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Active & Passive Voice PowerPoint Presentation
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Active & Passive Voice

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Active & Passive Voice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Active & Passive Voice

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  1. Active & Passive Voice

  2. Reasons to Avoid Passive Voice Sometimes the use of passive voice can create awkward sentences. Also, overuse of passive voice throughout an essay can cause your prose to seem flat and uninteresting. In scientific writing, however, passive voice is more readily accepted since using it allows one to write without using personal pronouns or the names of particular researchers as the subjects of sentences.

  3. Active Voice When a verb is in the active voice, the subject of the sentence is also the doer of the action. • Active verbs move the action and reveal the actors. A passive construction occurs when you make the object of an action into the subject of a sentence. That is, whoever or whatever is performing the action is not the grammatical subject of the sentence. • Passive verbs emphasize the receiver, the victim. Active: I crashed the car. Passive: The car was crashed.

  4. To know if a sentence is active or passive: Active Vs. PAssive • Locate the __________________ • Locate __________ is performing the action? • If the person performing the action is ________________ the verb. • The Sentence is __________________ Verb What, or who In front of Active

  5. 1. Kelly ate the jelly donut. • Verb: ______________ • Who did the eating? ____________________ • Kelly is ___________________ ate. • Sentence is __________________________ ate Active Vs. PAssive Kelly before active • 2. The test was taken by the Sophomore class. • Verb: ___________________ • Who took the test? ______________________ • Sophomore class is _________________ taken. • Sentence is __________________________ was taken The Sophomore class after passive

  6. Uncle Lou met our plane. ____ • I was taught to play the piano by my aunt. ________________ • The ambulance has been called. ____________________ Active Vs. PAssive Active or Passive? Underline the verb, Circle the Person performing the verb, then label it Active or Passive AV PV PV

  7. Active Voice Directions: Distinguishing Between the Active and Passive Voice: After each sentence, write active of passive to describe the verb. 1) Sprinter Evelyn Ashford took home two gold medals from the 1984 Olympics. _______________________________ 2) The cucumbers and the tomatoes will be planted by next week. _______________________________ 3) The artwork of painter Pop Chalee reflects the traditions of the Pueblo people. _______________________________ 4) The roof of Aunt Vicki’s house has been badly damaged by the high winds. _______________________________ AV PV AV PV

  8. PV Active Voice 5) The children’s sculptures have been displayed in a case at the public library. _______________________________ 6) Many bird books from the early 1900s are graced by the illustrations of Louis Fuentes. _______________________________ 7) In the attic Dad found an old letter from his great uncle. _______________________________ 8) Kaya and Sabrina have been working on their science project for three weeks. _______________________________ 9)Large donations were sent by several anonymous individuals. _______________________________ AV AV PV PV

  9. AV Active Voice AV 10) Snapping turtles defend themselves with their strong, sharp jaws. _______________________________ 11)Sometimes our efforts are not fully appreciated. _______________________________ 12)The man must have eaten 10 hot dogs in one sitting! _______________________________ 13)The ballots were counted as the candidates watched anxiously. _______________________________ 14) The high jump record was finally beaten last Saturday. _______________________________ PV PV PV

  10. Passive Voice WS 2 When Dr. Wheeler entered the room, he gave advice about using active verbs. Rewrite the following passage changing the voice from passive to active where appropriate. The rebellious class decided to use active voice for the entirety of the final semester paper. A distraught Mr. Wheeler made remarks; Students made protests.

  11. Passive Voice Quiz PV PV AV AV PV Write a passive sentence about a character from the last book we read. Write an active sentence about a character from the last movie you saw.

  12. Passive Voice Quiz PV AV PV AV PV PV AV

  13. Passive Voice Quiz AV PV AV AV PV AV PV AV

  14. Passive Voice Quiz AV PV AV AV PV AV PV AV

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