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How to make a game on game maker 7 PowerPoint Presentation
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How to make a game on game maker 7

How to make a game on game maker 7

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How to make a game on game maker 7

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  1. How to make a game on game maker 7

  2. Start With an Idea • Before you actually start making your game, you are going to need an idea as to what it is you even want to make. Then when you have a rough idea of what you want to accomplish with your game, you pick your sprites

  3. Picking Sprites

  4. What is a Sprite? • I sprite is an image that will eventually be turned into an object that will be used in your game. Every image in your game will have to be a sprite before you can even put it on your game screen

  5. How to pick sprites • On the window on the left hand side o your screen, the first heading will say “sprites”. Right click that heading and then select “create sprite” from the pop-up menu.

  6. On the next window, select “Load sprite”. A window with a selection of sprites will then appear

  7. From the next window, you can pick any image that you plan on putting into your game, simply click the one you want

  8. Before you turn your sprites into objects, you are going to want to make a room, there 2 ways to go about doing this.: One the very top of your screen, The 5th to last icon (a whiteboard) will automatically give you a new room Or Similar to making a sprite, right click the “rooms” heading on the left hand side of your screen and click “create room”

  9. Now that you’ve created your room, on The window adjacent to the window with the headings, select the “settings” tab to adjust your room’s size by selecting the appropriate numbers

  10. Making your sprites into Objects Now that you have your sprites, they are nothing but pictures to you until you turn them into objects that you can insert into your game and make them move, bounce, etc.

  11. Right click the “Objects” heading and select the “create object” option from the pop-up menu, on the next window, select the blue list icon and select any one of the sprites that you’ve already made.

  12. With this knowledge you can easily get the hang of making anything on the list of headings on the left hand side of your screen. Simply right click the heading and the “create” button to get yourself started on creating that thing. This is the most basic skill that you will need to use Game maker 7.

  13. Putting Objects into your game All you have to do when you want to put objects into a room is simply open the room window and then click the blue list icon near the bottom and pick an object.

  14. After that all you need to do is click on the room to apply the object into the room. Simply right click to delete.

  15. Making Objects Move In order to make an object move or do anything at all in your game, simply double click it to see everything about you can make it do.

  16. Click the “Add event button” and a list of the different types of things you can make your object do will pop up…

  17. After you pick one, for instance collision, use the window on your right hand side to make something happen when the previously chosen event occurs

  18. Those are the basics to operating game maker. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to begin assembling you’re very own custom games