Act like a counselor think like a principal
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ACT like a COUNSELOR, THINK like a PRINCIPAL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ACT like a COUNSELOR, THINK like a PRINCIPAL. Ways to jumpstart the use of data in your program and make yourself irreplaceable within your building! Patti Hoelzle Nooksack Valley School District Celebrity guests: My building principals Cindy Tjoelker and Kevin DeVere.

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Act like a counselor think like a principal


Ways to jumpstart the use of data in your program and make yourself irreplaceable within your building!

Patti Hoelzle

Nooksack Valley School District

Celebrity guests:

My building principals

Cindy Tjoelker and Kevin DeVere

What will we talk about today
What will we talk about today?

Educating your stakeholders on the impact that you have as a school counselor.

Marketing Tips to inform others about your work.

Free and easy ways to show your impact on students through data.

We are so busy taking care of everyone else we re not taking care of our profession unknown

Whose needs are you advocating for?

Student needs?

Teacher needs?

Principal needs?

When a ______’s needs keep you from advocating for your position, who will be there to advocate for them when you are eliminated?

“We are so busy taking care of everyone else, we’re not taking care of our profession.” - unknown

Educate your stakeholders
Educate your stakeholders!

  • Who is going to fight for you to keep your job?

    • 1 Principal

    • 20-45 teachers

    • 300-600 parents

    • Unlimited community members

  • We often go straight to our administration to share our successes….what else can we do to inform our stakeholders?

    • How are students impacted by the work you are doing?


  • Education about role of school counselor

    • Response to Intervention approach

    • Principal-Counselor Annual Agreement

  • Time tracking

    • Show visual of how you are spending your time….advocacy for DIRECT service to students

  • School climate data

    • Link YOUR WORK to improvements

  • Make your principal look good

    • Offer up data that they can bring to administration/school board to present – bullying, behavior, school climate, etc.

Everson/Nooksack Elementary School

Individualized sessions

Student Support Team meetings – referrals for IEP assessment and potential placement

Behavior plans – transfer to classroom

  • Small Groups

  • Social skills, changing families, attendance support, study skills, self-concept, etc.

  • Counselors Café – target gender-specific topics

  • Staff 1-on-1 Mentoring to at-risk students

  • Guidance curriculum – 3rd – 5th weekly, 1st-2nd bi-weekly

  • Bullying, Second Step, Internet Safety, Career Exploration

  • Positive Behavior School wide Program

  • coordinator, data analysis, tier 2/3 interventions

  • Bullying Prevention and Intervention Curricula

  • Peer mediation programs (safety patrol, pioneer peacekeepers)

Teachers class size vs counselor
Teachers – Class size vs. counselor???

  • What support do teachers need or want?

    • What are they talking about in the staff lounge? START HERE!

    • Behavior

      • Behavior plans, small group support, 1-on-1 incentive programs

      • Positive Behavior Intervention Program

        • Take on a “leadership” role so that teachers don’t have to

        • Make yourself an integral part of the program – it can’t run without you!

    • Homework/parent support

      • Parent Education Night

      • Videos/newsletters directly supporting specific topic

    • Planning time

      • Offer guidance lessons for them to have extra time to work

Report back

Behavioral Data

Teacher – Counselor Connect


Link to interventions and how you helped them (preserve teaching time)

  • Twice a year

  • Report counseling contacts – breakdown by grade and topic

  • Promote upcoming events and counseling opportunities

Marketing to the masses
“Marketing to the Masses”

  • Teachers

    • Emails – connect classroom guidance to classroom learning (“messenger”)

    • Talking hallways – bulletin boards are VITAL!

    • Take on tough meetings/conferences with parents

    • Invitations to celebrations

  • Parents

    • Newsletter

      • MailChimp

    • Assemblies

      • “Word detective”

    • Parent Education Nights

    • Reach out to DADS

      • Watch DOGS program

    • Just show up!

      • PTA meetings

      • Social events

      • Principal meetings

Meaningful data beyond the ratio
Meaningful DATA beyond “THE ratio”

  • Surveymonkey

    • Create easy surveys and track perception data

    • Offer to collect data through your account

  • Process Data is impactful

    • Results reports – ASCA national model

    • How many students are you impacting in a week/month/school year?

  • Excel

    • Pre/post reports

  • Wordle

    • Favorite part of your job?

One last thing

One last thing…

Love your job?

Show it by spreading joy, laughter, positivity throughout your school….

Costumes, puppets, song/dance, game shows 

the school counselor “Razzle Dazzle”

Email me at [email protected]

for any resource/idea mentioned…