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Creative Inventions and Robotics build-it-yourself PowerPoint Presentation
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Creative Inventions and Robotics build-it-yourself

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Creative Inventions and Robotics build-it-yourself - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Baseball Robots Next Generation Computer Game. Creative Inventions and Robotics Next Generation Computer Games. We imagine that the next generation of computer games will have a new dimension …

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Creative Inventions and Robotics build-it-yourself

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Baseball Robots

Next Generation Computer Game

Creative Inventions and Robotics


Next Generation Computer Games

We imagine that the next generation of computer games will have a new dimension …

Exotic, real world, robotic characters that jump right off the screen onto a real playing field.

The entire environment will be computer controlled.

Michael, Seth and John


The Problem

Some people take life soooooooooooo seriously that they never stop to play. All work and no play … how boooring!

The Mission

Design and build a game that makes people want to play!

Michael, Seth and John


Game Play

  • Basic types of computer games.
  • Kick / Box
  • Race
  • Strategy
  • Shoot ‘em up / Score
  • Role Playing
  • This game includes elements of 4 and 5.

Michael, Seth and John


1st Game Design Step – Game Objective

The object of this game is to score more ‘runs’ than your opponent. You score ‘runs’ by hitting a ball thrown by a pitcher into ‘hit’ pockets and moving base runners toward home plate per the rules of baseball.

Michael, Seth and John


1st Game Design Step – Game Objective

The players

  • Pitcher
  • Batter
  • Ump
  • Infielder
  • Outfielder
  • Fans

There is a role playing aspect to the game. You must build and trade players. The players are real robots controlled by a computer.

Michael, Seth and John



Throws the screw ball.

Can spit a wad 10 feet.

Michael, Seth and John


Big Buster

Hits the stuffing out of the ball.

Eats 12 Big Macs for breakfast.

Michael, Seth and John


Hot Hands

The infielder

Trash talks the runners.

Michael, Seth and John



The Ump

Needs glasses

Michael, Seth and John



The fan

Wears crazy costumes to show her support!

Michael, Seth and John


The Game Environment

Way cool graphics and far out sound effects are an important part of a good game.

  • Score Board
  • Playing Field Buckets
  • Stadium
  • Advertisements
  • Sound Effects

Michael, Seth and John


The Stadium

When the batter connects, the ball rolls down the table into one one of these ‘pockets’

Tilt the table so the ball rolls toward a home run if it doesn’t go into a pocket.

Michael, Seth and John



The ball can roll into

pockets labeled:





Home Run

You can make a manual score board or if you’re a stud, you could make an automatic scoreboard.

Michael, Seth and John



You could add cool stuff to decorate the stadium:

Bill boards, funny advertisements, hot dog stands, lockers, and whatever you think will make the stadium look way cool!

Michael, Seth and John


Sound Effects

Search for sound effects in WAV format.

Record your own sound effects.

Google the song, ‘Take me out to the ball game.’ Download the tune and convert to wav or mpeg.

You will program the RCX to play sound files.

Michael, Seth and John


Game engine

  • Program to:
  • control the pitcher and batter.
  • keep score. (This is a multiplayer game.)
  • play sound effects at appropriate times.
  • monitor player attributes and trades.

Michael, Seth and John