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General Academic Programs Update for Advisor Briefing Day PowerPoint Presentation
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General Academic Programs Update for Advisor Briefing Day

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General Academic Programs Update for Advisor Briefing Day - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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General Academic Programs Update for Advisor Briefing Day. Kriss H. Boyd, Ph.D. Executive Director General Academic Programs Texas A&M University. Russ T. Graves, Ph.D. Director, Blinn TEAM Program General Academic Programs Texas A&M University. General Academic Programs.

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General Academic Programs Update for Advisor Briefing Day

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Presentation Transcript
general academic programs update for advisor briefing day

General Academic Programs UpdateforAdvisor Briefing Day

Kriss H. Boyd, Ph.D.

Executive Director

General Academic Programs

Texas A&M University

Russ T. Graves, Ph.D.

Director, Blinn TEAM Program

General Academic Programs

Texas A&M University

general academic programs
General Academic Programs
  • General Studies major
  • Texas A&M Blinn TEAM Program
  • TAMUG to TAMU Change of Curriculum
  • Aggie Gateway to Success
  • FOCUS Learning Community
gest spring 2013 fall 2013
GEST Spring 2013 - Fall 2013
  • The only freshmen that will be admitted to GEST will be in Gateway. No transfers will be admitted.
  • Students will be able to change majors to GEST for the second semester.
  • We will meet with students this fall and enter the change of major for spring once they submit an online request.
gest spring 2013 fall 20131
GEST Spring 2013 - Fall 2013
  • If students do not submit an online request after they meet with a GEST advisor, they will not be posted as GEST.
  • Students must identify a realistic major and list the course/GPA requirements for the major on the online form.
  • If there are special circumstances and you want to support a student, please let me know.
gest spring 2013 fall 20132
GEST Spring 2013 - Fall 2013
  • Students will only be guaranteed one semester in GEST.
  • The most important issue is whether a student can get to a desired major in one or two semesters.
  • There will not be an absolute maximum hour limit for GEST, but it will be rare for us to approve juniors.
tamu blinn team program2
TAMU-Blinn TEAM Program
  • TEAM students enter colleges/departments in three ways:
    • Transfer Admission
    • Change of Curriculum Following Completion of TEAM Automatic Admission Criteria (2 year program, but can be completed early)
      • 15 A&M hrs/3.0 GPA, 45 Blinn hrs/3.0 GPA
    • Readmission
team transfer admission
TEAM Transfer Admission
  • TEAM students are anxious to earn full admission
    • Identify TEAM applicants by “ADTB” code on Transfer Tracking Report or look for A&M course work in Howdy
  • TEAM students approved for transfer are continuing students who can register at their assigned preregistration start times
    • TEAM students admitted by transfer are not required to attend a TSC
      • Students can be blocked and required to attend a TSC College Meeting
  • Admissions will change admit status/major
    • Changing admission status does not update all Compass screens
    • If major is still TEAM, confirm admission on SAAACKL and change major/max hours (from 5 to 19) on SZAREGS
team change of curriculum c c
TEAM Change of Curriculum (C/C)
  • Upon completion of TEAM, students are no longer able to enter GEST
    • Will approach departments seeking C/C
    • Departments with closed application windows: Be aware TEAM students were not eligible to apply for C/C during the semester
      • Flexibility of your deadlines will help reduce closet majors
  • Please do not accept ineligible students via C/C
    • Freshmen are not eligible
    • Sophomores who did complete TEAM criteria are not eligible
      • Will have hold prompting advisors to check eligibility with GAP
  • Mays Business School has worked with GAP to establish customized criteria for TEAM C/C
    • GAP welcomes discussions with departments to create such agreements
team readmission
TEAM Readmission
  • Students who do not matriculate via Transfer or TEAM completion may be able to qualify for Readmission
    • Historically 16-17% of TEAM students have gained Readmission
  • GEST no longer readmits students; students will contact you!
  • To qualify for Readmission, TEAM 2-year contract must have expired and student must:
    • Miss at least one regular semester at A&M
    • Meet college/department Readmission criteria
tamug change of curriculum c c1
TAMUG Change of Curriculum (C/C)
  • GAP was appointed to coordinate TAMUG-to-TAMU C/C process in the ’90s
    • Logical decision
      • Needed to be outside Office of Admissions
        • (TAMUG students are already Aggies)
      • Majority of students C/Cd into General Studies
    • GAP was tasked with enforcement of university campus transition policy in support of:
      • TAMUG retention efforts
      • TAMU enrollment management objectives
      • Fair standards
tamug change of curriculum c c2
TAMUG Change of Curriculum (C/C)
  • Since 1998:
    • Number of Fall C/C requests has grown from 30 to 300+
    • 20+ departments developed their own C/C processes
      • No standardization of application, GPA, deadline, etc.
      • Some students have circumvented GAP oversight and applied directly to departments
        • Incidents of departments accepting students without awareness or regard for the university policy
  • New C/C Policy effective immediately
    • Decentralized, GAP no longer involved
    • Students will contact departments directly
tamug change of curriculum c c3
TAMUG Change of Curriculum (C/C)
  • TAMUG Students must:
    • Complete a minimum of 27 TAMUG (not total) credit hours with a minimum 2.5 GPA while enrolled as a student in residence on the TAMUG campus
      • Must have 2.5 GPA even if the department’s required GPA is <2.5
      • Longitudinal data analysis of TAMUG transitions revealed a median term GPA drop of .5 during first semester at TAMU
    • Be responsible for learning the department’s specific C/C requirements (application deadlines, prerequisite courses, etc.)
    • Submit C/C request or application in accordance with departmental policies
tamug change of curriculum c c4
TAMUG Change of Curriculum (C/C)
  • Advisors should be aware that:
    • Attendance at a mandatory departmental change of major meeting is a hardship for TAMUG students
      • Involves 6-hour round trip in mid-week, missing class, heavy traffic, etc.
      • Some application deadlines and change of major meetings had already occurred before TAMUG students were notified of this new policy
    • Applications not available online present the same hardships
    • TAMUG students are accustomed to a relaxed, small campus environment and tend to show up at advising offices without appointments
    • You should identify & track TAMUG applicants
      • Agencies on both campuses will want to know which students are in transition
    • Proactive campus recruiting visits to TAMUG have produced results for several departments
tamug change of curriculum c c5
TAMUG Change of Curriculum (C/C)
  • When changing a TAMUG student’s major an advisor should:
    • Change the major in SZAREGS
    • Change the catalog term in SZAREGS
      • Change from TAMUG to TAMU term (i.e., change 201232 to 201231)
    • Change Site Code in SGASTDN from “GV” to “CS”
    • Notify the Registration Office (845-7117) for a Registration Time Ticket update
    • Notify CIS*
    • Notify Transportation/parking*
    • Notify Housing*

*Students can’t buy parking permits, apply for on-campus housing, etc., if they are not coded as TAMU students by these agencies. It’s possible that scripts may be created to update these agencies’ reports.