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  3. To the pages Instructions, objectives To the question BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  4. What do you do when you have started being cyber bullied? a) Eat a sandwich b) Call for help d) Take your anger out on someone else c) Ignore it BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  5. Once you are getting seriously cyber bullied what do you do? b) Go and hide for the rest of your life in a hole a)Pretend you don’t exist c)Go and tell your parents about what is happening d) Just let the cyber bully get to you and let him keep making you feel bad BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  6. What is the best thing to do when a stalker has found out where you live ? b)Call your parents and then kids help phone a)Call/ phone the police c) Call poison control d) Hide and let the stalker think that you are not home BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  7. If you have been stalked by a person you don’t know what do you do? b) Greet them and say hello and invite them into your house a)Stay as far away from them as possible c) Call the police and stay away from them d) Go home and hide till the stalker finds a new victim BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  8. When you receive a threatening message over the internet what do u do? a) Just pretend you didn’t receive the message and then save it just in case b) Feel hurt and then type a bad comment to them c) Ignore them and keep letting them send you threatening messages BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  9. How often should you check your computer for viruses a) Every month b) Every year d) Every week c) Every decade BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  10. When you find a page on the internet that you are not sure about and your curious what should you do a) Ask your parents what it is and if they don’t know ask your friends b) Just go on it and hope it isnt a bad site d) Go to a help site and then ask for help c) Exit your webpage BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  11. When you go onto a web chat thing with unformiliar people what should you make your chat name b) Basketballguy a) Kickbutt911 c) Gunnakillyou12321 d) Nothinginlifeisgood BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  12. Which type of internet browser has a less chance of giving you viruses because less people use it b) Internet explorer a) Fire fox BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  13. What are the things you should not reveal over the internet a) Name, identification, credit card number, street name, house number, family members name b) Games you have, food you have, if you have a top d) The brand of your laptop you have c) What you get on games as your high score BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  14. Who are the people you add over the internet supposed to be b) strangers a) People you have met face to face c) People you have met before and strangers BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  15. How long have we been in class for D.T a) 12 day 8 hours and 11 min b) 56 days 22 hours and 59 min d) 5 years 8 months 12 days 8 min and 52 sec c) 2 months 89 days and 42 min e) 76 days 76 hours 8 days 98 min 23 sec If you get this question wrong you do not go to the start you go to the next slide and if you get I right you win I don’t know BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  16. If you have a virus what should you do? b) Buy a new computer a) Call a computer technician c) Destroy your computer d) Call a doctor BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  17. What is the internet a) A place where you can explore and chat with friends and find information to help you with stuff that you need help with. b) A place to order tacos d) The internet is a place where you can be sucked in and explore the world c) A place to get stuff that you need for food and a place to get and order food BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  18. How can you tell if your being cyberbullied a) You receive threatening messages and emails b) You get a happy message every day c) You are receiving invites to parties BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  19. If your internet crashes what do you do a) Restart your computer and check the connection b) See what's wrong and if you don’t get a connection get frustrated go and buy a new computer c) Get a new wireless connection d) Find a new computer and then make a new account BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  20. How to stay on appropriate sites b) Go on sites that you are sure of and that you have been on so much times a) Go on sites that you have never heard of c) Go to a site that recommends the site without having a description on the site d) Just go by chance and hope that you have chose a good site BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  21. If someone that you don’t know is trying to add you what do you do a) Ask them who they are and if you still don’t remember or they don’t tell you don’t add them b) Add them straight away without hesitating c) Ask your friends and if they don’t know them then still add them to be the only one who has them d) Leave them in your request and talk to them and if you feel that you are getting close add them BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  22. If you receive a bad pop-up message what do u do a) Open it to see what it is b) Close it without opening it c) Keep it open and maybe have your brother click it instead d) Go and check the site and even if its bad look at it and don't care BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  23. THE FINAL QUESTION..........................In a website what do you never give away a) Your favourite ice-cream b) Password, user name d) Password username street, name, family members, age, your hobbies, and other stuff and everything else that might get you in trouble c) Password username street, name, family members, age, your hobbies, and other stuff BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  24. Make sure to have the hand in the middle before starting the game Click here BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  25. Mini gammmmeee!!! Stay inside the box BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON

  26. You have beaten the mini game good job Click here to move on BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON


  28. Instructions • In this game you will answer questions about internet safety and how what you should do about some of the problems about them. • If you get a question wrong you will go back to the start where you do the questions over again • Click here to go back BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON


  30. The quiz is done so I hope that you liked it well and just ya hope it was good Click here for the next person to play the game By: Jay BY: JAYDEN JOHNSTON