diversity makes rich n.
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  1. DIVERSITY MAKES RICH Liceul Teoretic German ”Johann Ettinger” Satu Mare Széchenyi István Római Katolikus Közgazdasági és Informatikai Szakközépiskola Hatvan

  2. ACESACADEMYOFCENTRALEUROPEANSCHOOLS 15 countries brings together different target groups of the educational system offers a support scheme for cross-border school partnership projects focuses on European themes and topics fosters institutional cooperation establishes and supports a Central European network of schools One international school network

  3. DIVERSITY MAKES RICH Goals and Objectives Raising pupils’ awareness with regard to the importance of European values: Solidarity Ethnic Religious Cultural Tolerance Social Diversity Democracy Respect for other cultures

  4. DIVERSITY MAKES RICH Our priorities Establish a meaningful relationship among students. Share experiences, tasks and points of view Develop our European identity in the school and abroad Value the use and knowledge of foreign languages Give confidence to our future adults Make students happy while working and learning

  5. DIVERSITY MAKES RICH Planned activities Collecting and sharing information about tradition and cultural heritage Organizing various workshops on music, folk dance, acting, drawing Magazine editing Creating and implementing questionnaires Designing the logo and website of the project Continuous online communication and 2 face-to-face meetings

  6. DIVERSITY MAKES RICH Expected project outcomes Project WEB Page Project logo Recorded DVDs with joint activities A lifestyle magazine School project corner

  7. DIVERSITY MAKES RICH Period of project implementation: September 2013 – March 2014 Awarded grant: 1800E + 1600E Students Ambrus Norbert Bălaj Maria Bumbar Lorena Corodan Alexandra Criste Antonia Gliga Petra Grebur Nicolae Groza Benjamin Şuta Bogdan Huber Thomas Blaga Vanessa Danciu Damaris Simon Jessica Szilagyi Erzsebet Văleanu Alexandra Project Team Teachers Anderco Aida Graur Maria Elek Robert Kassai Boglarka Kuki Zsolt