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Unit 5 Theme parks PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 5 Theme parks

Unit 5 Theme parks

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Unit 5 Theme parks

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  1. Unit 5 Theme parks

  2. 1.Have you ever been to parks? If you have, why do you go there? Amuse ourselves, escape our busy lives for a while. For example, sit chatting, play chess, play games, listen to birds’ sing and so on.

  3. Theme Parks It is a kind of amusement park which has a certain theme – that the whole park is based on.

  4. Warming up There are many kinds of theme parks in the world. Look at the pictures of some world theme parks and try to get the theme of the park.

  5. Window of the World multicultural Disneyland fantasy

  6. marine Ocean Park entertainment 韩国汉城乐天世界 (Lotte World)

  7. aircraft carrier 天津基辅航母 军事主题公园 shuttle 航天奇观

  8. roller coaster ride 意大利加达云霄乐园. history 兰州龙“文化”主题公园

  9. folk custom/ folkways 流溪河国家森林公园 nature 丽江世界遗产公园

  10. A garden in Suzhou • have a walk in our spare time • to escape busy lives for a while and relax ourselves • to enjoy beautiful scenery

  11. Hyde Park • the most well-known park in the world • used to be a hunting park for the Royal family in the 18th Century • Best-known for the speaker’s Corner

  12. World Waterpark in Canada • take part in all kinds of activities in water

  13. Disneyland • The oldest and the most popular park in the world • enjoy the exciting activities there • get close to the life-size cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

  14. Pre-reading There are also many kinds of theme parks in Canton. Would you please name some you know?

  15. Xiangjiang Safari Park

  16. China Folk Culture village

  17. Shenzhen Splendid China

  18. Happy valley

  19. South China Botanical

  20. Reading Theme parks—Fun and more than fun The title means that theme parks are fun to visit,but that they can also be educational and can offer useful information.

  21. Reading • Skimming • What’s the main idea of the passage? • Theme parks are more than amusement. • Theme parks are places for people to amuse themselves. • Theme parks have a variety of things to see and do. • Theme parks have a certain idea.

  22. 2. Which of the following are not mentioned in the passage? A. Ocean parks, Science parks B. Culture parks, Disneyland C. Wildlife parks, Miss Liberty D. Sports theme parks, History parks

  23. 3. Why do people build so many different theme parks? • A. to provide entertainment. • B. to make a profit by charging for admission and selling souvenirs. • to provide people with some unusual experiences. • to take part in a variety of activities free of charge.

  24. Scanning: find out the main idea (or topic sentence) of each paragraph: Parks provide people with a place to amuse themselves and to escape their busy lives for a while. Para. 1 Theme parks have been designed to provide entertainment with a variety of things to see and do. Para. 2 Theme parks are built around a single idea or theme, eg. The sports theme parks. Para. 3

  25. Scanning: find out the main idea (or topic sentence) of each paragraph: Another kind of theme park is more historical or cultural and can be educational. Para. 4 Disneyland was the first theme park. It is based on the fantasy life and characters of Walt Disney’s films. Para. 5 Some examples of educational theme parks include sea world parks and science parks. Para. 6

  26. What are the three purposes of the theme parks? Give examples. To educate purpose To entertain To make profits

  27. To entertain There are many rides to go on and shows to see

  28. merry-go-round

  29. roller-coaster rides

  30. Free-fall rides

  31. To make profits Admissionfees are charged ,extra payment is required for rides and shows, and souvenirs and brand-name items are sold.

  32. To educate Visitors can learn about history,cultures and science.

  33. Revision of vocabulary amuse various charge admission entertain different ask in payment the cost of entrance money gained by trade or business an object kept as a reminder. sports a class of goods profit souvenir athletic brand

  34. sneaker equipment cometo life • shoes used for sports and outdoor activity • set of things needed for an activity • become real; come alive • a small number or part; less than half • unlimited imagination • People living in a new area with a small population • a careful test to try out an idea • far on in development • a method of doing something that needs skill minority fantasy settler experiment advance technique

  35. These new parks have a variety of things to see and do. Sports theme park:Sports to play or watch; physical exercise and athletic competition. History theme park: See how ancestors dressed, worked and lived. Culture theme park: See how special groups dress today, what they eat and what the homes look like; cook culture food, take pictures in the special clothing.

  36. Disneyland: See characters from Disney films; exciting rides, visits to castles and see how the early settlers in America lived. Marine or ocean theme park: See and swim with dolphins and learn about ocean life. Science theme park: Take part in experiments future park: Go on imaginary trip to space and experience life in the future.

  37. Scanning: Various theme parks are mentioned in the passage . Then what are they ? History theme park Sports theme park Future park Culture theme park theme parks Science theme park Disneyland Marine or Ocean theme Park

  38. Comparison Read the passage carefully, Find out what is the differences between a theme park and an ordinary park?

  39. a variety of things to see and do Ordinary things huge places that visitors often use shuttles to get around usually not very large no restaurants or hotels restaurants, hotels& shops charge little or none charge for admission sell no souvenirs sell souvenirs

  40. Summary Parks ________ people with a place to ______ themselves and to ______ their busy life for a while. In recent _______ , many parks have been _________ to provide _____________. We call them_______ ______ . They are usually ______ places and have a ________ of things to _____ and _____ . Theme parks have ____ _______ ______ ---- a certain ________ .---- that the whole park is _______ ____. provide amuse escape decades designed entertainment theme parks huge variety do a see certain idea theme based on

  41. Summary For example, a sports theme park will _______ visitor sports to ______ or ________ ; a history or _________ theme park will let us see how our __________ dressed, worked and ______. The oldest theme park in the world is _____________. It seemed like a place of _______. Besides these, we have the _________ or ocean parks, the _________ theme parks and so on to let us e_______ totally different e_____________ from the r______ world. offer play watch culture ancestors lived Disneyland fantasy marine science njoy eal xperience

  42. group work Design a new theme park that will attract as many visitors as possible. The following questions should be included: • What is the name of your park? • What is the theme of your park? • What kind of attractions will you have in your park? • What do you expect visitors to learn from it?

  43. Homework