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Are You In The Know? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are You In The Know?

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Are You In The Know? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are You In The Know?. Categories. Drugs in General Prescription Drugs and Over-the-Counter Medications Alcohol Marijuana Tobacco Women and Drugs Pregnancy, Babies and Drugs . Category: Drugs in General. True or False?. Tobacco is the most popular drug in the world. 4. False.

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Are You In The Know?

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    1. Are You In The Know?

    2. Categories • Drugs in General • Prescription Drugs and Over-the-Counter Medications • Alcohol • Marijuana • Tobacco • Women and Drugs • Pregnancy, Babies and Drugs

    3. Category:Drugs in General

    4. True or False? Tobacco is the most popular drug in the world. 4

    5. False Caffeine is the world's most popular drug. It can be found in coffee, tea, chocolate, colas, and energy drinks. 5

    6. True or False? Hallucinogens are drugs that distort reality. 6

    7. True Hallucinogens (such as Ketamines, magic mushrooms and LCD) is a group of drugs that distort reality. 7

    8. True or False? Drug misuse is using drugs in a way that they weren't intended. 8

    9. True Drug misuse is defined as the use of drugs in a way that they weren’t intended (and increase the risk to your health and safety) 9

    10. True or False? Marijuana is the most commonly used drug among students from grades 7 to 12. 10

    11. False Alcohol is the most commonly used drug among high school students. In 2011 55% of students reported drinking alcohol in the past year. 11

    12. Taking more drugs that your body can handle is called Drug Abuse. True or False? 12

    13. False Taking more drugs than your body can handle is called Drug Overdose At this point your body perceives the drugs as poison and this causes an adverse reaction. 13

    14. Drug withdrawal has only psychological symptoms. True or False? 14

    15. False Headaches, anxiety, nausea and fatigue are all physical symptoms of withdrawal When your body becomes dependent on a drug and then is deprived of it, you can experience these symptoms and more 15

    16. Category:Prescription Drugs andOver-the-counter Medications 16

    17. True or False? Drugs bought at a pharmacy are always safe. 17

    18. False Prescription drugs are safe when taken following the instructions on the label or the doctor’s instructions. 18

    19. True or False? Opioids are the prescription drug most often abused by youth. 19

    20. True Opioids (such as codeine, morphine, or opium) have become the most common prescription drugs used by teenagers to get high. 20

    21. True or False? Drowsiness, injury, and death are 3 dangers of taking prescription drugs to get high? 21

    22. True • The risks of taking prescription drugs to get high are: • Making risky decisions • Being injured or killed because of fighting • Becoming very drowsy- so drowsy that its difficult to awaken the person • Dying from an overdose. 22

    23. True or False? Most teens get the prescription drugs they abuse from their parents' medicine cabinet. 23

    24. True Friends and the family medicine cabinet are the major sources of these drugs. More than seventy percent of people who abuse prescription painkillers say they get them from family or friends. 24

    25. True or False? Teens find it easier to get high on over-the-counter medicine than with illegal drugs. 25

    26. True Teens find misusing prescription drugs it is the least expensive and easiest way of getting high and can be attained without having their motives questioned. 26

    27. Category: Alcohol 27

    28. True or False? There are no visible symptoms of alcohol poisoning. 28

    29. False Some of the visible symptoms of alcohol poisoning are: Vomiting (vomiting is your body’s way to get rid of a poison) Passing out (passing out is the result of your central nervous system being depressed) Blacking out 29

    30. Binge drinking is defined as having 3 drinks at the same bar. True or False? 30

    31. False Binge Drinking is having 5 drinks or more in one sitting (one drinking session) 31

    32. Mixing alcohol with coffee or energy drinks will make a person more alert. True or False?

    33. False Energy drinks usually make a person feel alert because they contain caffeine and other stimulants. But combining them with alcohol doesn’t work the same way. You might feel more alert but you won’t actually be, instead of sobering up it will produce a complicated cocktail for your brain. 33

    34. True or False? Alcohol increases the likelihood of unprotected sex. 34

    35. True Being under the influence of alcohol increases chances of having unwanted/unprotected sex Alcohol affects the part of your brain that controls your judgement. 35

    36. True or False? The best way to get sober when you have been drinking is to take medicine (e.g. aspirins). 36

    37. False • Sleeping is the best way to become sober. It allows your body to rest and allows it to clear the alcohol out of your system and cleanse it. The longer you sleep the better you will feel in the morning. • Drinking water helps clean your body. • Getting fresh air, some exercise, and not having an empty stomach also help! 37

    38. True or False? A designated driver is a person who does not take drugs nor drinks to provide a safe ride home. 38

    39. True A designated driver is someone who is chosen (before the party) as the safe ride home and thus he/she does not take drugs nor drinks alcohol at the party. (BUTa driver’s ability to drive safely can still be affected if all the passengers are drunk) 39

    40. Category: Marijuana 40

    41. True or False? Marijuana is a chemically engineered drug. 41

    42. False Marijuana comes from the Cannabis plant. Cannabis is the scientific name for marijuana, plus there are many other slang terms such as pot, hash, weed etc. 42

    43. True or False? Marijuana can affect someone's school work 43

    44. True Marijuana affects memory, judgment, and perception. The drug can make you mess up in school, in sports or clubs, or with your friends. If you’re high on marijuana, you are more likely to make mistakes that could embarrass or even hurt you. 44

    45. True or False? Since marijuana is natural (because it comes from a plant) it is good for you. 45

    46. False Although marijuana is a plant that doesn’t mean that it is good for you; it is being mixed with over 100 chemicals that can cause serious health problems 46

    47. True or False? There is more tar in marijuana than in tobacco. 47

    48. True Research shows there are 3-5 times the amount of tar in the lungs from smoking marijuana. Tar is known to cause breathing problems. 48

    49. True or False? Growing marijuana is legal in Canada. 49

    50. False Marijuana is currently a controlled substance. It is a criminal offense to import, export, possess, grow, sell, give, or traffic. 50