peace river enfranchisement program prep n.
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Peace River Enfranchisement Program (PREP) PowerPoint Presentation
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Peace River Enfranchisement Program (PREP)

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Peace River Enfranchisement Program (PREP) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Peace River Enfranchisement Program (PREP). Bringing you superior hunt coordination since…Jeff hired me. PREP, 2008. Overview. Intro to PREP Services Products Current trends The future of PREP Questions. MOE 2007. Google 2009. Intro to PREP.

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Presentation Transcript
peace river enfranchisement program prep

Peace River Enfranchisement Program (PREP)

Bringing you superior hunt coordination since…Jeff hired me

PREP, 2008

  • Intro to PREP
  • Services
  • Products
  • Current trends
  • The future of PREP
  • Questions

MOE 2007

Google 2009

intro to prep
Intro to PREP
  • A 2-year pilot program developed in 2007 in response to wildlife/agriculture conflicts in the Peace Region to address the following objectives:

1.Crop Depredation and Contamination

2.Wildlife Population Management

3.Private Land Hunting Opportunities

Wayne Richardson, 2009

reservation system
Reservation System

- High level of commitment for landowners

- 4 to 6 day exclusive hunts

- Reservations on first-come-first-served basis

- Pre-hunt meeting (hunters sign agreement)

- Landowners may retain the right to give permission (Dashboard Card)

- Mandatory 3rd party liability insurance

- PREP signage available

Google, 2009

producers list
Producers List

- Moderate commitment

  • Interested landowners provide contact information
  • List given to interested hunters

- Hunters call and enquire as needed

  • (Win-Win) Wildlife removed & hunters fill tags
  • Various products available to producers to facilitate hunt

Wayne Richardson, 2009

dial a hunter list
Dial-A-Hunter list

- Minimal commitment

- Interested hunters provide contact information

  • Landowners call hunt coordinator and obtain hunter numbers as needed
  • Landowners arrange hunts privately
  • Win-Win situation

Wayne Richardson, 2009

prep products mapping
PREP Products - Mapping

- Maps made up for landowners interested in organizing their own private land hunts

Wayne Richardson, 2009

prep signage
PREP Signage
  • Posted on fence lines along roads identifying PREP properties

Google, 2009

use respect products
Use Respect products

Available to interested landowners

11” x 17” waterproof orange signs

Visor/Dash Cards


MOE, 2005

prep waiver forms
PREP Waiver forms
  • Available to any interested landowner
  • Ensures hunters will take responsibility for their actions
  • Releases landowner of liability to hunters

Wayne Richardson, 2009

current trends
Current Trends
  • 5 landowners enrolled with PREP for reservation system

(1 since August, 4 since late October)

  • 239 hunting parties on waiting list

(117 for open season, 121 for LEH season)

  • Received 279 calls and emails to date


  • 15 hunts reserved for open season
  • 54 hunts reserved for LEH season

Google, 2009

current trends continued
Current Trends continued
  • 9 landowners on Producers List for entire hunting season
  • 74 hunters on Dial-a-hunter list for open season
  • 74 hunters on Dial-a-hunter list for LEH season
  • 0 calls to date from landowners seeking hunters on Dial-a-hunter list

Google, 2009

successful hunts
Successful hunts

Patrick Murphy, 2007

Ben Sabal, 2009

Wayne Richardson, 2009

Wayne Richardson, 2009

Wayne Richardson, 2009

the future of prep
The future of PREP
  • Movement towards provincial online system

-Hunters provide information on website

-Landowners access information and arrange hunts themselves (becomes a networking service)

-Possible rating system?

  • Coordinator as support service for landowners
  • Increase awareness of PREP products and services to local landowners

Patrick Murphy, 2008


Thanks to everyone who donated photos:

Wayne Richardson

Patrick Murphy

Ben Sabal

Wayne Richardson, 2009