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Italy A to Z

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Italy A to Z. By: Gabriela Gutierrez Grade 5-ESL. A is for Alps. The Alps are the largest mountains in Italy. They cross the countries of France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. B is for Buildings. The four most famous buildings in Italy are: The Leaning Tower of Pisa The Colosseum

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italy a to z

Italy A to Z

By: Gabriela Gutierrez

Grade 5-ESL

a is for alps
A is for Alps

The Alps are the largest mountains in Italy.

They cross the countries of France, Austria,

Switzerland and Italy.

b is for buildings
B is for Buildings

The four most famous buildings in Italy are:

  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • The Colosseum
  • Palazzo Poli
  • The Circus Maximus
c is for the colosseum
C is for the Colosseum

The Colosseum is one of the most imposing

ancient structures. It had four floors; the

first three had eighty arches each, the

arches on the second and third floors were decorated with huge statues.

d is for dough
D is for Dough

Dough is made from wheat. It is used to make pizza, spaghetti, and other kinds of pasta.

e is for europe
E is for Europe

Italy is on the continent of Europe. The bordering countries are:

  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Yugoslavia
  • Albania
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
f is flag
F is Flag

The Italian flag has three equal vertical stripes. The stripes are green, white and red. The green means hope. The white stripe stands for faith. The red stripe represents help given to people in need. Italy adopted its flag in 1870.

g is for gondolas
G is for Gondolas

The gondola is a form oftransportation in the city of Venice.

Venice is a very popular city in Italy.

h is for holidays
H is for Holidays

Italians celebrate Christmas and Carnavale.

i is for italian
I is for Italian

People in Italy are called Italians. The language that the Italians speak is Italian. Some Italians words are:

  • Ciao=HI or BYE
  • Thank you=grazie
  • Please=per favore
j is for jewelry
J is for Jewelry

Italian crafts-people design beautiful gold jewelry and pottery.

k is for key facts
K is for Key Facts
  • The total population of Italy is 60,483,521
  • Italy is about twice the state of Florida
  • The capital is Rome
  • The spoken language is Italian
  • The land area is 116, 341 square miles
  • The currency is the Euro
  • There are two islands in Italy which are, Sicily and Sardinia
l is for lira
L is for Lira

The currency in Italy was the lira , but

Now is called the euro. $1.00 US dollar

equals 75¢ in Italy.

m is for mount vesuvius
M is for Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano. The last eruption of Mount Vesuvius happened in 1944.

n is for naples
N is for Naples

Naples is the capital of Campania.

Naples is the third largest city in Italy.

o is for opera
O is for Opera

Italians created operas in the 1600s.

It is a play but the actors sing the words.

p is for peninsula
P is for Peninsula
  • Italy is a peninsula, a peninsula is a narrow strip of land surrounded on three sides by water.
q is for queen
Q is for Queen

There were many Queens before 1946.

r is for rome
R is for Rome

Rome is the capital city of Italy.

s is for seas
S is for Seas

There are three seas that border Italy:

  • The Adriatic Sea
  • The Mediterranean Sea
  • The Ionian Sea
  • The Tyrrhenian Sea
  • The Ligurian Sea
t is for towns
T is for Towns

There are many towns in Italy. ¾ of Italians live in small towns.

u is for useful inventions
U is for Useful Inventions

Early Romans created the first roads, bridges, tunnels and interesting architecture.

v is for vatican city
V is for Vatican city

Vatican City is a very popular city in Italy. There is a total population of 798 people. The Pope lives in here. There are three main languages spoken:

  • Italian
  • French
  • Latin
w is for work
W is for Work

Italians work six days a week and stop working for a two hour lunch in the afternoon.

x is for exports
X is for eXports

The main products that Italy exports are:

  • automobiles
  • Wine
  • Olive Oil
y is for yummy
Y is for Yummy

The food in Italy is very famous. Some of the most popular foods in Italy are:

  • Pisa (Pizza)
  • Pasta
  • Gelato( ice cream)
z is for zaccanopoli
Z is for Zaccanopoli

There are 56 towns in Italy that begin with the letter Z.