cambodian genocide n.
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Cambodian Genocide

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Cambodian Genocide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cambodian Genocide. By: Shardei Lozada. Vocabulary:. Communism : A type of government where the government owns all businesses and farms and provides health care, education, and welfare. Monarchy : The king and queen, power passed through the family.

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cambodian genocide

Cambodian Genocide

By: Shardei Lozada

  • Communism:A type of government where the government owns all businesses and farms and provides health care, education, and welfare.
  • Monarchy: The king and queen, power passed through the family.
  • Rural:in, relating to, or characteristic of the countryside rather than the city
  • Non-Valuable:Mentally challenged people, handicap etc.
  • Military coup: a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power

Monarchy ---> Communism


Pol Pot wanted control of everything however he didn't provide education, welfare or health care.

pol pot khmer rouge leader
Pol PotKhmer Rouge Leader
  • Classless society
    • No one owned private property or money
    • all goods would have to be exchanged
  • Self Sufficient
    • Capable of feeding itself
  • Get rid of:
    • Banks, education, medicine, books, and hospitals. (organization)

Media was censored and books were burnt. (State Sovereignty)



“To spare you is no profit, to destroy you is not loss” - Khmer Rouge Slogan

  • The Khmer Rouge called the Vietnamese ‘monsters’, because they wanted to gain more land. (Dehumanization)
  • Food productivity drastically fell because the Khmer Rouge continued to export food to china, which led to starvation.
  • People wearing glasses, thought to be a symbol of intelligence (symbolization)
  • Resistors to Utopian/communist, non-valuable members of society (classification)
  • Former Lon Nol government soldiers, civil servants, Buddhist monks, ethnic and religious minorities, elderly citizens, and groups of people to have thought to have contact with Vietnamese (polarization)
preparation for genocide
Preparation for genocide
  • Government clothing: Black pants and shirt
  • People were sent to work camps (Preparation)
  • Approximately. 1.7 million died because of starvation, execution, disease, overwork, exposure to elements. 25% of countries pop. (Extermination)
  • Resistors to the Khmer Rouge policies were executed bybeatings disembowelment or having nails hammered into the back of their heads. (Extermination)


  • Smuggling Cambodians out of the country
  • Small effort to raise funds.
  • It was nearly impossible to for the outside world to gain firsthand knowledge.
  • In the end very little time, money and attention was given to the Cambodian genocide

United States

  • Winning the Cold War.
  • The US had not yet signed the Genocide Convention therefore did not feel obligated to contribute time, energy or money.
  • Genocide ended in 1979 when Vietnamese invaded Cambodia
  • People were able to own property and Buddhism was revived as the state religion.
  • The trials to hold the Khmer Rouge leaders accountable for genocide and crimes began in 1998. Leader Pol Pot died in 1998, before he could be tried.
  • In September of 2010 four top Khmer Rouge officials were charged for genocide and crimes against humanity.
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