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Stikivid TRUTH review and EXCLUSIVE $25000 BONUS PowerPoint Presentation
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Stikivid TRUTH review and EXCLUSIVE $25000 BONUS

Stikivid TRUTH review and EXCLUSIVE $25000 BONUS

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Stikivid TRUTH review and EXCLUSIVE $25000 BONUS

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  1. Stikivid Review – How to make othervideo marketers look likeamateurs StikiVid is an amazing new technology that can turn all your videos into highly engaging, profit-driving monsters all in 60seconds. What IsStikiVid? It is obvious that videos make money because they engage your audience. The more engaging your video is, the more money it’llmake. And a video that follows you even when you scroll past it, a video that is always in front of your viewer. That’s the most engaging ofall. In order to help marketers achieve that kind of video, Ryan Phillips has recently introduced a new product called StikiVid. StikiVid is the fastest, easiest, most powerful sticky video marketing tool ever built. In just 60 seconds, you can have a Stikivid on your site boosting sales, conversions and social engagement by as much as 28% ormore. Moreover, there’s nothing for you to download or install, you don’t even need a video of your own, and if you want to dominate mobile traffic, it’s the smart choice foryou. How Does StikiVidWork?

  2. Special Features ofStikiVid: • Stiki-Opt Ins: Who wants 28% more leads? EVERYONE. Collect leads directly from your Stikivid – because whynot? • Stiki-Countdowns: Make sure your boots get filled daily, with countdown timers that stay within your prospects eye-line and constantly ramp up the pressure tobuy! • Stiki-Shares: It’s not all crushing the competition, and annihilating your previous best day ever… Stikivid also helps you build a loyal, happy, and excited fan base with social sharefeatures. • Stiki-Organics: With more exposure for your videos, you’ll also begenerating • more organic traffic to your products andservices. • Stiki-CTAs: Personalise your calls-to-action with Stikivid’s custom text editor… tell your audience exactly what you want them to do… and watch your profits, leads, and sharessoar. • Stiki-Templates: Fine-tune these custom-templates to fit your brand like a glove, and make Stikivid part of the family. Whose family? The family with all the money,obvs. • Stiki-Buttons: Add your buy button to the stiki-bar so it’s alwaysavailable... • then all you need to do is watch people click it! Click… Click…Kaa-ching! • Stiki-Location: There’s currently 2 possible places on your screen you make a Stikivid appear… they’re both awesome, but you’ll have a favourite, and so will your customers, so test them out, and let your analytics suite tell you which is the biggestwinner! • Always-Stiki: The great thing about Stikivid is that it gives you more of everything, including the freedom to use Stikivid on an unlimited number of websites andvideos! • What’s brown and Stiki? Stikivid will let you create any colour sticky-banner you like, in fact it’ll let you adjust all kinds of colours to match your branding and wow your fans (… it’s a stick, a stick is brown and sticky, a stick. You’rewelcome). • Stiki-Training: It’ll cover set up, creating your first Stikivid, and usingthe • mobile editor and analytics suite to take your Stikivid-ness to the nextlevel. • StikiVid comes with built-in analytics and tracking tools to help you see exactly where your sales and conversions are coming from and how to grow them overtime. • Total Views: Get the perfect overview of which videos are the most popular, which videos people keep returning to, and which videos are fading overtime. • Unique views: Monitoring your unique views is a much better indicator of your conversion rates, because they only count one person as one view no matter how many times they view yourcontent.

  3. Video plays: See how many times people actually press play to watch your videos. • Video finishes: Discover which videos are holding people all the way to the end, and which are letting themgo. • Video drop off: Quickly root out poor performing videos and replace them with winners. • Banner shows: See how many times your banners have displayed, andhow • well they’reperforming. • Banner clicks: Find out how your CTAs are performing by monitoring the clicks. Lots of banner displays but not enough clicks? Simply change up your banners, with the simple editing tools then keep tracking to see your conversions increase. • Stikivid gives you the ultimate advantage by being the world’s first marketing-focused sticky video maker to work seamlessly on mobile and tablet devices. And with over half the world’s traffic already on mobile, they made sure that Stickivid was ready to convert it. In fact, it’s so responsive you can have a different Stikivid for each different kind of mobile or tabletdevice! • How ItWorks: • Let’s take a look at how you can start increasing sales, conversions, and engagement in a fewminutes. • Step 1: Upload - Upload your video to the web app, and their lightning fast servers will store your videosecurely. • Step 2: Customize – Choose your Stikivid template and select your marketing elements. • Step 3: Copy & Paste – Stikivid will give you a unique HTML code snippet, and show you where to paste it on yourwebsite. • Who Should UseStikiVid? • If you’re a video marketer, and you want more sales and better conversions, you needto • test out Stikivid. It’s thatsimple. • Why Should You Get StikiVidNow? • With the powerful features of Stikivid, youcan:

  4. Make more sales from your videos with NO extra work: OK, you’ll have to add a script. But c’mon, are you gonna say no to an extra $5000 because of a copy/paste? • Make other video marketers look like amateurs: Stikivid is the ONLY sticky video maker capable of generating more video views, likes, and shares via built-in engagementfeatures. • Get more leads without paying the earth for them: Stikivid gets you more views, more attention, and more conversions from the same amount oftraffic. • Get started in 60 seconds without any videos of your own: Stikivid works with YouTube and Vimeo so you can use creative commons videos as of rightnow. • Smugness-Warning: Outperform other “pro-marketers” by with up to 28% more sales… 28% moresales. • Now let’s hear what others have to say aboutStikiVid • "I used StikiVid on my website, it took me 2 minutes to set up and immediately boosted my leads and consequently increased mysales." • RobSpencer • "I tested this out on my website and it made people stick around longer and increased the click through to purchase rate on my store. Looking forward to rolling this on on myothers." • KyleSkelly • Conclusion • Video marketing is a highly-competitive industry, but if you’re in it, and you want to crush it, then you need and edge. With StikiVid , your edge happens to be maximum conversions and moresales. • Okay! Thanks for your patience to read my Stikivid Review. It's fantastic, right? I am sure you know the answer. Remember! Business and technology always go in parallel. Therefore, you will need an effective tool as Stikivid to develop yourbusiness. • CLICK HERE FOR LEARNMORE! • Stikivid, Stikivid review, Stikivid review and bonus, Stikivid reviews, Stikivid reviews and bonuses, Stikivid discount, Stikivid bonus, Stikivid bonuses, Stikivid review and discount, Stikivid review in detail, Stikivid ultimate review, Stikivid demo, Stikivid demo review, Stikivid huge discount, Stikivid discount coupon, Stikivid download, Get Stikivid, Stikivid review demo and bonus,Stikivid, Stikivid review, Stikivid reviewand

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