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Z i n c 鋅. B asic info. ◆ S ymbol: Zn ◇A tomic no.: 30 ◆H as 5 stable isotopes (64, 66, 67, 68, 70 Zn) ◇2 4 th most abundant element in Earth’s crust ◆ Large deposits in Australia, Canada, the US (with largest reserve in Iran)

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Z i n c

Zinc 鋅

B asic info
Basic info.

◆Symbol: Zn

◇Atomic no.: 30

◆Has 5 stable isotopes(64, 66, 67, 68, 70 Zn)

◇24th most abundant element in Earth’s crust

◆Large deposits in Australia, Canada, the US(with largest reserve in Iran)

◇The Earth has been estimated to have 46 years supply of Zn


◆Who: Andreas Marggraf

◇Nationality: German

◆When to discover: 1764

◇How: heat a mixture of calamine and carbon in a closed vessel  isolate zinc

Physical property
Physical property

◆Lustrous solid at room temp.

◇Hard/Brittle at most temp.

◆Malleable between 100-150oC

◇Density: 7.14g/cm3

◆Boiling point: 907oC

◇Melting point: 419.53oC

◆Crystal structure: hexagonal

◇Fair conductor of electricity


◆~70% Zn comes from mining(most from sphalerite, ZnS deposits)

◇~30% Zn comes from recycling of secondary Zn

◆Production process:

Ore grinding

Froth flotation


a) pyrometallurgyb) electrowinning

Electrolysis of molten ore

Application anti corrosion
Application: anti-corrosion

Application use of other compounds
Application: use of other compounds

Biological importance
Biological importance

◆Zn: essential trace element for human

◇Red meat : rich in Zn in general

◆Some plants (eg nuts) contain Zn

◇Highest conc. of Zn in body: in part of the eye / prostate

Biological importance

◆Zn: flexible coordinate geometry proteins use Zn to shift conformations  perform biological reactions

◇Zn deficiency growth retardation / diarrhea, etc.

◆Zn overdose suppress Cu / Fe absorption ataxia / lethargy

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