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Just Wills Al Wasiyya JLT

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Just Wills Al Wasiyya JLT. Tel: 04 311 6592 Fax: 04 332 8810 Email: [email protected] Or Visit: www.just-wills.net Free phone: 800 Wills (94557)

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just wills al wasiyya jlt
Just Wills Al Wasiyya JLT

Tel: 04 311 6592

Fax: 04 332 8810

Email: [email protected]

Or Visit: www.just-wills.net

Free phone: 800 Wills (94557)

  • Just Wills Al Wasiyya JLT is a Registered Freezone Company with the DMCC Authorities: License Number:65225
  • Part of the Just Wills Group PLC, the largest Independent Estate Planning Organisation in the United Kingdom. Head Office: Medway House, Cantelupe Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 3BJ Tel +44 8700 13 00 12.
who are just wills
Who are Just Wills?

. UK based Company

  • 20 years plus experience in drafting Wills.
  • Generating 1,000’s Wills per year.
  • Thousands of Wills already ‘proven’.
  • Over £2,000,000 PI cover per Will.

Just Wills is the largest Specialist

Will Writing Company in the UK.

who are just wills al wasiyya
Who are Just Wills Al Wasiyya ?

. First branch of Just Wills in the United Arab Emirates

. Now have received exclusive rights for United Arab Emirates and G.C.C.

. Some of our Clients include:

. Dubai Luxury Home . Emaar Properties

. Mashreq Bank . Hamptons International

. International Cricket Council . Al Salama Insurance

. Clyde & Co Solicitors . Dubai Sports City

. RAK Bank . Standard Chartered Bank

. Life Care International . HSBC

. Emirates Airlines . Etihad Airlines

List is growing……………………!!!

3 products we offer
3 Products we offer:

1. Wills (Single/Mirror)

2. Power of Attorneys

3. Advance Directives/Living Wills


What happens if you die without a Will in the UAE?

.Bank Accounts are frozen (Shariah Law).

. Visa’s are cancelled (UAE/GCC Law).

. Home Country is informed of your death (International Law).

  • The Shariah Law will apply to the distribution of the estate.
  • Life Policies can be passed onto your estate instead to your family.
  • Any other Investments can be frozen/delayed.
  • Family arguments with the Estate.
  • Ex Partners (husband/wife) can stake a claim in your estate.
  • Properties in your home country will be distributed according to the Laws of the Home Country.
  • Children from any previous relationships could receive nothing.
  • Tax Man can have up to 40% of your money (Applies to countries where IHT is applicable)
  • Partners if not married will receive nothing.
if you have a will
If you have a Will
  • Speed the Process of the distribution of your estate
  • Will document will over ride the Shariah Law **
  • Decide where you would like your estate to pass to.
  • Decide where you want your Bank Accounts to go to.
  • Life Policies can be passed to the people of your choice.
  • Any and all Investments can pass to the people of your choice.
  • NO Family arguments - everyone knows you gets what.
  • Set up Exclusion clauses for your Ex Partners.
  • Make a provision for children from any previous marriages.
  • Reduce your tax bill considerably.
  • Make a gift of money to a family member.
  • Choose your own Executors.
  • Make a provision for a Charity **depending on your religion


protecting your children
Protecting your Children

Appointing Guardians

  • What happens to your children if you and your partner die?????
  • If you have not prepared for this, and there are disputes, Local Authorities of your home country and or the Dubai authorities can appoint Guardians

. You need to appoint both Interim & Permanent Guardians

  • Making a provision for your guardians to look after your children

A Will is the ONLY document that allows you

to appoint Guardians to protect your

Children’s future.

statistics in the uae
Statistics in the UAE

2.9 in every 3 people here in the

United Arab Emirates

Do Not Have a Will.

what does a will do
What does a Will do?

It protects your assets & your CHILDREN !!!

power of attorney
Power of Attorney

If a person was to become mentally incapacitated/brain dead or in a coma, potentially Bank accounts, Mortgage Accounts could come to a halt especially if two signatures are required to operate the account.

By setting up a Power of Attorney (usually between husband & wife), the attorney will be able to operate bank accounts, mortgage accounts, etc. The attorney cannot change the Will (hopefully the Will would of being signed prior) however the Power of Attorney will be a very useful document to have all your financial documents looked after by the attorney.

Further information is available upon request.

living wills
Living Wills

If a person is diagnosed of a terminal illness he/she will not be able to have any choice on the lever of care they receive. Basically there at the mercy of the Doctors. By setting up a Living Will the person while in the right state of mind can have some choice on The Level of Cover they receive. There are several websites that you will be able to lean more about this.

Again further information is available upon request.

7 major points
7 Major Points
  • 1. Emergency Off Shore Bank Account
  • 2. Life Assurance (Off Shore Company)
  • 3. Assets and Liabilities Statement
  • 4. Set up a Visa for partner.
  • 5. Contact Sheet for all listed in the Will
  • 6. Power of Attorney (Mirror)
  • 7. The WILL (Mirror)
what information is required when drafting a will
What information is required when drafting a Will ???
  • 1. Executors (minimum of three).
  • 2. Interim and full time guardians (Minimum of two)
  • 3. How you would like your estate to be distributed
  • 4. Any Gifts (Monetary/Properties, etc)
  • 5. Details of any Business Interests (Trade Licences)
  • 6. Disaster Clause (in case all die).
  • 7. Passport Copies required for all listed.

Please note that you need to prepare

your Assets & Liability List anyway

why us
Why Us?
  • 1. Just Wills was the first Will drafting company in the UAE.
  • 2. We have a full Will Drafting Licence (Arabic Translation).
  • 3. We offer a full End to End service.
  • 4. Professional Execution Service (if required).
  • 5. We have received authentication from the Awqaf.
  • 6. Track record of 20 Years in the UK.
  • 7. We understand the Shariah Law.
  • 8. £2,000,000 Professional Indemnity Cover per Will.
  • 9. Worldwide Wills (Subject to Status).
  • 10. Dubai Chamber of Commerce registration.
  • 11. Now Registered on the Dubai Government Website ........
to contact us
To Contact us

Tel: 04 311 6592

Fax: 04 332 8810

Email: [email protected]

Or Visit www.just-wills.net

Free phone:800 Wills