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Post Merger Integration (PMI) Specialists PowerPoint Presentation
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Post Merger Integration (PMI) Specialists

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Post Merger Integration (PMI) Specialists - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Post Merger Integration (PMI) Specialists. Our vision is to be the best team of Post Merger Integration specialists in the Nordic countries Our mission is to turn your acquisition business case into reality and to find additional value

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Presentation Transcript
post merger integration pmi specialists
Post Merger Integration (PMI) Specialists
  • Our vision is to be the best team of Post Merger Integration specialists in the Nordic countries
  • Our mission is to turn your acquisition business case into reality and to find additional value
  • Our philosophy is to use the client’s own resources as much as possible
advisors and specialists
Advisors and Specialists
  • Advising, planning and managing 100-day integration programmes
    • Turn the transaction into integration activities and results
    • Deliver the synergies
    • Explore for additional value
  • Involvement in the due diligence process, ensures the best possible end-result
    • Advice on M&A strategy and PMI
  • PMI in all kinds of transactions
    • Acquisitions, divestments, carve-outs and joint ventures
services in all three phases of an acquisition
Services in all threephases of an acquisition:
  • Analysis and evaluation (pre-signing)
    • Early involvement pre-signing in the due diligence process ensures the best possible execution and results in PMI
  • Planning (pre-closing)
    • Planning the PMI pre-closing ensures timely and efficient start of the execution project after closing
  • Project execution (post-closing)
    • Clear communication, the right mind-set, commitment and involvement of the right people are key in the post-closing project execution
m a process and pmi
M&A process and PMI

Integration strategy

Due diligence services

M&A operational excellence

Integration planning

Risk assessment

PMI project management

Carve-out/divestment project management



analysis and evaluation pre signing services
Analysis and Evaluation (Pre-signing) Services
  • Integration Strategy
    • Analysis of alternative integration strategies (light, partial, full absorption) and recommendation
    • Define the end state of combined unit after completed integration
  • Due Diligence services
    • Integration due diligence services as a part of the due diligence team
  • M&A operational excellence
    • Review of M&A process and ways-of-working from PMI perspective
    • Advising and planning how to further develop and key capabilities and competencies
planning pre closing services
Planning (Pre-closing) Services
  • Integration Planning
    • Advice on setup of the integration project and of a project management office (PMO)
    • Define the activities in the 100-day programme
    • Establish the integration blueprint – the agreed view on the end result
  • Risk Assessment
    • PMI risk assessments actively support management commitment and the best possible integration result
    • Prepared by acquiring company pre-signing or pre-closing
    • Joint risk assessment immediately after closing (acquiring and target company)
project execution post closing services
Project execution (Post-closing) Services
  • Post Merger Integration (PMI) Project Management
    • Setup and a part of the Project Management Office (PMO)
    • Manage the people aspect of keeping and motivating the right people
    • Drive and manage the activities in the 100-day programme
  • Carve-out (divestment) project management
    • Setup and a part of the Project Management Office (PMO)
    • Setup and handling of transitional services
    • Advisory services pre-signing ”packaging” of the unit and assets to be sold
  • Audits and Reviews
    • Setup and facilitate assessments, audits and workshops
references 1 2
References 1 (2)
  • M&A Integration
    • Managed the post merger integration project for the acquiring company in a SEK 9.8 billion acquisition with approx. 900 employees based in the UK and the US. This involved setting integration strategy, scope and objectives as well as project management of the execution project during 9 months.
  • Divestment/Carve-out
    • Managed the carve-out project in a SEK 650 million divestment with approx. 630 employees in some 36 countries. This involved carve-out strategy, scope, objectives and project management of the execution and transitional services in a 9 month project.
references 2 2
References 2 (2)
  • Joint-Venture
    • Managed the carve-out of approx. 3,000 employees. Co-led the Project Management Office for the integration of carved-out units from parent companies with approx.3,000 + 5,000 employees, forming a Joint-Venture (JV) with 8,000 employees and pro forma sales of USD 3.6 billion. Participated in the JVs Executive Management Team meetings as an advisor pre-closing and managed integration post-closing including transitional services. Total time on project 18 months.

More references and information is available on request.

  • For more information contact:

Michael Holm, Managing Partner

+46-768-67 0777