chapter 8 respect for life
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Chapter 8: Respect for Life

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Chapter 8: Respect for Life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 8: Respect for Life. Self-Esteem: Our Foundation. Self-Esteem: A sense of happiness and contentment about who you are as a human being Self-esteem is a prerequisite for loving God and others Sources of Self-esteem: God’s Image and Jesus’ Love

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self esteem our foundation
Self-Esteem: Our Foundation

Self-Esteem: A sense of happiness and contentment about who you are as a human being

  • Self-esteem is a prerequisite for loving God and others
  • Sources of Self-esteem: God’s Image and Jesus’ Love

What things in your life have a positive effect on your self-esteem? What things have a negative effect?

How can we actively work on self-esteem?

  • See p. 190-191
the fourth commandment
The Fourth Commandment

Honor your father and mother.

  • Initially meant to instruct people in the importance of taking care of aging parents (or grandparents)
  • Generally used to underscore the importance of the family as the most basic Christian community

In what ways to you succeed at upholding this commandment? In what ways do you fail?


Ageism – prejudice against old people

Euthanasia – “Any action or omission which of itself and by intention causes death, with the purpose of eliminating all suffering.”

the fifth commandment
The Fifth Commandment

You shall not kill.

  • What are some ways that you can kill people?

Forbidden Killing:

  • Murder: Intentionally causing the death of another person
  • Negligence: Failing to help someone in grave danger
  • Indirect Killing: Greed that leads to the death of others

Allowed Killing:

  • Self-defense: The purpose is not to kill the other person, but to preserve one’s own life or the lives of others in danger
    • The right of governments to protect their citizens in defensive wars

Church begins with a presumption against war.

Conditions for a JUST WAR:

  • Real, lasting, grave, and certain damage inflicted by aggressor
  • War must be a last resort
  • Rights and values must be so important that they justify killing
  • War must be waged justly (no needless destruction, cruelty, torture) with commitment to postwar reconciliation
  • Only proper representatives of the people can declare war
  • Reasonable chance of success vs. human cost of war
  • Must not create greater evil than that to be eliminated

Other Evils:

    • Torture, Genocide, Terrorism, Nuclear Weapons

The church respects both military personnel and conscientious objectors.

capital punishment
Capital Punishment

Threefold Purpose of Punishment:

  • Set right the disorder caused by the criminal action
  • Preserve public order and personal safety
  • Correct the offender
  • Does not include revenge
  • Does capital punishment follow the above criteria? Why/why not?

Problems with Capital Punishment:

  • Poor and minorities are most victimized by capital punishment, and its application is generally inconsistent (Why?)
  • Studies have shown the CP is not an effective deterrent.
  • It is prone to mistakes, but irreversible.
  • There are alternatives.
medical ethics
Medical Ethics

Abortion: The deliberate killing of unborn human life by means of medical or surgical procedures.

The Church Believes:

  • Human life begins at conception
  • Human life must be protected from the moment of conception
  • Abortion is a violation of the Natural Law

What are some arguments people might use to justify abortion?

Do you think abortion should be made illegal?

Abortion is a serious problem in the US today. What are some things you might do to reduce the number of abortions performed in our country?

medical ethics1
Medical Ethics

Genetic Manipulation / Engineering

  • What are the moral dangers involved in these things?

Direct/Active Euthanasia: Any action or omission which of itself and by intention causes death, with the intention of eliminating all suffering.

  • Direct euthanasia is always wrong, despite one’s good intentions.
  • It is ok for patients to withhold “aggressive medical treatment” with a patient’s consent.

Assisted Suicide: The intentional assistance of any dying or suffering person in taking his or her own life.

  • Always wrong, even if the person requests it
personal health
Personal Health

Temperance: The virtue that regulates our attraction to pleasure and helps us use God’s created goods in a balanced way

  • Why is personal health a matter of morality?
  • Abstinence: The moral virtue that tempers one’s appetite for food, drink, sex, or other forms of pleasure like tobacco and drugs
  • Sobriety: Moderation or abstinence from alcohol or drugs
  • Chastity: The virtue the helps one control sexual drive and expression in a way compatible with his/her state in life

Can you think of a personal experience in which practicing “delayed gratification” helped you to have a more positive experience?