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Smiley Face Tricks for Writing PowerPoint Presentation
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Smiley Face Tricks for Writing

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Smiley Face Tricks for Writing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Smiley Face Tricks for Writing
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  1. Smiley Face Tricks for Writing Based on the writings of Mary Ellen Ledbetter

  2. REPETITION FOR EFFECT ☺Repeat a symbol, sentence starter, important word, etc. ☺Repeat specially chosen words/phrases to make a point/to stress certain ideas ☺Decide purpose before you begin writing

  3. BEFORE I hate writer’s block! AFTER I hate writer’s block! I can’t think of anything to write. I can’t come up with words for this crazy assignment. I can’t create anything new. I can’t, and I won’t!

  4. Before I love my cell phone.

  5. After Your examples?

  6. Before Envy sort of takes me over when I see things I want but can’t have.

  7. After: Envy is an ugly person. Envy rears her head when I least expect it. Envy starts whispering in my ear telling me, “Look at how beautiful those women are. Did you see that convertible Corvette Stingray with the red leather interior? Imagine how perfectly decorated that Mediterranean villa is. Oh, but you’ll never be able to afford any of that on your teacher’s salary.” Envyknows how to take a pleasant day and turn it into an unfulfilling one, and Envyknows how to leave me wishing that I owned all of the handbags, bracelets, antique furniture, artwork, and books which catch my eye. Envy has a way of making me feel emptier than I was to begin with.

  8. HYPHENATED MODIFIERS ☺Connect two or more adjectives or adverbs together with a hyphen ☺Lends an air of originality and sophistication to writing

  9. Use hyphenated adjectives or adverbs to surprise your readers Turn boring adjectives into unique ones

  10. Before She wanted to look like a French woman. After She wanted to look chic in a Parisian- woman-wearing-a-simple-black-dress-while- riding-a-bicycle-and-carrying-a-baguette- under-her-arms sort of way.

  11. Before I will be a college freshman next year.

  12. Your example I will be a college (adj) freshman next year.

  13. SPECIFIC DETAILS / IMAGERY ☺Helps your readers visualize the person, place, thing, or idea you’re writing about ☺Appeal to at least 3 of the 5 senses

  14. Before: My grandma’s house is nice.

  15. Your Turn

  16. After: I am sitting out on an old Dixieland porch in Mississippi, my grandma’s house. The American flag waves proudly from its pole. Making itself a web in the corner of the wrought-iron railing is a small black spider. The twin rocking chairs glide back and forth, speaking to each other in the tongue of “rickety rack”. Hanging from a weeping willow, an emerald birdhouse sways in the wind, as the robins sing their never-ending song. Down here in Mississippi we share Southern hospitality.

  17. Your Turn

  18. MAGIC 3 ☺Three items in a series ☺Separated by commas ☺Creates a poetic rhythm ☺Adds support for a point

  19. Before: Cooking requires chopping, seasoning, and sautéing.

  20. Your Turn

  21. After: Chopping vegetables into bite- sized pieces, adding herbs and spices to “kick it up a notch”, and sautéing until the tidbits are juicy, make cooking an enjoyable pastime for me.

  22. Your Turn – pick one

  23. Alliteration Before: Thunderstorms hit central Indiana yesterday. After: Storms socked the state’s middle on Saturday. V for Vendetta

  24. Simile • a comparison between two unlike things using “like” or “as” Before: It’s a simple plan. After: The plan is simple, like my brother-in-law Phil, but unlike Phil, this plan just might work. Similes in songs

  25. Metaphor ☺States a comparison between two unlike things without using any special words. Before: Gary and Terre Haute, Indiana, are smelly cities. After: Gary and Terre Haute are the armpits of Indiana. Taylor Swift Blake Shelton

  26. Personification ☺Gives a non-human thing, human characteristics or human actions. Before: I scratched my arm on the twig.

  27. After: Racing toward the house as the storm approached, I was delayed as the trees reached for me. They began to wrap their twisted arms and gnarled hands around me. I fought back, but they didn’t lessen their grip; instead, they began to screech at me as they pulled me into their grove. Personification

  28. Onomatopoeia Words whose SOUND imitates the sound of the thing being named Batman

  29. HYPERBOLE ☺Exaggeration for effect Hyperbole Rap Stand up comedy

  30. Why Falling In Love is Like Owning a Dog

  31. HUMOR ☺When possible ☺When appropriate ☺Inject a little humor to keep your reader awake

  32. Humorous Before: Chinese food seems to last forever in the refrigerator. After: I believe the only food that should be kept around is take-out Chinese, which contains a powerful preservative chemical called “kung-pao” that enables it to remain edible for several football seasons.

  33. PUN ☺A joke that comes from a play on words ☺It can make use of • a word’s multiple meanings • a word’s homonym • a word’s rhymes

  34. Before: Sir Lancelot told us the bad dream he had about his horse. After: Sir Lancelot told us the bad dream he had about his horse; it was a real knight mare. Puns in the grocery store