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SVMS & Cougar Expectations

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SVMS & Cougar Expectations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SVMS & Cougar Expectations. Take pride in our school!. Do not write on walls, desks, lockers, yourselves, or others. Do not litter inside or outside of the building. If you see litter in the hallway or on the sidewalk, pick it up and throw it away. Cover your textbooks. Attendance.

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take pride in our school
Take pride in our school!

Do not write on walls, desks, lockers, yourselves, or others.

Do not litter inside or outside of the building.

If you see litter in the hallway or on the sidewalk, pick it up and throw it away.

Cover your textbooks.


If you are absent from school, you must provide an excuse

signed by a parent explaining why you were not in school. This should be delivered to your homeroom teacher the day you return to school.

When you miss class due to an absence, it is your responsibility to determine what you missed so that you can make-up any necessary work. Check your teachers’ websites or visit them before or during homeroom the next day.

If you are going to miss class due to an activity or athletic obligation, visit your teacher before or during homeroom to notify him/her and to obtain the work you will miss.

early dismissals
Early Dismissals

Notes from parents informing the school of an early dismissal request must be delivered to the office BEFORE homeroom! You will be given a pass to use at the time of your dismissal.

If you are being dismissed for a doctor’s appointment, you must have the doctor sign the slip. Be sure to return it to the office if you return the same day, or your homeroom teacher the next morning.


Breakfast: “On the Go” can be purchased from 7:10 – 7:30.


Arrive at the cafeteria on time!

Line up in a single file line.

No cutting into line!

Remain in your original seat.

No loitering in groups in the cafeteria.

Sit one person to a seat.

Clean the floor and table near your seat.

Food and drink must stay in the cafeteria.

Remain seated until your table is dismissed from the cafeteria.



Follow exit signs.

Assemble with class outside so that your teacher can verify that you exited the building safely.

grading scale
Grading Scale

90%- 100% = A

80% - 89% = B

70% - 79% = C

60% - 69% = D

A student's final grade will be an average of nineweek percentages.


Utilize and maintain an organized locker!

  • Cougar teachers will check lockers to assist with organization on a weekly basis.
  • You are encouraged to visit your locker between classes in order to lighten the load of materials you are carrying around the halls.
  • The locker belongs to the school, so school officials have the right to search it at any time.

Begins at 7:30!

All students are to stand for the Moment of Silence and the Pledge.

All students are to be silent during the morning announcements.

All students are to stay seated unless given permission by the homeroom teacher to be otherwise.

If leaving homeroom, alert your homeroom teacher and record your first/last names and destination on the board so you are not erroneously marked absent.

Tuesday is Connections, and Friday is DEAR (Drop Everything and Read). On these days, you cannot leave homeroom for any reason. Also, the expectation is that you will arrive on Friday with something to read.

  • Homework Policy: Homework received on the due date will get full credit. Homework received one day late will get half credit. Homework received more than one day late will get no credit. Individual teachers on the Cougars reserve the right to fluctuate from this policy.

Homework in Homeroom: In our opinion, completing homework in homeroom is a bad academic habit; it encourages both procrastination and cheating among our students. We discourage students from completing homework here in the morning. However, if a student needs help on a particular assignment, they should make a serious effort to complete it and see the teacher during homeroom.

bring your own technology byot
Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)
  • BYOT can be used for educational purposes and with teacher permission only during class time.
    • The use of social media is strictly prohibited for non-educational use.
    • For Internet connectivity, students must register and connect their personal devices to the BYOT network.
    • Participation in BYOT is a privilege which can be revoked.
    • Technology devices are not to be used as video recorders or cameras unless instructed otherwise.
this and that
This and That

Backpacks: We encourage all of you to leave your backpacks in your lockers. You should visit your locker to obtain what you need for each class.

Novels: You should have a novel with you at ALL times!

Loitering: Students must move to class instead of hanging out in the hallways.

Cougar Passes: You have 10 for the entire nine weeks, so be selective as to when you exercise your opportunities to be briefly excused from class. If passes remain, you will receive bonus points.

Class Dismissal: Students are to remain seated until they are dismissed by the teacher.