guadalupe fur seal n.
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Guadalupe Fur Seal

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Animal Report on,…. Guadalupe Fur Seal. by Elizabeth Peng Room #27 Evergreen Elementary . What is a Guadalupe Fur Seal? .

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guadalupe fur seal

Animal Report on,…..

Guadalupe Fur Seal

by Elizabeth Peng

Room #27

Evergreen Elementary

what is a guadalupe fur seal
What is a Guadalupe Fur Seal?
  • The Guadalupe fur seal is the rarest of all the fur seals. They are part of the Otariidae family, which is the family of fur seals and sea lions. They have long flippers that allow them to walk on land, ear flaps, and they are similar to northern fur seals, only smaller. The males have a larger head, and a long pointed snout. The males are 6 ft. (1.8 m.) and 300 lbs. (136 kg.), while the females are 4ft. (1.2 m.) and 100 lbs. (43 kg.).
  • The Guadalupe fur seal’s status in the 1800th century was almost extinct, but today its status is near threatened in Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Mexico, but threatened in California. Through the years, the Mexican government have been working on saving these endangered fur seals.

NT means that the Guadalupe fur seal’s status is near threatened

where do they live
Where do they live?
  • The Guadalupe fur seal lives at Guadalupe and Islas San Benito Islands in Baja California, Mexico. It also lives at the California Channel Islands and San Miguel Island, California.
what do they eat
What do they eat?
  • They eat mackerel, lanternfish, rockfish, and squid.


Pacific Squid

natural enemy and why they are threatened endangered
Natural Enemy and Why they are threatened (endangered)
  • The natural enemy of the Guadalupe fur seal is seal hunters. In the 1800th century, they had hunted these seals, until the Guadalupe fur seals were almost extinct in 1892. That’s why people thought they were extinct. But in 1928, they spotted a few Guadalupe fur seals on Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Mexico.
when are the young born
When are the young born?
  • When: Mid-June to mid-July/ June to early August
  • How do the female seals take care of the young?
    • The mother seal goes out at sea for 9-13 days, and she returns to nurse her pup for 5-6 days at the rookery. The trips to the sea and to the rookery continue until the pup is 8-9 months old.

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interesting facts




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Interesting Facts
  • The Guadalupe fur seal was thought extinct in the 1800s and early 1900s, but two seals were seen Isle de Guadalupe in 1928.
  • The Guadalupe fur seal is the only species of Arctocephalus found north of the equator!!!
    • Mothers and pups identify each other by unique vocalizations and scent.

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take a quiz
Take a Quiz!!!
  • Let’s see what you’ve learned! Good luck on it!!! :D

Take this candle to work your way through this quiz.

1 what family does the guadalupe fur seal belong to
1. What family does the Guadalupe fur seal belong to?
  • A. The Weasel Family
  • B. The Fur Seals and Sea Lion Family
  • C. The Dog Family
  • D. The Seal Family
correct d
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  • The correct answer is B. Good Job! Keep up the good work! :D

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try again
Try Again!
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2 are the guadalupe fur seals extinct
2. Are the Guadalupe fur seals extinct?
  • A. No
  • B. Yes

Ah Lee, the Chinese businesswoman says, “Keep up the good work!”

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  • The correct answer is A. Good Job! Keep up the good work! :D

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Try Again!
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3 what do the guadalupe fur seals eat
3. What do the Guadalupe fur seals eat?

I was wondering if you could bring me some food, please.

  • A. Mackerel
  • B. Rockfish
  • C. Squid
  • D. Lanternfish
  • E. All of the Above
correct d2
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