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Mes Opinions- My Opinions

Mes Opinions- My Opinions. JC 2013. The four opinions. J’adore - I love J’aime - I like Je n’aime pas- I don’t like Je déteste - I hate/detest. Extra Opinions!. Je t’adore -I adore you. Je t’aime - I love you. Je t’déteste - I hate you. Je t’aime bien - I fancy you.

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Mes Opinions- My Opinions

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  1. Mes Opinions- My Opinions JC 2013

  2. The four opinions J’adore- I love J’aime- I like Je n’aime pas- I don’t like Je déteste- I hate/detest

  3. Extra Opinions! Je t’adore-I adore you. Je t’aime- I love you. Je t’déteste- I hate you. Je t’aimebien- I fancy you.

  4. RULE 1: A, Er, Eee, Oh, Ooo, Ash Why do we write and say j’aime, not je aime? The reason is what we call the A, Er, Eee, Oh, Ooo, Ash rule (the a, e, i, o, u, h rule). We avoid a “mushy” sound (try saying je aime…). No words can end in a vowel+h and be next to another word starting with a vowel+h.

  5. RULE 2: Le/la/les Why is it that when we translate a English opinion (I like horses) into French it becomes I like the horses (J’aime le chevals)? This is the basis for rule 2: you MUST put le/la/les in front of your noun and behind your opinion (I like the [noun]).

  6. RULE 3: Transforming into negatives! Whenever we make something negative, we put ne pas around the word (Je ne suis pas, Je n’aime pas etc.) This is the third rule: to make something negative you put ne pas around your statement ((I) am, (I) like etc.) Try making these negative: Je suis (I am) Je déteste (I hate) J’adore (I love)

  7. Translation Practice! Translate these sentences into French/English: I like cats. Je adore la souris Je déteste le bleu. I don’t like dogs. I hate horses.

  8. Lesson Summary What are the 3 rules? Research 5 Infinitives, and answer the questions below: What are they? How do they help/expand your ability to express opinions? Translate the sentences below for a merit, using a dictionary (L4 skill): Je déteste le clefs. J’aimele château. J‘adorela réalité. Je détestemesamis.

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