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Welcome Back!

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ECI 475. Welcome Back!. What can you expect during our class time?. 3 nights of listening to me talk for the whole time 7 nights with a mini-lesson from me 9 group presentations on interesting topics 4 classes held in an online format. What can you expect for assignments?.

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Welcome Back!

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what can you expect during our class time
What can you expect during our class time?
  • 3 nights of listening to me talk for the whole time
  • 7 nights with a mini-lesson from me
  • 9group presentations on interesting topics
  • 4 classes held in an online format
what can you expect for assignments
What can you expect for assignments?
  • Peer Pedagogy Project with a fellow NCTeacher
  • 2 different assessment assignments
peer pedagogy project
Peer Pedagogy Project
  • Collaborate with a classmate and research a pedagogical activity, strategy, approach, or utilization of technology that can be readily used in any classroom
  • Develop appropriate examples of how it could be used in the classroom.
  • Target a specific strategy, research the rationale and summarize its purpose and effectiveness in a presentation to the cohort.
  • Discuss examples of how to implement the strategy in different content areas and providing templates and resources.
  • Groups will post all of this information on their class wiki.
peer pedagogy project requirements
Peer Pedagogy Project Requirements
  • Collaboration (10 points)

You will work with a classmate on the project and divide the work equally. After the presentation, you will submit a self-evaluation and a peer evaluation regarding the work and effort that went into the project.

peer pedagogy project requirements1
Peer Pedagogy Project Requirements
  • Delivery/Clarity of Presentation (10 points)

Well-delivered presentations are clear, polished, and well-rehearsed. Effective methods of presenting include use of eye contact, good posture, appropriate gestures and body movement. Presenters should use a well-modulated voice, arrive in professional dress and show enthusiasm for the topic. Good presenters stay focused and make smooth transitions. The length should be 20 to 25 minutes.

peer pedagogy project requirements2
Peer Pedagogy Project Requirements
  • Content of Presentation (60 points)


(10 points)

      • What is it? Give a basic description.
      • In what context is it most appropriate to use it?
      • How do students benefit from it?
      • How does it connect to 21st Century Skills?
peer pedagogy project requirements3
Peer Pedagogy Project Requirements
  • EXAMPLES (45 points)

Show four different examples of how to use the pedagogical activity, strategy, approach, or technology

Sample breakdown:

  • 2 English, 1 World History and 1 Spanish
  • Each example must be grounded in a specific lesson but do not need to write the lesson plan
  • Should be relevant and applicable to the classroom
  • ONE example must include a possible student response/product and a grading rubric – you will complete the assignment to explain to your peers
peer pedagogy project requirements4
Peer Pedagogy Project Requirements
  • CONCLUSION (5 points)

Question/Answer Session: prepare 5-7 questions to ask the audience

Clarify points, and ask if audience needs elaboration

peer pedagogy project requirements5
Peer Pedagogy Project Requirements
  • Posted Resources (20 points):

Your resources pages will follow the format of your presentation, with the addition of a few more resources for your peers. On your class wiki and in appropriate folder, upload your “Resources” pages (either as a Word Document, PDF or as a newly created wiki page). All resources should be posted on or before April 12th.

peer pedagogy project requirements on wiki folder
Peer Pedagogy Project Requirements – On Wiki / Folder

Page 1:

  • Background: An explanation of the strategy
  • Connection: The strategy’s connection to 21st Century Skills
  • Examples: A list of your four (4) examples of uses in different disciplines
  • Links: Include a list of links to additional sources for further understanding of the teaching strategy

Page 2:

  • A Works Cited page completed in APA format

Page 3+:

  • Templates for your peers to access and use in their own class (these will be separate pages)
21 st century skills
21st Century Skills

21 st century skills1
21st Century Skills

Core Subjects

  • Global Awareness
  • Financial, Economic, Business, and Entrepreneurial Literacy
  • Civil Literacy
  • Health Literacy
  • Environmental Literacy
21 st century skills2
21st Century Skills

Learning and Innovations Skills

  • Creativity and Innovations
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Communication and Collaboration
21 st century skills3
21st Century Skills

Information and Media Skills

  • Information Literacy
  • Media Literacy
  • ICT (Information, Communications, and Technology) Literacy
21 st century skills4
21st Century Skills

Life and Career Skills

  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Initiative and Self-Direction
  • Social and Cross-Cultural Skills
  • Productivity and Accountability
  • Leadership and Responsibility
assessment assignment job
Assessment Assignment (job)

Select two summative assessments that you already use in the classroom.

  • Choose two students whose work you will analyze. The students’ responses will give you an opportunity to discuss your practice.
  • The assessments you choose can include: Objective (i.e. multiple choice, T/F, fill-in-the-blank, matching), short answer, essay (or combination) tests
  • Performance assessments/projects
  • Writing assignments
  • Include a separate analysis for each student (Analysis I is due on Feb. 22 and Analysis II is due on April 5). Please use initials or a pseudonym for your students. In your appendix, please include a copy of each assessment and your grading rubric with the comments and feedback on each. Address the following questions in your analysis:
assessment assignment no job
Assessment Assignment (no job)
  • You may work from 472 portfolio and/or 473 Unit Plan. Or you can create two assessments from two units if you choose.
  • You may use the internet and/or textbooks for support in writing questions and ideas (for projects and writing assignments). All sources must be cited using both parenthetical reference and a Resources page (APA documentation).
  • The assessments you create can include multiple choice, T/F, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short answer, or essay questions (or a combination). The assessment may also be a project or a writing assignment. Make sure you are careful regarding the length of the test. While there is not a minimum/maximum number of questions (this depends largely on the level and subject area), the test should not take longer than 1 hour for a student to complete, and not under 20 minutes. If it is a project, it should be something students can complete over the course of a couple of weeks. It should not span the length of an entire semester or term.