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ANSTO POST DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS 2 -Year Term Positions (with possible extension) Sydney Australia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ANSTO POST DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS 2 -Year Term Positions (with possible extension) Sydney Australia

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2 -Year Term Positions (with possible extension)

Sydney Australia

Australia's challenges in environmental sustainability rival those of anywhere else on Earth and for this reason we must be clever in our diagnosis of environmental susceptibility and damage and insightful in all remedies proposed and applied. Post-doctoral research fellowships are offered in our Institute for Nuclear Geophysiology which aims to be an international centre of excellence in nuclear science and technology applied to environmental challenges of Australia and the world.

We have 4 opportunities for recent PhD graduates with a strong innovation focus, good communication skills and a proven publication record. We are seeking researchers who work well within small multidisciplinary teams and collaborate strongly with other research groups to undertake research in the following areas:

Natural radionuclides in the lower atmosphere. (Reference: PD.1)Our Isotopic Tracers in Atmospheric Transport project needs you to have a recent PhD in atmospheric or environmental geoscience, physics, maths or a related field and skills and experience in the measurement of turbulent exchange processes in the atmospheric boundary layer and/or their representation in weather and climate models. On this project you will measure and model naturally-occurring radioisotopes in the lower atmosphere with an aim to advancing the understanding and representation of turbulent vertical mixing processes on diurnal to seasonal timescales.

Palaeo-climate archive studies with cosmogenic isotopes (Reference: PD.2)

A recent PhD graduate in earth sciences, climate change, environmental geoscience, physics or a related field and experimental research experience in applications of cosmogenic radionuclides can join our Cosmogenic Climate Archives of the Southern Hemisphere project. On this project you will conduct research in paleo-climate variability related to applications of cosmogenic and stable isotopes in the study of glacial geochronologies, solar variability and rates of landscape processes during the Quaternary and last glacial cycle. This work will primarily be based on measurements at ANSTO’s ANTARES AMS Facility of Be-10 and Al-26 in continental and mountain glacial formations, Antarctic ice cores, ocean and terrestrial sediments and possibly other archives.

Bioscientist (Reference: PD.3) This opportunity is for a recent PhD graduate in a Biological Science, Chemistry or Physics to join our research team working on the ‘Characterisation of Biomolecules’ Project. We seek a researcher with practical experience to work with this multi-disciplinary team that conducts research on the development of biological applications of neutron and X-ray scattering techniques. The aim of this position is to use neutron and X-ray scattering techniques for elucidating the structure/function relationships of proteins. The work is multi-disciplinary, requiring knowledge and experience in biophysical and/or biochemical characterisation techniques and in application of neutron and X-ray scattering methods for investigating biological systems including data reduction and analysis.

Research Associate for Nuclear Safeguards (Reference: PD.4)

ANSTO supports the International Atomic Energy Agency's nuclear safeguards program by providing a specialist analytical service in support of environmental sampling for detection of undeclared activities. Currently we are engaged in developments to improve the sensitivity of the Accelerator Mass Spectrometry system, in particular for plutonium isotopic analysis, for particle analysis, and for age dating of nuclear materials. For this research opportunity you need a recent PhD in physics or related field, preferably with experience in one or more of the following areas: accelerators, ion beam systems, mass spectrometry, experimental nuclear or particle physics. It is also desirable that you either understand or are capable of acquiring expertise in the following: design and operation of accelerator systems, specifically for AMS; principles behind nuclear safeguards and the nuclear fuel cycle.

We expect the successful applicants will have no more than 3-years post doctoral experience. Starting salary is negotiable from $54,600 pa plus superannuation depending upon qualifications and experience. These are two-year term roles with a possibility of extension.

Selection criteria for the role can be found on our homepage at or by contacting Ms Deanne Wood on +61 (0) 2 9717 3993 or e-mail [email protected] Your application, identifying the position by its reference number, must address the selection criteria, include a C. V. and the details of three professional referees, and should be forwarded to Deanne Wood by e-mail or mail to the Institute for Nuclear Geophysiology, ANSTO, PMB 1, Menai, NSW 2234. Applications close 14th October, 2005