISCO External people • Stefania Marrara Post-doc UNIMI • Célia Cristina Pereira Post-doc UNIMI

    3. Evolution of the IR Lab This year the lab is constituted by four people: One Associate Professor, one Post-doc and two PhD students plus some external collaborators Since last DISCO workshop 5 bachelor thesis plus 2 master thesis 3 projects proposals have been written Involvement in one Spanish project (coordinated by Yahoo! Research) A research contract with an enterpise New scientific cooperations and a Spanish PhD student working for three months in the lab The ACM/WIC/IEEE conference successfully organised in Milano

    4. Evolution of the IR Lab • Appointment to the Vice-Presidency of the European Association for Fuzzy Logic • Member of the working groups ‘Statistical Validation and Monitoring of Soft Computing Models’ and ‘Statistics with incomplete and imperfect data’, within the COST action ‘Combining soft computing techniques and statistical methods to improve data analysis solutions’ (till 2012) • Program co-chair of ‘Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services’ (IIMSS 2009).

    5. The IR lab research topics • Personalization in IR • XML Retrieval • Definition of Innovative Clustering Techniques • User Profiles Definition • Information Quality (with Carlo Batini and Matteo Palmonari) • Web Service Retrieval (with Andrea Maurino and Matteo Palmonari)

    6. Personalization in IR • Aims: to formally represent user preferences (by means of ontological languages) and to exploit them in personalised IR (and IF) processes (e.g. result diversification and query reformulation) • Researchers involved: Silvia Calegari, Celia da Costa Pereira • International Cooperations: Susan Gauch (University of Arkansas) and Lynda Tamine-Lechani, Mohand Boughanem (Paul Sabatier University) • Cooperation at DISCo: Davide Ciucci and Fabio Farina • International affiliation: IEEE Task Force on Semantic Web • Projects: Proposal Prin 2010

    7. XML Retrieval • Aims: to define an extesnion of the XPath query language for specifying search contraints on both content and structure, and to define efficient data structures to implement the retrieval process • Researchers Involved : Emanuele Panzeri, Stefania Marrara • International Cooperation: Nieves R. Brisaboa (University of La Coruna) • Cooperation with Companies: IntelliSemantics Srl and Saes Getters Group • Projects: High Performance processing for large data sets represented as Graphs (HIPERGRAPH) (Principal Investigator: Ricardo Baeza Yates – Yahoo! Research)

    8. Document Clustering • Aim: definition of innovative techiniques of soft hierarchical clustering, specifically designed for textual IR applications. • Key people: Giorgio Ghisalberti, Gloria Bordogna (IDPA, CNR) • Collaborations: SeCo lead by Stefano Ceri at Politecnico di Milano

    9. Information Quality • Aim: to define a unifying and formal framework for the assessment of the quality of information (structured to unstructured) • Cooperation at DISCo: Carlo Batini, Matteo Palmonari • External collaboration:Cinzia Cappiello, Politecnico di Milano Web Service Retrieval • Aim: to define a semantic approach to the retrieval of Web Services • Cooperation at DISCo: Andrea Maurino, Matteo Palmonari, Giuseppe Frisoni • External collaboration:Francesco Guerra, Università di Modena

    10. Scientific activities • Rapporteur and member of the commssion of an Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches, Université de Nantes • Program Chair: RIAO 2010, Paris • Program Co-Chair: First Italian Information Retrieval Workshop 2011, Milano • Poster Chair: ACM SIGIR 2010, Geneva • General Chair: Second Italian Information Retrieval Workshop 2011, Milano, Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca • Keynote Talk at ACM / WIC/ IEEE Web Intelligence in Toronto, 2010

    11. Publications this year • Papers in International Journals: 3 • Special Issues in International Journals: 2 • Edited Volumes: 4 • Chapters of International Books: 3 • Proceedings for International Conferences: 4 • Papers submitted to International Journals: 4