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Carnival. What is Carnival?.

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  1. Carnival

  2. What is Carnival? Carnival is a festive period governed by the lunar year ofthe Christian Middle Ages. The period was marked by a carnival of "farewell to meat " or "carne vale" giving rise to the term "carnival". During the carnival there was a large concentration of traditional festivals. Each city playedin its own way, according to their customs. The modern carnival, which is characterized by parades and costumes, is the product of nineteenth-century Victorian society.

  3. When is Carnival Celebrated? All ecclesiastical holidays are calculated according to the date of Easter. As Easter Sunday occurs on the first Sunday after the first full moon which appears according to the vernal equinox (northern hemisphere) or the autumn equinox (southern hemisphere), and the Friday of the Passion is the onewhich precedes the Easter Sunday, then Tuesday Carnival occurs 47 days before Easter.

  4. Where? ThemostfamousCarnivals are inBrazilandVenice. BrazilVenice

  5. Braziliancarnival Carnival is the most famous holiday in Brazil and has become an event of huge proportions. The country stops completely for almost a week and festivities are intense, day and night, mainly in coastal cities.

  6. Venicecarnival Carnival started as a time for celebration and expression throughout the classes, as wearing masks hid any form of identity between social classes. During the 1970s, the Italian government decided to bring back the history and culture of Venice, and sought to use the traditional Carnival as the centerpiece of their efforts. Today, approximately 30,000 visitors come to Venice each day for Carnivals.

  7. Carnival in Famalicão Carnival in Famalicão is one of the best in Portugal. Many people come from other cities to celebrate Carnival. There isa lot of animation and is celebrated with much happiness.


  9. Why is carnivalcelebrated? Pre-Christian, medieval, and modern carnivals share important features or themes. They all celebrate the death of winter and the rebirth of nature, or Spring, ultimately recommitting the individual, to the spiritual and social codes of the culture. Ancient fertility rites, with their sacrifices to the gods, exemplify this commitment, as do the Christian Shrovetide plays. On the other hand, carnivals allow parody of, and offer temporary release from, social and religious constraints.

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  11. AUTHORS Luís Filipe Ribeiro Cruz. Sofia Andreia Pereira Simões.

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