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  1. October,2009

  2. Story Background • Han Dynasty has ruled the country for 2,000 years until now. Stable country and prosperous business, people are able to live and work in peace. • However, today, at the late Han Dynasty, riots as well as the shaken imperial power, there was much confusion and fighting between the groups of people who ruled the different parts of China,three factions, Wei, Shu and Wu are especially powerful. Cao cao, Liu bei and Sun quan are on behalf of these three forces, began to recruit widely and expand each area. • Other evil forces, are ready to make trouble in secret and crave for the throne. • Players are as the members of Wei, Shu and Wu factions, must build up their strengths and root out evil forces, established their own great reunification.

  3. Overview • The game style is based on cute three kingdom as story background.Making the cities attack between lord in three kingdom periods, developed into business fighting in modern city. The fighting target among players has changed from city to business assets. • This Web game is based on Flash,RPG as the major mode, as well as the warrior cultivation, business strategy, form team PK,and game instance. • Required Configuration: • Flash9.0+ • IE 5.5+;Firefox • CPU:P41G+ • Memory: more than 128 M • HD:more than 40M

  4. Overview • Game Objectives: • This game have lots of heroes in three kingdom, treasure, skills, cute art style, various occupations, upgrading system, business assets and beautiful game graphic. • Game Features: • Pure flash MMORPG(no client) • Classical & modern background integration • Pleasant game graphic • Innovative game play • Equipment forging system • Skills upgrading system • Warrior recruit and foster system • Ranking, title and achievement system • Charging on-hook system • Trade and market auction system • Large story quest system • Items collecting system • Common game instance, hero game instance system • PK、guild war, nation war system • Faction, guild and form team system • Reborn system • Modify equipment with sockets • Charging items system

  5. Gameplay Elements Map of China-Major force and the control city • Faction City • Wei • 谯郡(The newbie zone ,Wei 1-10lvl tasks,familiar with basic operation) • 陈留(Wei 10-20lvl task,further learn game) • Shu • 雒城(The newbie zone ,Shu 1-10lvl tasks,familiar with basic operation) • 汉中(Shu 10-20lvl task,further learn game) • Wu • 吴郡(The newbie zone ,Wu 1-10lvl tasks,familiar with basic operation ) • 庐江(Wu 10-20lvl task,further learn game ) • Contested city • Hung Jin Jiao • 濮阳(20-30lvl tasks,introduced PKand competed for assets stage) • Dong zhuo and Lv bu • 洛阳-洛龙区(30-40lvl tasks, introduced Dong zhuo plot) • 洛阳-洛宁区(40-50lvl tasks, introduced Lv bu plot) • 洛阳-洛神区(50+ level tasks) • 汉朝中国

  6. Gameplay Elements The relationship among city, road, lot section of land ground, buildingand room.

  7. Awards for game quest Buy equipment and items Sell the dropped equipment and items Employ warrior Business assets output Business assets upgrade and repair Sell forging materials knife-shaped coin Buy forging materials Beat other factions 'business assets Equipment repairs Make deal with other players Trade with other players Use gold for exchange in market Exchange gold in market Buy prepaid card for exchange Gold High-level items and equipment Gameplay Elements Economic System

  8. Game Function

  9. Game Function City Operation Interface Building info. & players' position info. Mini-map in city Players status Faction,City City hint Character Building Chatting box Information management Follow warrior Exp Function Game gold

  10. Game Function Operation Interface of the Room NPC、Monsters,or other players Character Exit

  11. Game Function Fighting Operation Interface Magic attack effect Warrior or teammate Enemy Unit making moves time Enemy HP and emery、 Making moves time by enemy Character Unit HP and energy Hit damage Warrior fighting skills Fighting skills Fighting items making move time of this skill

  12. Fighting ability Equipment Quest Warrior Players Attribute Points Business assets Exp/Lvl Items Honor/ title Skills Relation Game Function Players System–The whole game core Attract players to pursue various system by tasks awards Decided players 'fighting attributes, such as defense power Upgrading players fighting ability, can be upgraded Decided players 'equipment , learning skills and fighting power Protect players’ assets, can be upgraded Kill boss, do tasks for getting Exp Provide economic support for players Changed players fighting ability and attributes in short time PK enemy faction and get honor and title Used in battle with different game effects. Friends, team, guild

  13. Players skills Fighter Kill shot skills Player Mage Emergency skills Wizard Warrior Passive skills Doctor Common skills Game Function Skills System–Various gameplay • Four Occupation • About 60 kinds of skills and 40 special effects • Skills can be learned from trainer and skills book • Skills can be upgraded according to skills proficiency • When players was full in angry, they can release kill shot skills • When fighting, players can use 5 skills and 3 items • Emergency skills can save the day • Passive skills can upgrade players fighting attributes effectively.

  14. Game Function Equipment System–Endless Pursuit • 10,000 various types equipments • 3,000 kinds of equipment appearances • More than 200 suits • Equipment support 20 kinds ofattributes strengthening • Each player and warrior need 11 equipment and 1 fashion cloth • Equipment support for sockets(at most7) • Equipment can be setting different levels of gems(at most 6lvl) • Divided into white, green, blue, purple and orange these five quality • Equipment changed will affect players or warrior’s image.

  15. Equipment with sockets Gem setting Equipment forging Building& strengthen Gem removal Equipment break down Item composite Game Function Crafting System –The Peak Target

  16. Fighting ability Equipment Attribute points Warrior Exp/Lvl Special skills Specialization points Game Function Warrior System–the basic step for being Great player Decided the fighting power, such as defense Warrior have different quality, specialization skills Upgrading warrior 'fighting power ,can be upgraded Decided warriors 'equipment , learning skills and fighting power Different warriors have different specialization skills, this will decide warriors’ occupation Kill boss and get Exp Decided warrior’s specialization skills effect Followed warrior box Warrior management control box

  17. Game Function Warrior System–The Basic Step for Being Great Player • Grey and green shows different quality. • Can wear equipment and gems • Different occupation has special skills • Can grow up • Follow players for fighting together • Need to pay for supporting fighting power • Defense players’ business assets • can change name, reborn • Support strengthen, increase specialization points

  18. Game Function Complete the quest NPC Quest System–Basic Flow of the Task Receive the quest NPC Completed the quest Receive the quest Players' quest list

  19. Game Function Quest SystemBrief Introduction • Quest run through entire game • Included 1,200 quests • The quest involve in about 700 NPC • The quest involve in about 1,000 Monsters • The quest involve in about 500 kinds of items • The quest involve in about 400 game level, 2,000 rooms and 10 game instances. • Various Quest: • Main quest/Side quest • Kill boss quest /Collecting quest • Daily quest, Weekly quest, festal quest and circle quest • Instance quest/BOSS/Instance circle quest • Robbing assets circle quest • Get equipment/Gem/Suits/Warrior/Materials circle quest • PK Honor quest

  20. Game Function Kill boss/Game Instance/Fighting System Enter the scene, some of the scene is instance Click monsters to enter the battle Battle succeed, fallen equipment at random Monster, will be active attack

  21. Game Function Business Assets System– The Birthplace of Wealth Buy business assets after matching the condition Wait to buy lot section of land ground Players business assets Choosing lot section of land ground Success! Establish Business Assets

  22. Game Function Business Assets System– The Birthplace of Wealth Defend Business Assets:Prevent enemies from robbing and occupying Business assets manager Business assets function menu Warrior No. Random NPC clients,in order to bring income Protect business assets patrol party

  23. Game Function Business Assets System– The Birthplace of Wealth • Players can get income from the assets regularly • Assets can rebuild, upgraded, rename and sell off • If players don’t be online for a long time, assets will be depreciation even recycle by system • Assets are divided into faction city assets and the contested city assets • Faction city assets :can’t be robbed and occupied • The contested city assets :possible for be robbed and occupied • Players can own faction city assets after reaching a certain level

  24. Game Function • Players in the same faction are not allowed PK, but allow tourney • In our faction city, the other faction players are not allowed to PK with our faction players • In the contested city, all players can PK freely. • System is setting some neutral zone, such as the railway station and metro station, not allowed to PK • PK,robbed the business assets will increase honor • If players PK the higher level than oneself, they can get more honor • When reaching a certain title, players can buy advanced honor suits • PK with other players, will be recorded in their personal feud lists PK Honor System

  25. Game Function Item Charging System –Charging Equipment

  26. Game Function Other System–Great Game Functional Experiences

  27. Game Function The Background Management Syetem • Server Information Query • Online players information query • Issue game announcement • Game accounts and character management • Gold flow • Gold consumption statistics • Recharging record query • Log in information query • Item query • Equipment management • Assets management • Warrior management • Trade query • Game events management

  28. Gameplay Flow

  29. Game Development and Management Introduction • AdoptVisualStudio2008to develop Server code • AdoptFlexBuilder3.0to develop Client code • Adopt 3D Max9.0to make 3D data • AdoptPerforce4to make binary dataversion control • AdoptVSTSto control code version and manage documents • Adopt BugTracker for quality tracing • Self-developed city, room generated and editor system • Self-developed game level map editor system • Self-developed quest editor system and NPC, data editor system

  30. Game Development and Management Introduction Game instance example

  31. Development Team Introduction Awards & Honors History • 2001YearMicrosoft.net was third in Software Developing Competition China-Beijing • 2003Yearwas third in Microsoft Imagine Cup Software DesignChina-Beijing • 2004YearWin championships in Global Microsoft Imagine Cup 3DrenderBrazil-St. Paul • 2005YearWorld silver medalist in International computer software and hardware competition Rumania - Suceava • 2005YearWin championships in Microsoft Imagine Cup Software Design China-Beijing • 2005YearWorld silver medalist in Microsoft Imagine Cup Software Design Japan-Yokohama • 2005YearWin championships in Global Microsoft Imagine Cup 3Drender Japan-Yokohama • 2006YearWin championships in Microsoft Imagine Cup Software Design China-Beijing • 2006YearThe Best innovation awards in Microsoft Imagine Cup India-Delhi • 2006YearWorld silver medalist in Microsoft Imagine Cup Interface Design India-Delhi • 2007YearWin championships in International computer software and hardware competition Rumania - Suceava • 2007YearMicrosoftDream Build Playwin third prize US-Seattle • 2007YearWorld silver medalist in Microsoft Imagine Cup Interface Design Korea-Seoul • 2007YearMicrosoft Imagine Cup Web 3rd prize Korea-Seoul • 2007YearWin championships in NVIDIA graphic special effectShade competitionUS-NVIDIA

  32. Development Team Introduction Awards & Honors History

  33. Development Team Introduction Awards & Honors Overview

  34. Thank you!