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LEED ® EB and NYSERDA. Charle-Pan Dawson, April 14, 2005.

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leed eb and nyserda


Charle-Pan Dawson, April 14, 2005

what is nyserda
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority is a public benefit corporation established by the New York State Legislature in 1975. NYSERDA’s mission is to address the State’s energy and environmental challenges while improving the economy.What is NYSERDA?

NYSERDA’s Mission:

NYSERDA strives to encourage decisions involving energy that drive positive environmental and economic results.

energy efficiency services programs
Peak Load Management Programs

Commercial/Industrial Performance Program

MT and Innovative Opps

FlexTech/Technical Assistance Programs

New Construction and Green Building Programs

Loan Fund Program

Energy Efficiency Services Programs


    • Buildings* in the US use
    • > 36% of total U.S. primary energy use 2
    • 30% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions 3
    • 65.2% of total U.S. electricity consumption 1
    • 136 million tons of construction and demolition waste in the U.S. (approx. 2.8 lbs/person/day) 4
    • 12% of potable water in the U.S. 5
    • 40% (3 billion tons annually) of raw materials use globally 6
  • * Commercial and residential
  • 1. U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration, March 2001, Monthly Energy Review.
  • Ibid.
  • U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration, “Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in the United States 1999.”
  • U.S. EPA, 1998, “Characterization of Building-Related Construction and Demolition Debris in the United States.”
  • U.S. Geological Service, 1995 data.
  • Lenssen and Roodman, 1995, “Worldwatch Paper 124: A Building Revolution: How Ecology and Health Concerns are Transforming Construction,” Worldwatch Institute.
leed eb and nyserda6
LEED® EB is a certification tool for Existing Buildings.

It does not require a design team. Building Operators and Maintenance team can implement LEED® EB.

It addresses operations, maintenance and systems retrofits and upgrades.

Requirements of LEED® EB

Erosion and Sedimentation Control

Age of Building Prerequisite

Minimum Water Efficiency, Discharge Water compliance

EB Retro Cx

Minimum Energy Performance, Energy Star

Ozone Protection

Waste Stream Audit

Storage /Collection of Recyclables

Reduced Mercury Light Bulbs

Indoor Environmental Quality: Outside air, ETS, Asbestos

why is nyserda interested in leed eb
Retro CX on average increases building performance by 5-15%.1

Commissioning just 10% of the existing large commercial buildings in New York, with resulting average savings of 10%, would provide energy savings of approximately 288 million kWh annually and peak demand savings approaching 150 MW.1

1Steven Nadel, 2002 “Screening Market Transformation Opportunities: Lessons from the Last Decade, Promising Targets for the Next Decade”

Why is NYSERDA interested in LEED EB?

LEED® EB Project

Major Renovation

Existing Building

New Construction Program, LEED EB

Flex Tech and Technical Assistance Program


Energy Modeling,

Retro CX

Performance Incentives


LEED EB Charrette

Energy Modeling

LEED EB Charrette


Smart Equipment Choices




new construction program and leed eb
NCP applies to existing buildings undergoing major renovations

EPA Energy Star Benchmarking

Optimizing Energy Performance- energy modeling


PON 913, Application

New Construction Program and LEED® EB
leed eb support for eb
Flex Tech — costshared technical assistance for Energy modeling, Green materials recommendations, Energy Star Benchmarking, LEED ® EB Retro-Commissioning, on a 50/50 basis.

Technical Assistance —Cost shared technical assistance for Energy modeling, Energy Star Benchmarking, LEED ® EB Retro CX, on a 50/50 basis ($3,000 RCx program)

CIPP—The Commercial Industrial Performance Program, Performance Contractors provide assistance to design and install system retrofits and green measures--guarantee energy/cost savings. *Performance contracts on LEED EB projects.

Smart EquipmentChoices-- Up to $10,000 in incentives for upgrades

LEED® EB Support for EB
energy mart loan fund
Reduces the interest rate on loans to cover costs of implementing LEED® criteria for certification.

Works with LEED® NC and LEED® EB. Reduces the interest rate on loans to cover costs of implementing LEED® criteria for certification.

Works with LEED® NC and LEED® EB

$1 million plus $.5 million for LEED ®

10% for technical assistance

$5,000 per unit for multi-family

Energy $mart Loan Fund

Measurable Savings

Energy Operations $.30 - $.80

Reduced Water Use $.0025 - $.005

Reduced MSW $.017

Improved Maintenance $.11 - $.77

Increased Productivity $2.00 - $5.00

Reduced Absenteeism $.87 - $1.15

TOTAL $3.30 - $7.74

Source: NYC High Performance Building



True Cost of Building Ownership: Office Building over 30 Years

First cost

Operation and maintenance

Employee payroll


New York Times Headquarters

Opening 2007

Energy Efficiency Measures:

1.5 MW combined heat and power (CHP) plant

Waste heat will be recovered for 250 tons of absorption chilling

Total Project Cost:

$4.2 million

Total Annual Cost Savings:


NYSERDA Incentive:

$1,000,000 (<25% cost share)

1.54 Million Gross Square Feet

52 Stories

High Performance Office Tower

hearst corp headquarters
Hearst Corp. Headquarters

959 Eighth Avenue, New York City

856,000 S.F., 42 Stories

Opening 2006

Planned LEED® Certified Office Building

Energy and Green Measures:

  • High performance chillers for heating/cooling
  • High performance curtain wall & glazing
  • Occupancy sensors for lighting & ventilation
  • Variable speed drives on pumps and motors
  • Reduced lighting power density
  • Low VOC finishes and furnishings
  • Indoor chemical and pollutant source control

Annual Energy Cost Savings:$405, 640

Energy use savings = 2,311,120 kWh/year

NYSERDA capital cost incentive = $540,000

Courtesy of Tom Scarola

1 bryant park
1 Bryant Park

Opening 2008

2.1 million sf, 54 Stories

Energy and Green Features

  • First high-rise to strive for U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® “Platinum” designation
  • Largest development site (2 acres) in Midtown Manhattan
  • 5.1 MW co-generation plant
  • Reduce energy consumption by a minimum of 50%
  • Certified wood
  • Local and regional materials
  • Recycled content
  • Daylight and views-90%
  • Under-floor air delivery
  • Low VOC finishes and furnishings

Estimated Annual Energy Cost Savings:

  • $525,000 (Not including cogen)

Estimated NYSERDA incentive: $440,000

20 river terrace the solaire
20 River Terrace – The Solaire
  • 357,000 sf
  • Energy and Green Measures
    • Gas-fired absorption chiller
    • High performance glazing
    • Variable speed pumps, motors, fans
    • Building-integrated PVs
    • Commissioning
    • HEPA Air filtration
    • Low VOC finishes
    • NYSGB Tax Credit
  • Annual Energy Cost Savings: $210,095
  • Annual Energy Use Savings: 4,193,960 kWh
  • CO2 emissions reduction: 1849 tons per year
  • NYSERDA Capital Cost Incentive: $319,079
  • NYSERDA Technical Assistance Services: $222,000

LEED® Gold Certification


New York University


High Performance Chiller Plant

Estimated Energy Results:

Annual Energy Cost Savings: $23,100

Annual Energy Use Savings: 256,000 kWh

Peak-Demand Reduction: 56 kW

CO2 emissions reduction: 112.9 tons per year

NYSERDA Incentive: $71,758

Energy Efficiency Measures:

  • Two 325-ton centrifugal chillers
  • Combined chillers from three buildingsinto one central plant
41 story commercial property in Manhattan

28-tank ice storage system

Ice Slurry is created at night, and circulated through cooling coils during daytime

Shifted 350 ton cooling load off-peak

600 kW removed from peak demand

$300,000 in incentives

Durst OrganizationPermanent Demand Reduction Efforts


Greenpoint Manufacturing & Design Center

New York City's Largest Commercial Solar Power System

115 kW PV system atop two GMDC buildings in North Brooklyn to supply 65% of the buildings’ total power needs

Covers 11,500 square feet of roof area

System Peak Capacity: 59 kW

Projected system electrical output: 62,693 kWh/year


other notable nyc projects include
Other notable NYC projects include:
  • Whitehall Ferry Terminal
  • 4 Times Square
  • NY Presbyterian Hospital
  • NYU Hospital
  • Columbia University
  • Time Life
  • Columbia Presbyterian Hospital

Call NYSERDA : (518) 862-1090 or toll free

(866) NYS-ERDA

Applications: Flex Tech and Technical Assistance

Angela Bush ext. 3249

Applications: New Construction Program

Deborah Zabielski ext.3375

Applications and information: Commercial Industrial Performance Program

Todd Baldyga ext. 3354

Applications: Smart Equipment Choices

Kim Lenihan ext. 3410

Applications and information: Loan Fund

Heather Hammond ext. 3323

Visit us on the web atwww.nyserda.org